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Hi all!

I noticed that some of the Bloodline Spells have a Heightened description of "Heightened [+1]".

What exactly does that mean and where is it described in the Core Rule Book?

Thanks for your help!

Hi all!

I was looking through the Barbarian pregenerated character (Amiri) that can be downloaded from this website, and I noticed that she has a General Feat (Die Hard). However, I cannot seem to find where the rules allow the selection of a General Feat based upon the rest of the build.

She has Natural Ambition from her ancestry, but that only allows her to select a Class Feat--giving her a total of two Class Feats at level one. Furthermore, the Barbarian progression table doesn't show that Barbarians gain a General Feat at level one.

Any insight that you can offer?

Hi all!

If I am understanding the Titan Mauler benefit from the Giant Instinct feature correctly, the only damage bonus from using a Large weapon is during the Barbarian's Rage. However, Titan Mauler also specifies that the Barbarian receives the Clumsy 1 condition /whenever/ their chosen Large weapon is wielded.

So...does it seem best for these Barbarians to carry two weapons with them (one Large and one appropriately sized for them) in order to avoid the Clumsy 1 condition when they are fighting but not Raging?

Page 417 of the CRB reads the following:

"Frequency: This is how often the periodic saving throw must be attempted after the affliction has been contracted. If the affliction lists an amount of time after its frequency—such as 1/minute for 6 minutes—that means its effects last for only that amount of time, regardless of whether the affected creature ever succeeds at a saving throw. Such an affliction cannot be cured via successful saving throws; after its duration ends, the victim remains at her current step on its progression track until she receives the benefit of remove affliction or a similar effect."

I am not sure I understand. In the example given, would the affliction only last a maximum of 6 minutes or would the affliction and its effects last until a remove affliction or similar effect is received by the character?

Thanks for any help!!

I am curious if Paizo has hinted at any new/upcoming publications that will include new classes for the Starfinder game system.

I really like the system and would like more character options!

I am new to Starfinder and am having difficulty understanding what Mechanics and Drones can do per turn.

Can the Mechanic spend a Move Action, Standard Action, and Swift Action on his/her turn which is then followed by their drone spending a Standard Action--essentially meaning that the Mechanic attacks twice per round at level 1?

Thanks for any help