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Great session! Great write-up! Thanks, NobodysHome!

I will clarify one point, though, Neirida does NOT have a crush on Winter. She's not that kind of girl. Her player does. ;)

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Happy Birthday, Mr. NH! ;)

Now cut the cake!

*Edited link to work... thanks, Drejk! :P

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Orthos wrote:
I really love GaMetal, not sure if I ever mentioned that =)

OMG, thank you, I really needed to know about that! :D

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I want to play too! :D

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This one is self explanatory... and the irony is sweet & tasty.

*Smacks NobodysHome on the back of the head*

Tsuto had an epically bad day in our campaign. He double-fumbled his first attack lunging at our paladin. He hit himself with his own Stunning Fist attack (fumble deck, fumble card #1) and knocked himself stupid. Staggering out into the hall (fumble card #2), he met the bard, the sorcerer and the barbarian. He was still alive, although quite unconscious when we freed Ameiko and got her side of the story. She announced that he was guilty of high treason against Sandpoint. Having been duly deputized by Sheriff Hemlock in his absence, our paladin shrugged, held a quick trial (Do any here have reason to find him innocent?), summarily executed him, and handed his belongings to Ameiko along with our condolences.

Now every session we have the "Silver Tsuto" award, which is handed to whichever character (PC or NPC) pulls the absolute worst, most embarrassing fumble of the day.

Tsuto is dead, long live Tsuto!

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Your life insurance is up to date, isn't it, hon?

We're all the way into Crown of Fangs now, so I've been granted permission to lurk here if I want. :P

NobodysHome was also right the first time, the party was pretty convinced that if we attempted to bargain that (1) we had nothing to offer and so would place ourselves at the dubious mercy of an unscrupulous crime family and (2) that they would kill Vencarlo.

My bard was actually very uneasy and somewhat torn about the entire course of action, but it was honestly the only way I could figure at the time to keep the most people alive... which up to a certain point even included the Arkonas. I was quite relieved to discover a nest of vile and irredeemable rakshasas, it rather minimized my moral dilemma! ;)

Maybe it wasn't the best series of decisions ever, but it worked, darn it, and we had a great time!