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Full Name

Omari Oparal


Half-Elf Champion 2 | AC 19 (20 w/shield) | HP 30/30 | Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +6 | Perception +4, low-light vision | Focus Points 1/1 |Reactions: Glimpse of Redemption, Shield Block|



Strength 18
Dexterity 10
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Omari Oparal


Class: Champion (Nethys)
Ancestry: Human (Half-Elf)
Background: Dragon Scholar

HP: 30
Speed: 25 (20 with armor)
Perception (T): +4

*Str – 18 (+4)
Dex – 10 (+0)
Con – 12 (+1)
Int – 12 (+1)
Wis – 10 (+0)
Cha – 16 (+3)

Fort (E): +7 = 2 (Level) + 4 (Expert) + 1 (Con)
Ref (T): +4 = 2 (Level) + 2 (Trained) + 0 (Dex)
Will (E): +6 = 2 (Level) + 4 (Expert) + 0 (Wis)

AC: 19 = 10 + 2 (Level) + 5 (Armor) +2 (Trained)
Staff: +8 = +2 (Level) + 2 (Trained) +4 (Str)
Staff Damage (1H): 1d6 +4 (Str)
Staff Damage (2H): 1d10 +4 (Str)

Ancestry Abilities
Free, Free
Common, Elf
Low Light Vision

Simple Weapons (T)
Martial Weapons (T)
Unarmed (T)
All Armor (T)

1 Class Feature – Paladin Code
1 Class Feature – Lay On Hands
1 Class Feature – Glimpse of Redemption
1 Class Feature – Deific Weapon (Staff does more damage)

1 Ancestry – Elf Atavism (Ancient Elf, Sorcerer, Draconic)
1 Background – Intimidating Glare
1 Class - Shield Block
1 Class – Deity’s Domain (Destruction)

Arcana (T): +5
Athletics (T):+8
Crafting (T): +5
Diplomacy (T): +7
Intimidation (T): +7
Dragon Lore (T): +5
Nature (T): +4
Occultism (T): +5
Religion (T): +4


Lay on Hands (Focus)
Cry of Destruction (Focus)
Shield (Cantrip)
Read Aura (Cantrip)


Gear (Bulk: 6.2/9)
Splint Mail (13g, 3b)
Staff (0g, 1b)
Adventurer’s Pack (0.7g, 2b)
Writing Set (1g, Lb)
Holy Symbol (0.1g, Lb)
Remaining Coin: 2 silver


Omari Oparal was born in the crucible of dragon’s fire. On the day of his birth, a black dragon rose from the depths of Lake Encarthen and ravaged the village of Erages on the western border of Kyonin. Left an orphan, and scarred by acid Omari was given over to the church of Nethys. Seeing the child’s half scarred body as a sign from their deity the temple readily took him in and begin instructing him in the ways of the All Seeing Eye.
Omari was a quick study and took to his lessons with aplomb. However much to the priest’s confusion he was also a very physical and active child. The good natured child grew enamored and with the knowledge of combat and warfare. Growing to love the physicality of a brawl as well as the mental challenge of a surprise quiz. Eventually they came to understand this strange child as just another facet of Nethys’s duality.
Growing into adulthood the clerics were unsurprised to find that Omari’s faith blossomed, they were however surprised by their nature. On his 18th birthday Omari was anointed a holy warrior in Nethys’s service. Since then he has set out in the world to discover what he can about dragons, and perhaps learn more about the circumstances of his birth. On his last two silvers he finds himself in the town of Breechill attending the Call for Heroes, hoping to earn a few silvers, find a few bits of draconic lore, and save a few people.