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Hey Doc, I like what you have done with your stats for your caster. Are you just including the hidden text with every individual post, or is it some sort of header?

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S01-30 The Devil We Know, Part II - Cassomir's Locker

Follow up to PbP S01-30 The Devil We Know, Part I, run by Doc.

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So I need some opinions on an interesting situation I ran into recently.

I was DMing PFS #2-15: Shades of Ice—Part I: Written in Blood for a house game.

During the bar room brawl, one of my players wanted to use a bottle of hard spirits found behind the bar as a flammable device.
Unfortunately, this particular Sorcerer hadn't taken Spark or any other named flame spell. Her questions was this - would Magic Missile provide an ignition source? The plan was going to be to hit a thug with the thrown bottle. If it broke, he would be doused, and the Magic Missile would ignite him the next round.

Having only played/DMed PFS for a little over a year, I was at a loss. Now I've been DMing other RPG's, most notably the 'most popular role playing game... yada yada' since the early 80's. But even with that experience, I was still hesitant.

As DMs luck would have it, the throw failed to connect, and the issue of ignition was delayed - after the game I honestly said I wasn't sure what would happen. I've trolled the posts a bit, and can't really find a reference.

I ask you, my brothers in arms, to come to my aid and resolve this 'burning' question. Talk amongst yourselves...

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Does anyone out there know of a spreadsheet which can be used to create and track a PFS Gunslinger? I have access to a great one, the "Pathfinder Character Excelerator", but all of the links I have to get this seem to indicate this is no longer being updated. I really enjoy using these, as I typically map out a 'career path' before registering a character, so I can play with how I want to order feats/skills as they level up. While you CAN do this with paper, it's a whole lot faster to do it via a sheet. Unfortunately, I'm not savvy enough to modify my copy to include the new classes (I tried, and the results were miserable). Can anyone help out please?

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I'm getting ready to run my first Season 0 scenario, and I wanted to ask the consensus for advice. I know that these were first written for "the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game" 3.5, and converting the data seems rather simple. What I'm concerned with are any points that I may have to adapt the actual encounters, both from a statistical PoV as well as role playing. For example, if there is an encounter where the difference between Spot and Listen would make a significant difference, how should I handle this?

I intend on running either #1 Silent Tide or #7 Among the Living. Having recently been at a table to witness the fun/carnage of #5 Mists of Mwangi (thanks for the fun time Doug!) at Origins, I was inspired to go back and look them over again.

Any advice would be helpful.

YiS, Odz

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Okay, I have been impatiently awaiting a post thread from a friend and fellow geek, but I cracked and stole his thread idea.

Me, I live about an hour from the Pennsic site, yet due to mundane requirements, I have to miss this year. Sad that this also marks the first Pennsic that my daughters will miss - one 8 and one 4 years old, but you gotta keep bread on the table!

Anyone else out there getting ready for the trip, or lamenting that they can't make it? Come on, the servers are all buggered with the release of Ultimate Combat, and you know you don't actually want to go and do work <shudder>

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Hi folks. Sorry if this is a simple one, but I only played my first game recently, and had a great time! After getting the gold from the adventure, I wanted to upgrade my cleric's armor, and I can't find anywhere in the Society Rule book that addresses the selling off of old gear? Am I to assume that it follows the Core rules in that respect? If someone could please post a reply, I'd be grateful!