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Full Name

Petrok Kaznikh



touch of flame5/5(1d6+3),Channel 3/3(3d6),cinder dance,feral speech,fire nimbus 6/6|(feats)Diehard,tribal scars Ice chasm,toughness,endurance (Mystic),Nimble moves(cinder dance)Alertness(familiar)


Shaman 6 CM:6/CMD:18| conditions:Height awareness, false life, barksin


male Half-Orc (mystic):Att:MW,cold iron Falchion+7(dmg2d4+3)orMW Heavy cross+7(1d10) |Int +2: Per: +7: AC:22Tch:12 FF:20| HP.57/57|





Special Abilities

Touch of flame 5/5day(1d6+3 flame touch Att:)




Honors "the green faith"


Orc, Common , Hallit


Tattoo artist

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Petrok's chronicles, boons, and tracking sheets

Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Petrok Kaznikh

Petrok is a Half-Orc from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. His birth came about because of one of the many Orc war parties that raid the lands for Megafauna. His mother was a survivor of one such raid and moved to the way-point town of Hillcross to birth Petrok.

Petrok was raised poor. He and his mother often struggled to eat. He therefore, is not quite as large or strong as some of his kin. His mother taught him the traditions of the Mammoth Lords and to watch for signs and seasons. His superstitions run deep.

When Petrok was 10 his mother married. Rather than abandoning her son she insisted her new husband accept Petrok as his stepson. Thus Petrok took his step father's family name Kaznikh. The elder Kaznikh taught Petrok to hold his own in a fight but, soon distanced himself as two of his own children were born from Petrok's mother. Petrok is now on his own. He has left the only home he has known to find his own way in the world. He let's the spirits guide him and trust his sword arm to deal with adversity.

0lvGuidance, Resistance, detect magic, Stabilize:LV:1: Burning Hands,Heighten aware (0/2), Produce flame,(spirit magic):burning hands or detect undead : LV:2: Barksin, cure mod, Falselife, spiritual weapon,(spirit magic)Resist energy or lesser restoration;Lv:3:Call lighting,Fly[,Protection from energy,(spirit magic)Fireball or neutralize Poison

acrobatics +0, appraise +0, Bluff +2, Climb +4, Crat Tattoo +6, Diplomacy +7, Fly +8, Handle animal +6, Know dungeon +1, Know History +1(3), Know nature +5(7), Know planes +5(7), Know religion +5(7), Perception +5, Ride +4, Spellcraft +5, Survival +8, Swim +2:


:MW heavy crossbow, MW cold iron Falchion, sling, gauntlet (armor), Heavy silvered mace, 20/20 crossbow bolts, 10/10 cold iron bolts, 10/10 silver bolts|

+1 Mithral Chainmail

Magic items:
:Heavy load belt(permanent ant haul), wand of cure lt. (8/24charges lv 1), wand of protect from evil (49/50 charges lv. 1), Rod of lesser extend metamagic, scroll of air bubble,scroll of Bull's strength, scroll of calm animals (CL 3), scroll of comprehend languages, scroll of Dispel Magic (CL 7), scroll of touch of the sea (2/2), scroll of lesser restoration, scroll of magic weapon, scroll of fly, scroll of warp wood,oil of bless weapon, oil of magic weapon, potion of levitate, feather token fan|

Mundane items:
: MW Artisan's tools (tattoo),Bandoleer, Back pack, Bear trap, acid, alchemist fire, armor ointment, Belt pouch, Winter blanket, Candles (10/10), Canvas (4sq yrd), Cold weather outfit or Explorers outfit or Noble's outfit (Wears only one, the other two are carried on mount),fishhook,ink and pen,parchment (10), scroll box, flint and steel, wooden holy symbol, scroll case, sealing wax, silk rope, soap, spell component pouch, spring loaded wrist sheath (wand of cure lt. loaded), sunrods (3/3), trail rations (3/3), waterskin, winter blanket,

Camel: (carries: ridding saddle, saddle bags, trail rations (2/2), bit and bridle, bedroll, extra outfit:

*Warm friend in cold land:(+2 circumstance bonus to diplomacy in Irrisen: cross of to use anywhere)
*Siege's Resolve:(cross off to gain +2 insight bonus to armor class when threatened by 3 or more; becomes +3 if any of the opponents, have giant or orc subtype and also extends to adjacent allies)
*Power of Giants (2), Hill Giant: (1/day as a spell-like ability, cast enlarge person at CL 2; also gain temporary 6hp, until duration ends)
*Air affinity:( from Sandstorm Prophecy no mechanical benefit)
*Elemental Transformation:(You may check a box [0/2 used] to gain a +2 bonus to save against: bleed, paralysis, poison, stunning, or sleep effects)
*Jairo's generosity: (Gain a free Noble's outfit; check box [0/1 used] to buy flying carpet at a discount)
*Uneasy alliance:( from Secrets of the endless sky no mechanical benefit)
*Grace of Minatan Heroes:(cross off as a standard action to recieve either; Greater Magic fang or Greater Magic Weapon for 1 minute per CL: your CL= your total HD)
*Inahiyi's Gratitude:(check a box as an immediate action, to [0/2 used] to treat negative energy as positive energy (as an undead) 1 min duration)
*Snowmask Induction: (Gain permanent endure elements cold(only) effect in temperatures 0 deg. F and above)
*Thassilonian Archivist:(check a box [0/3 used] before a knowledge check, to gain a 1d4 to the check. If check is related to Thassilon, Sin Magic, or Flesh warping use 1d8 instead)
*Averted Mauling:(Cross off when in Ustalav, to gain a non magical item worth 400gp or less)
*Master of Blades Saved:(Gain a +4 circumstance bonus to diplomacy or intimidate, with pathfinders of my level or lower)
*Enduring Scholar:( Season 8 faction card [ 2 goals completed]| Once per adventure before I roll, can gain a +2 bonus on save vs a spell)

coin/ XP./ Fame/ Prestige 1328pp, 8gp, 9sp |X.P. 15| Fame:25, P.P. 22