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Ok I dislike fighter only feats on the base level that other martially inclined characters should be able to attain this level of training. The fighters above and beyond is the sheer number they get and the training class features.

Shifting the whole raft of these feats to the relavant base attack bonus would be my solution to the issue, this would include shifting the weapon spec tree out of the fighter only domain as well.

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Ok I've played the bard as written for exactly 1 session, and we didn't actually do so much really(mechanicswise) as it was a heavy Rp one. So far therefore I can only really comment on a few factors, this is with a Brd5/Fighter2.

Bardic Knowledge and subfeatures, Ok I like the changes to this ability whilst I was initially concerned about the potential loss of knowledge this proved to be misplaced the new amounts plus new knowledge gave an almost perfect copy across giving all the knowledge skills about the same as pre conversion (some a little higher, some lower) and Loremaster allows them to be used to great effect.

Buffs, Ok I seem to be the master of the morale buff with no less than 3 seperate things giving potential morale boosts to things 1 feat, 1 spell and the inspire courage/competance. Thats more a function of my build for the redundancy factor however it does highlight the issue somewhat the 2nd level spell is better than the 5th level ability and I'd have had it longer under PF.

Bardic Music hasn't really changed since last iteration, the new abilities require a second differant perform type, now I think I can see how Jason split the 2 but to my mind they don't fit I've got 2 perform skills (RP reasons again) ones vocal (Oratory) the other is visual (Dance) ok the dance came in useful under a silence spell but the 2 are in the same perform category for the abilities that trigger, its kinda annoying but music/not music doesn't seem right where as visual/auditory seems a more likely split. We've used Bardic music as move equivalent in situations where it seemed appropriate and it didn't overpower the situation, and neither when it was allowed to stack with Bless or another morale effect.

The only other thing that really springs to mind at the moment is that both Linguistics and Appraise would fit under the Loremasters umbrella and possibly could be added to the skill list of the ability (or redesignated knowledge skills but thats a differant discussion.)

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Wow I'm kinda surprised theres no thread up on this one yet, anyone seen this and how does it stack up against the source material?(My only experiance of that being the CCG and Warzone.)

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Ok I thought I'd bring up this idea, Clerics tend to lack knowledges in certain areas that they should otherwise have e.g. The follower of a nature god doesn't get knowledge(Nature) and the skill points don't really allow for cross classing to get the skill.

Here's a possible solution give clerics free skill ranks in skills associated with their domains like the bard gets under his bardic knowledge ability.

So a cleric with nature and trickery for example could get free ranks in Knowledge(nature) and Bluff, Charm would get free ranks in Diplomacy etc,

I wouldn't go so far as to make them class skills at this point but it should fill that hole in what a particular religions capabilities are.

So what do people think.