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That's hot.

Hot generic post.

Loves it!

I'm hot.

Sebastian is, like, older than that elf guy in Lord of the Rings, you know the one that was Liv Tyler's dad.

I just want the Paizo board to know I'm totally ready to lead.

I don't know what ice weasels are, but that doesn't matter 'cause I'm hot.

Now I want to give you my plan for solving the edition wars, but first I want to find out where to get the best tan...

...oh, Athas. Loves it.

Anyway, 3e focuses on the traditions of D&D while updating the rules set. 4e bunks tradition for playability. How about this...we play whatever rules set we are in the mood for. That way everybody is happy.

I'll see you at the debates, b%++*es.

Oh, and I may change this board's skin to pink. I hope that's okay.