So what have you redeemed?

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So what cards have you redeemed and why? So far, we've only been able to redeem two (despite having to play the final scenario of the second adventure pack 3 times...) and we opted for the Unholy Aspergillum +3 and Corrupted Helm. The Aspergillum was an easy choice due to Alain having one and we chose the Corrupted Helm due to how frequently it shows up.

I've redeemed Soulshear (which has since been returned to the box) and the Monkey's Paw.

We finished set #3 and we have redeemed: Black Robe, Ghoul Hide, and Stalker's Crossbow.

Ghoul Hide was what we happened to have when we closed the Corruption Forge. The other two were our rewards for completing the scenarios in set #3.

End of AP4, we have redeemed :

Black Robe
Ghoul Hide
Rod of the Viper
Unholy Aspergillum +3

Since redeeming most of the early loot doesn't do anything for Ranged-focused Adowyn and Divine-focused Kyra, we spent our first redemption in AP2 on Ghoul Hide, because we had it on hand, and then sort of guessed at what we'd want in the future during the slew of redemptions in AP3. To date, I think we did Black Robe, Stalker's Crossbow, Rod of the Viper, and Lexicon of Paradox (because the name sounds cool?) Now I feel like maybe we missed one? I'll have to recheck our stuff when I get home--I realized at the beginning of AP4 that we'd skipped the skill feat in AP3 by mistake. Missing a check box seems to happen to us about once per Adventure Path--at least it wasn't a power feat this time! D:

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I'm at the end of AP4 I haven't redeemed anything... The only corrupt things I've found more useful than what I already had were blessings and since they can't be redeemed...

Sadly the group I'm playing with want to go corrupt instead of redeemed with Seoni and the succubus. :/ Ah well I still have a few scenarios to change their minds,

I don't get why people make excuses for redeeming the Ghoul Hide. I think it'S a great choice and I am proud to say that my Arueshalae redeemed it! I think Rod of the Viper and Stalker's Cross Bow were the other cards, but who even cares about those...;-)

When I saw the thread title, I thought this was concerning the TTRPG, not the Card Game.

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Good thing it was posted in the ACG forums then, always a good clue as to topic :)

OT, I just started redeeming stuff that sounds cool; got Stalkers Crossbow which turned out to be amazing, so the others should be as well. I'm not exactly certain how one would go about redeeming the Book of the Damned seeing as it's a major evil artifact, but I checked it off anyway. Maybe it means that it tolerates your attempts to read it more than usual and tries to kill you less as a result.

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