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So my home group really hates 1st and 2nd level play. I really want to run an adventure path eventually. Is there an adventure path that would work out half-way decently if I started on Book 2? I know it won't be ideal for any of them, but is it at least worth exploring?

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

Her job was never easy. It shouldn't be. She had to deal with families at their lowest point, when they were fractured, afraid, with every bond that the Master of Prides set strained or broken. Osoro taught that a good man should strive to keep his house harmonious. But no one could hope to achieve that permanently. Some failed harder than others. That's when Soki and her fellow inquisitors stepped in.

She saw some of the worst things the universe had to offer. Yes, yes, demons, devils and daemons. Kytons, shadows, vampires, red wyrms and selkies. There were horrors that lurked between the stars, under her feet, and just beyond those hills in the distance. Monsters could be dealt with. Man's inhumanity was more pervasive and insidious. Of course, she knew enough of the planes that eventually those sins could break a man's soul, strip away everything and turn him to demon, or a daemon or a devil. The horrors of the soul giving way to a horror of a body.

Soki finished her morning prayers to Osoro, grateful for the magic that he would work through her. She gave a quick prayer to Fatilma, Osoro's 44th wife. She was once a mortal desert giant, who had tracked an uncommonly large lion through the desert for three months. When she finally snared her prey, she found herself face to face with her god. This tracker had long been a patron saint for the Protectors of the Pride.

The child was taken from her mother two weeks ago. The suspect was the father. Soki had found evidence that the father had fallen away from Osoro, and began worshiping some demon lord, or possibly Lolth or Babaki.

It just had to be demons, didn't it? Soki tried to banish thoughts from her mind. Even after all these years, she could see her captors. Followers of a Demon Lord, Aldinach. Soki had came out of the experience, haunted but stronger, more eager to serve Mothers' Hope. Her sister was not as lucky. She was twisted by it, chewed up and changed by it. Last Soki had heard, Omba was in the Ruin Kingdom of Ziteki, ruling over a pyramid, an antipaladin in Aldinach's service. Sweet Omba, who she had skipped rope with. Who was named after Osoro's 89th wife.

Soki shook her head, and got to her feet. If the child had been missing for this long, chances of a happy ending were already slim. She didn't have time to waste on her own past. Osoro, give me strength.
trying to get back in it

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

I added a continent to the setting doc, for a general Africa analogue. I'll add more when I get time.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

I am not familiar enough with these Gods to want to make a choice yet...

Maybe we should see who's still here? I've not seen Tharros for quite a while.

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Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

thus, ensues Enron

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

A growl, or perhaps more of a roar, escaped Osoro's lips as he noticed Babaki and Lolth talking to one another. If there was one major failing that Zodaxus had, it was his inability to see things as they were, rather than he wished it to be. To invite such creatures to his realm... Unconscionable. If it were in his power, he'd scour Lolth from the face of the multiverse.

Then, Osoro's whiskers of omniscience began to twitch. Moloch was a rogue devil? Osoro had one devil wife already, an Erinyes, which had been a source of contention between Asmodeus and himself. It seemed to be an open invitation for war between Asmodeus and any god who gave her protection.

Still, the idea deserved some consideration.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

I've updated the spreadsheet on my likes and dislikes, because I posted early enough that I only had the application to go off on. (Also, Zodaxus, you never said how you felt about me. (: ) And if no objects, I'm changing Osoro from the Strength domain to the Animal domain, mainly because I can imagine Osoron Clerics raising abandoned lion cubs as their compainions

I also need to come up with a name of Osoron Inquisitors, who'd essentially be divine SVU detectives. (I watched a lot of Law and Order when I was sick)

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory
Atheos, God of Skepticism wrote:
Osoro—what about Lions, Leonals, Gryphons, or those good-aligned lion-taur thingies?

Oh, I meant like, new additions to the world, like Zodaxus' neon dragons.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

man the only creation I can come up with is the half-minotaur, half-centaur.

I call him Jeff.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

full-lings? Wholelings?

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

I myself might be slow on the response as I've currently got a fever and a pounding headache.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

I do have a question for the GM. Is the million follower mark supposed to be exact or just a number to show that we've got a large number? Its a bit hard to feel deific when Ashton Kutcher has more followers than I do.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

Traveling with all my spouses and children is just not a practical matter. If I had waited for all my pride to get ready, the party, even at five weeks, would be long over. Osoro mused to himself. It had taken some convincing for Osoro to even come to this. Zodaxus was often best served in small doses, Osoro found.

His retinue was much smaller than a more formal gathering. Only four wives and a single child. His sixth wife, mother of his Herald, the Protector's Roar. She is great golden wyrm, of the name Cerevii, whose scales shimmered just as prettily as Zodaxus' disco balls. Siaya, a once mortal half-elf who had served him as an Inquisitor in her mortal years, chasing down deadbeat and abusive parents, and now his 86th wife. Atuclu, wife #29, a proud queen of harpies, with feathers as brilliant and colorful as a hummingbird. Finally, Misim, a mere leonal, and the most recent of his wives to give birth. The boy was too young to be separated from his mother, but Osoro wanted his wife to have a good time.

Siaya and Atuclu took to circulating the party. Both tended towards chaotic (at least in life), and thus a good fit for Zodaxus's overly loquaciously named realm. Misim took his son to play with the other small children. That left Osoro alone with his dragon wife, Cerevii.

"Scrapeknee, Mask, keeping out of trouble, I presume," Osoro said with a nod. He was hoping to catch the waiter with the cocktail weenies that had just passed.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

I would also vote for the 1 plane per alignment thing, just because that's always made the most sense to me. And while the Beast Lands does sound more appropriate to Osoro, I guess I put him Neutral Good because of the Agathions. I'm just way more used to Golarion (and to a lesser extent, Greyhawk). I know very little about FR

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

I'm not familiar with Wemics. Are they in one of the Pf Bestiaries?

I was thinking that the Sphinxes would probably be some sort of children of Osoro, but lost children, especially the rape-y one.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

Ishalla former lover works for me. Maybe the only one that he never married.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

Personally, I see Osoro as being a very old god, of roughly the same vintage as Vortae.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

On Lathander, the Morninglord, "I like him well enough, but we don't really interact that much. He feels new and more than a little green to me."

On Helm, the Vigilant One, "He protects like I do, but he seems to protect for its own sake, rather than protecting something that's worth protecting. Still, I have once entrusted a son to him to protect him and to see him trained in arms. He did a good job."

On Mystra, the Lady of Mysteries, "I don't particularly care for arcane magic. She really could use a husband, I think."

On Shar, the Mistress of the Night, "There's just not a lot to say. Her portfolio is just things I could care less. I don't dislike her, but she means nothing to me."

On Cyric, the Lord of Three Crowns, "There's just nothing redeeming about him. I admit, in my days as a young deity, I was quite the beast, but I don't even the love of a good woman could help this poor god."

On Lolth, the Dark Mother, "The drow are twisted creatures who organize themselves by family but not with any love that comes with it. A patron of such pitiable creatures is a grave concern of mine."

On Asmodeus, Supreme Master of the Nine Hells, "I prefer not to deal with him when possible. Our relationship was soured when a great hero of mine rescued her wife from his pits. The fact that he refuses to be a better father to Glasya is infuriating. Still, he is a respectful man and a decent guest. I trust him as far as a much weaker being could throw him, though."

On Bane, the Black Hand, "Tyrants go to war, and his empires have tried to crush my followers. The Protector's Roar has personally turned the tide of a few battles for me. In his darkest empire, I have seen him turn children against their parents. He is horrific and must be stopped."

On Loviatar, the Willing Whip, "As disgusting as could be. Agony and suffering are exactly what I hope to spare mortals. To delight in it is foul and twisted."

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Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

"Advice?" the old man said, "No, I don't imagine I have much to give. Be kind to one another. Be as the Lion God said, and work with one another. Appreciate the small moments. Comfort her, help her in her times of need. Allow her to help you when it is your time of need. You'll do fine. Be not afraid." The old traveling priest clasped a hand to the bridegroom's shoulder. After a second of thought, he added "Make sure the little ones are taken care of, both yours and her first husband's."

It was not a working trip for the Mothers' Hope. Most often, when he entered the Material Plane, he was there to give some inspiration to a would be cleric, or impart the gift-slash-curse to an oracle. He had been on somewhat of a Material Plane spree in the last century or so. It was time for him to relax. A wedding would be nice.

This particular village, Osoro had been here before. Several times over the last couple of decades. It was good for what it was. A strong community, with many families and happy memories. Picture-esque. The way that he wanted.

He took the form of an old man, wizened, gray and almost wasted away. He could have taken a more proper deific form. It would make this wedding something more to remember. But it would steal away from the couple's happy day. He was here to share in their happiness.

Plus, this way, he could honestly tell him that his other wives were in Kiniun Isinmi without lying, and it would not be nice to lie to someone on their wedding day.

One of his wives, the only one to make it to the material plane with him, cuddled a cat that Osoro vaguely recognized. A Silvanshee, he was pretty sure. His wife, similarly wizened in guise, approached him.

"Sir Beauford the Colt has slain the Hag Mother in Cyranno," she whispered. The mad witch had been raiding that city for months, terrorizing families and stealing children for foul and necromantic purposes.

Osoro chuckled. "Good, good, he's a fine young paladin. Many blessings upon him and his family. Be sure to remind me when he finally settles down."

He leaned in and kissed her. She was his 91st wife, once a powerful mortal enchantress so many years ago. He had had two children with her, he was pretty sure. Still so beautiful. "We should get back to the wedding. There will be dancing soon, and I brought a bottle of wine."

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory
Atheos, God of Skepticism wrote:

Osoro is not a god. He may be a force for good, a benevolent entity whose protection was far more valuable when mankind still lived in hunter-gatherer societies, but his providence is narrow, guarding and guiding only a narrow spectrum of humanity. If he finds something more useful or widespread to apply his efforts to, Atheos may have more to talk to him about, but currently simply tries to taunt Osoro and his followers into thinking outside the box.

Just to be clear, is that "narrow spectrum" because you think Osoro only protects polyamorous groupings? Because while Osoro prefers that particularly arrangement, Osoro will protect any familial relationship.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

ooh, I like that idea of lions v cats. I'm sure that's what the mortals believe when trying to reconcile our faiths.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

Yeah, I might have missed that part of Scrapeknee, but part of my first ideas of Osoro was being the God of Husbands and Fathers but I didn't want him to be the god of Patriarchy, but anyone who is good to their children is going to be better liked by Osoro, and yeah, Osoro likes to sun himself out in the savannah and can appreciate anyone who also doesn't like to work too hard.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

Osoro's problem is the greed and ambition not the undead. Don't work so hard. ;)

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

I'd vote for having more specific friendships and rivalries and relationships over a blank slate before we start.

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Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

On the First Mother Ishalla, "The difference between the tiger and the lion is that the tiger hunts alone. We share a concern over beasts... I wonder if she's a long forgotten daughter of mine?" (Or not so forgotten, maybe? I don't know if that interests you at all)

On Babaki, Lord of Teeth, "I have coveted his following of Orcs, who I still see the spark of familial love in. Their polygamous clans would be close to perfect for me, if only they could rein in their destructive tendencies. Many of my followers have lost a child due to the mad wrath of his followers. And so many of his followers, the dissatisfied and bored could improve their lot by dedicating their life to family. I am unpleased with his actions."

On Zodaxus, the Dark Liberator, "He is like a child. Which can be enjoyable as children are one of the greatest gifts, and the source of many happy times. But he is too often naive about the dangers that surround our followers. And he has a tendency to to condescend to me about being staid, as if he knows better. Perhaps he's more like a teenager than a child. Still, its not bad to have a cleric of Zodaxus at a wedding, or at the very least, the reception."

On Adriel, the Guide of Heroes, "I have been trying to fix him up with a daughter of mine for at least a few centuries. Heroics are great... if they protect one's loved ones. A hero with a family with fight that much harder. I feel like too often his followers abandon their families at home to pursue their great quests. Still, I have more than a few Lion Knights in my service who have told me that his Paladins are spotless, and I have celebrated more than a few marriages between his followers and mine. Still, he works so hard."

On Atheos, the Voice of Reason, "More bewildering than even Scrapeknee, sometimes. Though most once-mortal gods are a little bewildering. He is exhausting. A little too eager to debate, which is so much work."

On Scrapeknee, the Prince of Chaos, "His tampering has had ruin several happy marriages, which still angers me. But on the other hand, I have also seen his hand change things that have caused love and new families to spring up. I would like him so much more if he could focus more on helping, but I suppose he would prefer that I were to 'loosen up'. "

On Tharros, the Hollow, "I have seen too many families be torn apart by death to be entirely comfortable with the man, and we have had disputes in the past. Still, he is not a malicious god and I cannot blame him for his lot." (I was thinking like a dispute between Osoro and Tharros over a mortal wife of Osoro's?)

On Michazra, Dead Creed, "Greed and ambition tear men away from tending to their families, and they often cloak themselves in that they are only trying to provide for their families. I would prefer that they spend more time with their family than toil away for a few more gold coins. No man has laid upon his death bed and wished he spent more time at the office."

On Vortae, the Traveler at Twilight, "Solitude is too harsh a burden for anyone to bear. I have made overtures of a marriage between him and one of my children to ease his sorrow, and maybe create something new. Look at his portfolio, he shouldn't work so hard. Still, my people know well enough to give his clerics safe travel through their lands. He claims that he created cats, which I reject."

On Cil'dr, Empowerer, "His societies have fought my peoples many times. I would wager he thinks I am soft. I know the strength of my roar. I also know that even in his most tyrannical of hoards, mothers will offer me secret prayers to protect their children. We are too much alike, I think." (Oh, they both have tribal followers... Maybe we're brothers or brothers-in-law or something?)

And obviously, that's based on first impressions from your write-ups. If you feel like I'm way off the mark, say so.

Male God of Lions, Families, Protection and Polyamory

Osoro, Master of Prides, He of a Hundred Wives, Mothers' Hope

(It should have been plural Mothers when I typed it in the application. Shaaaaame!)