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Tyrnis wrote:

I'm hoping we'll see a more dedicated (non-engineer) scientist -- sure, we have a biotechnician theme, which is nice, and you can always reflavor envoy healing/buffs/debuffs as medical tricks, but I think there's room there for a lot more cool stuff that warrants a class of its own.

As much as I want to see a Starfinder take on a necromancer, I think that'll probably end up being a new mystic connection (most likely option) or alternate class features for technomancer (less likely, but possible) rather than a class of its own, and I'm fine with that.

Overall, we just don't really need the same variety of classes that Pathfinder has simply because the theme/class/archetype combo covers most of the same ground.

I like the idea of the Scientist. Perhaps some of the class' mechanics could involve research that allows item upgrades for themselves and their party.

I'd also like to see Psionic classes introduced to the universe. Maybe they could include classes like the Adept from Shadowrun, a Telepath, or a class with a Telekinetic abilities.