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Ho there little tzigane, what are you writing there, may I see?

Well, a journal of our exploits here in the stolen lands! Splendid! If we become the game, then Erastil may bless us with good fortune, and your journal may survive where we do not. It is less the brigands that I worry of than this cold and the wind! May we soon reach the forest and some relief from the chill, and perhaps warm ourselves in struggle.

Come now brother, put the charcoal away, and let us find safety in battle.

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I'll mirror the previous posts, but with a bit of bite too.

Since the Society rules are meant to produce a level playing field (EX: no crafting skills, and much tighter purchasing guidelines), your minor errors may have repercussions to players months from your actual game play. You state "The reason is that I haven't read the PF RPG rule book, and honestly can't see myself doing so", and frankly that seems a bit elitist. 3.5 isn't PFS - plain and simple. No one should expect you to recite rules as scripture, but honestly if I sat in on a game and the GM said they had no intention of reading the rule book, I would politely leave the table and contact the session organizer to have them removed from the active roster. IMHO, this is akin to trying to play Baseball after only playing Softball - first time you pitch underhand, okay we're all human. But then you tell the coach you don't want to read the rules... off the grass! As long as you give an honest effort, no one should be upset about you trying.

That being said, I applaud that you're willing to GM in the first place. It take a considerable amount of time to properly prepare to run a game well, and good GM's are in short supply in any game environment. And in general, folks will be willing to help out a GM new to the rule set when, as you pointed out in your example, you stated up front that you might have trouble with the finer differences between 3.5 and PFS. I myself have made some mistakes at the tables, and my players were kind enough to point them out so they could be corrected. This is a game, meant to be enjoyed by all. If we all act like adults, and kill/loot/subdue everything the GM can throw at us, we all win!