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Arodus, 4714

Victorious Crusader,

I have received exciting news from the front: Mendev's crusaders have pushed back the abyssal armies and razed several of their strongholds! It is too early to declare that we have won a war, but this is another battle in which we have triumphed. For the first time in a year, it seems Mendev is secure.
Despite the lull, I know that Queen Galfrey will not allow her troops to grow so overconfident that they miss any demonic counterattack.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your contributions. Without the Pathfinder Society's assistance, we might not have won several key battles, including the fight for Nerosyan itself. Tales of our courage shall follow the crusaders home, where these stories will feed the imaginations of a new generation of heroes. This is not lost on the Society's leaders, and in addition to written promises of aid in future causes, I can tell that behind their unfeeling masks, they have witnessed the good that comes from aiding a holy cause—I am certain! Were we only to have another monumental cause to unite the Society! Fortunately, there is no obvious candidate—fortunate because the benefits are not worth the mortal costs. Those who died in Mendev left behind broken families, and some of those who are returning home are finding no home to return to. Crimes on a smaller scale afflict the land, and a host of lesser battles remain to be fought. We must turn our focus homeward to show that we can also be soldiers of peace.

As you travel Golarion, remember that the Society's reputation is not the only thing worth redeeming. A thief may steal to feed her family or to fuel misguided dreams of easy riches, but even one who appears evil is not beyond redemption. Show charity to the needy, and open the eyes of criminals, that they might cast aside their present misfortunes and pursue a virtuous life.

That all may know peace,
Ollysta Zadrian

The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign begins the Year of the Sky Key, its sixth season of Pathfinder RPG adventures. Keep the words of Ollysta Zadrian in mind, and be on the lookout for opportunities to help the Silver Crusade succeed in its objectives. When the time comes, endeavor to participate in Pathfinder Society Scenario #6-01: Trial By Machine.

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Abadius, 4714

Noble Crusader,
Let us always honor the fallen, especially the innocent who never invited violence and the heroes who gave their lives to protect those who could not protect themselves. The loss of life during the failed siege of Nerosyan was both regrettable and devastating. Nonetheless, our hard-won victory has strengthened our resolve and sired a new generation of battle-hardened crusaders to beat back the Abyss. That you valiantly aided the crusaders reflects well on you and the Society.
Over the months since that battle, I have worked alongside Sir Jorsal of Lauterbury, who is among the noblest souls I have found in the Society's ranks. With his help, we have repaired Nerosyan, secured Mendev's borders, and presented the Pathfinder Society's kinder image to the world. It is true that the Decemvirate does not always direct the Society in a selfless manner, yet even they can understand the benefits of being perceived as a force of good. Even a tyrant's heart can be coaxed away from evil if shown love instead of fear.
Every deed you do in the name of good reflects well on the Pathfinder Society and demonstrates that holiness is a virtue shared by the strongest agents. Each feat you perform in the name of the Silver Crusade strengthens the resolve of the Mendevian Crusaders, beating back the demonic armies so that future generations might settle Sarkoris once more. This is your chance to be a true hero.
The days to come will present difficult choices and difficult battles. I trust you will always show courage and make the right choices, so long as your actions do not threaten the lives of your allies. Let your actions be an inspiration to all—the faithful and the fallen, alike. The Pathfinder Society will set out for Jormurdun soon, and the expedition would benefit from your presence. In fact, with Sir Jorsal's support, I believe the other venture-captains may even choose you to direct part of the operation. Make the most of this opportunity.

Dawnflower's blessings,
Ollysta Zadrian

The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign continues the Year of the Demon, its fifth season of Pathfinder RPG adventures. Keep the words of Ollysta Zadrian in mind, and be on the lookout for opportunities to help the Silver Crusade succeed in its objectives. When the time comes, ensure that you represent the Silver Crusade proudly in Pathfinder Society Scenario 5–13: Weapon in the Rift, Pathfinder Society Scenario 5–20: The Sealed Gate, Pathfinder Society Scenario 5–22: Scars of the Third Crusade, and Pathfinder Society Scenario 5–24: Assault on the Wound.

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Arodus, 4713

Warrior of Light,

The Runelord of Sloth is no more, and in time all of Varisia shall know that it was a force of justice and light that vanquished the slumbering evil. The Pathfinder Society must certainly appreciate the prestige, and in time they will no doubt learn to embrace the cause of Good.

However, while one part of the world can sleep easy, another is under assault. For nearly a century and over four crusades, the crusaders of Mendev have held the Worldwound’s demons at bay at great cost. Every day for the past week I have felt a terrible throbbing to the north as if some sinister malignance were preparing to burst from the Worldwound, and I have done what I can to hasten the Pathfinder Society’s preparations for its expedition into that abyssal landscape. Having hundreds of agents in Nerosyan will bolster the crusaders’ numbers in case trouble should befall the Diamond of the North, and we shall be ready to lead our comrades against what may be the greatest evil ever to blight Avistan.

More than just the Sky Citadel is at stake, however. Should Mendev fall, all that we hold dear would die with it. Strike down the demons that threaten our future, and be the shining paragon that motivates others to stand strong and hold the line. They shall look to you and follow your example, so remember that your actions shall influence how others view the Silver Crusade; should you find yourself presented with a difficult choice, always choose that which will create a shining legacy to inspire others.

We march north with the first light,
Ollysta Zadrian

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Holy Paragon,

Although the dark history of Thassilon churns beneath the ground, the people of Varisia know the blessings of the light. Your good deeds have left a lasting impression upon that distant land. Every week I receive a tall, orderly stack of letters, each correspondence a report of another good deed or promise to combat evil whenever it rears its loathsome head. Not only are the followings of the Empyreal Lords growing in Magnimar, but our divine message has even touched the hearts of a few of those who walk Riddleport’s streets.

Varisia may have embraced the good fight, but Golarion remains an immense place with limitless potential for both good and evil. As we consolidate our gains in Magnimar and the other cities, we must understand that victory in Varisia merely represents the first step in a great journey. Should the society’s focus shift to other lands, be prepared to follow their gaze and carry our vision to new realms. It is fortunate that the Paracountess Zarta Dralneen suffered setbacks in the past year, as it provided us an opportunity to do good where her tainted touch would otherwise extend. Even so, do not underestimate her as she recovers from these self-inflicted misfortunes; she remains a canny manipulator and maintains a powerful range of resources.

For now focus on the most imminent and eminent danger: the cult of Lissala. While many Varisians are ready to defend our holy cause, we must rise to the challenge of stopping this evil before it realizes its full power. The Pathfinder Society has nobly accepted this difficult task—truly a sign that our enlightened philosophy is taking root—and you must be the shining paragon of holiness leading the offensive.

May the light be victorious,
Ollysta Zadrian

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Bringer of Light,

As always, our cause is unwavering and our resolve is strong, and I know the goodness within you will ever guide you toward what is right and true. You and many others in the Pathfinder Society will soon embark on your own crusade into the untamed land of Varisia to forge a new path in the city of Magnimar and the ruins of fallen Thassilon. I take this opportunity to remind you of the tenets of our mission so that while we are far from one another you are cognizant of how you may make the greatest impact on the world.

Varisia was once a thriving empire ruled by evil wizards who drew their power from the very sins of their subjects. Not long ago, one of these runelords awoke from a slumber of 10,000 years and very nearly reclaimed the empire he once ruled with an avaricious fist. These runelords are the epitome of what power can do in the hands of the unrighteous, and should serve as examples of what we must never allow to happen again. You have a great opportunity in Varisia, for you can learn from the ruins of the runelords’ unholy empire what their weaknesses are, what fates they succumbed to in the past, and what we may use to combat them should they return again in the future.

Not all of Varisia is made of ruins of fallen empires of evil, however, and many of the people who call the land home are good folk who live their lives oblivious to the unthinkable evil potentially resting beneath their very homes. Along your travels, spread the word of righteousness, vigilance, and sacrifice. For the time may very well come when untrained farmers and common merchants must take up arms to fight the forces of evil, be they the demons of the Worldwound, the orcs of Belkzen, or a risen runelord and her army of enslaved monsters. Prepare the people for the coming war, for when the tide of battle washes over them, it will be too late.

Be the sunlight in the world’s darkest corners,
Ollysta Zadrian

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Clearly those who fight for good need little guidance from me, for the motivation of the conscience empowers them without my intervention.