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Well then, looks like I played the race wrong.

I read it that if we failed to win the race, we did not get to keep anything in our trophy stacks. Crud.

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
My group found the scenario extremely frustrating and were perfectly happy to lose Muminofrah's Favor and go on. Had that not been the case, I think it would have been longer til we went back to it.

What I found frustrating about it is that if you lose, you get absolutely nothing for your trouble. You do not get to keep or use any of the cards you acquire but you could end up having to banish cards. You also don't get to visit a trader.

I really liked the concept of the scenario but with the ridiculous skew towards the charioteers and poor reward, it absolutely fell flat for me in execution.

I am definitely going to hold off on buying this until after reading reviews. The base game of Wrath was so punishing, it wasn't fun. I still don't know why I even bothered even trying to play the game after it.

I really hope that this new has been more thoroughly play-tested to keep poorly designed cards such as Arboreal Blight (I seriously cannot understand how anybody thought that card was a worthwhile inclusion) and Demonic Horde to a minimum.

I was going to write an insightful post on this but my computer just took -1 Memory damage and I failed my knowledge check, so Firefox crashed out on me.

In all seriousness, the base adventure that comes in the box is garbage. The risk versus reward aspect of it is a complete letdown. As to the rest of the campaign, it does get better when you start unlocking abilities and the mythic paths are really nice for a boost. What I think really makes a lot of players groan in WotR are the ridiculous barriers. In the old games, some barriers were useful, such as treasure chests or caches. Now they are all punishing. There is nothing fun about getting stuck fighting 4 demons due to the Demonic Horde, nor taking (mostly) unavoidable damage because those idiot tree monsters happened to spawn in a throne room.

I really am dreading what barriers await me in the upcoming adventure decks.

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Nocticula's Attention looks like an absolutely miserable scenario to play through.

And the Umbral Dragon, before you act, on a failed check, forces people to bury their role cards? The one thing that really makes characters interesting? That doesn't even make sense. And if undefeated, another person gets to fight an Umbral Dragon. So basically burn a mythic charge or blessing, so you don't fail the Con check, to fight the dragon twice? Talk about cheap. REALLY cheap.

I really hope the loot and rewards for this adventure pack are worth it...

So what cards have you redeemed and why? So far, we've only been able to redeem two (despite having to play the final scenario of the second adventure pack 3 times...) and we opted for the Unholy Aspergillum +3 and Corrupted Helm. The Aspergillum was an easy choice due to Alain having one and we chose the Corrupted Helm due to how frequently it shows up.

Riff Conner wrote:
jduteau wrote:
I wonder how it would interact with Balthazar's power? I would presume that he couldn't keep it because it would still escape even if you ruled that he could put in his hand.
Yeah, Bal's power only works on monsters that would otherwise be banished, which the fly never is so long as there's another open location for it to escape to.

Got house-ruled for me. There are too many monsters who circumvent the spirit of Balthazar's powers. The fly is fed to Chickenchu.

Dave Riley wrote:
God bless it too. Our incidences of Demonic Horde and Arboreal Blight have steeply declined in AP1.

Lucky you. They both appear to pop up in every scenario. I have been incredibly tempted to rip the Arboreal Blight card up on many occasions.

We play with 4 so everyone just rolls a d4 to see who fights the demons. You could imagine how thrilled our Alain player was to be stuck fighting 3 Blood Demons.

I am very much looking forward to getting my copy. It seems like it will be a very interesting pack.

Mogloth wrote:

In one of my first Wrath games, I encountered the Carrion Golem with Enora on her FIRST exploration. 1 turn in and she has 9 cards in her discard pile and no more deck to draw from. This should NEVER be possible in the first scenario.

I 100% agree. When I scraped Bash Betchem and Chickenchu, I really wanted to pick an arcane caster because our group lacked one. But after reading all of the horror stories regarding the Carrion Golems, I opted for an Inquisitor. I certainly didn't feel I had the freedom to just any character I wanted and have fun with it like I did in the past. I had to think about what character could merely survive long enough to be useful to my group.

I also agree with the ridiculously punishing banes in the basic deck. I am greatly annoyed by all the cards that force you take unavoidable damage, especially the barriers. My most hated example is the Arboreal Blight. My group encountered it 3 times during the Elven Entanglement (admittedly, the tree monster theme came through great). So 5 players were dealt 3 before combat damage + 3 after combat damage + damage from the tree fiends + the potential to have to fight a villain on a failed d20 roll. With no way to mitigate damage, that absurd barrier rendered 2/5 players impotent and we were crushed. I get that most barriers difficult to overcome but when you take two damage no matter what, it comes across as a cheap. My group now groans loudly when we come across the barrier and just starts pulling out what cards they are going to discard.

I don't mind the difficulty of the game too much (despite failing the 2nd scenario twice and the 5th three times due to really bad luck) and and understand why it is more difficult but I agree basic adventure shouldn't be a beat-down but an introduction to the campaign.

Fair enough, Andrew.

I am just going to scrap him. That will eliminate my frustration (and complaining. ;)) with the character. Now I have to determine if I want to play Seelah, Enora, or Imrijka. Since we have Shandra and Crowe, who will go Arcane as quickly as possible, I'm thinking Imrijka for her interesting ability to possibly explore after slaying a monster.

Sounds like we could use some clarification on this issue.

Oh, I know. I played through all of RotR. It just never occured to me what impact it would have on Balazar.

Oh well. At least I have plenty of other interesting characters to choose from.

Hold up. Is that true? If so, I will junk Balazar tomorrow.

Oh. I was confused.

Not as I understand. It's simply a way to recycle your deck. Don't want the card, instead of discarding it, you can recharge it when you reset back to your hand limit.

Sovelond wrote:
Dave Riley wrote:
Though, if I were a Balazar player, I would probably feel pretty cheated every time a summoned monster came up. :D

Yes... yes I do :'(

Book 4 - and the Tyrannomancer - are so very far away right now.

Same here. I am incredibly tempted to ditch the character due to the broken "can't add summoned monsters to your hand" mechanic. The character seems great until you realize that the summoner can not capture summoned monsters. In a way, it's like some weird take on Pokemon rules where you can't capture another trainer's Pokemon (I honestly never thought I would find a way to link Pathfinder and Pokemon together...).

I understand that he can gain the ability to do so but it seems like an absurd cost. Not only do you have to complete the three adventures (which is fine; no big deal) but you have to use TWO power feats to get it. Two power feats to obtain an ability that should be innate to the character

It really is frustrating. I like the character because he is so unique but with his character's flaws, I'm very tempted just to restart with another character.

Additionally, all the summoned monsters REALLY make playing Balazar irksome. When a regular monster is substituted, I cannot use my ability to take the monster's card when I defeat it which would somewhat help mitigate all the damage I take from the "before/after combat X damage" monsters. So every time I encountered one of those stupid stumps, that was another card I was screwed out of it.

All things considered, I agree with the sentiment that The Elven Entanglement is out of place being the second scenario in the basic quest.

I have had the misfortune of playing through the Elven Entanglement two times. The first time we slogged through it, we pulled 3 Arboreal Blight barriers. As you can imagine, such luck was pretty damning and we ultimately failed. On the second play-through, it went better.

What absolutely annoys me to no end about the scenario are the carnivorous stumps.

How I felt yesterday: *Explores* "Oh good. An ally. A mastiff. I was worried it'd be a monster. Oh, wait. It has the animal trait. I guess I couldn't differentiate between a stump and a dog. *rolls*" It was very, very annoying. I think I fought one of those stumps 5 times or so. True enough there are far worse monsters to be stuck fighting (Fiendish Trees, Mongrel Wizards) but it gets old quickly.

Even worse, the rewards you get for such a difficult scenario are pretty garbage. A random spell or weapon? Doesn't really help Balazar that much...

I can understand the frustration people feel. The creatures that hit you before and/or after combat are way too common (I'm looking at you Fiendish Trees), especially when combined with certain barriers that spawn said monsters (rot in the abyss Arboreal Blight). With 5 players and only one of us having Cure spells, it makes a bit of a slog at times.

As to Karsos specifically, that guy is just plain cheap.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that ability.

Regarding Balazar and summoned monsters, would it make sense to just draw a random monster from the box in place of the defeated summoned monster? It makes sense to me since it appears to be align with the intent of the power (kill a monster, steal its essence).

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Zman1719 wrote:
I see a lot of people having trouble with 3/4 party groups. Has anyone played 2 player or 5/6 and noticed similar results with difficulty and such? I ask because I mainly play with just me and the fiance.

We played with 5 the other night and it was quite difficult. We were unable to win the second scenario due to two arboreal traps, which pretty much wiped me (as Balazar) and our shaman out. After the third trap, all I could do was try not to get killed. Then the third arboreal trap sprung. I barely survived.

Ultimately we ran out of time. On the last blessing card, the big bad was cornered and defeated but, unfortunately, other players forgot to make their checks to temporarily close locations before the fight. Since they forgot (and I really wanted to win), I had them roll. All they needed to do was roll a survival or fortitude 8 check. Both the Hunter and Bloodrager confidently stated they had +modifiers to each skill and it should not be a problem.

The Hunter rolled a 3.
The Bloodrager rolled a 2.

I didn't cry. I wouldn't give the game the satisfaction!