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Bullet list!


- Paizo staff was awesome
- Close proximity to airport
- Hotel restaurant was pretty good (though some complained it was pricey, but I'm used to that from hotels)
- Preview banquet was fantastical
- Gaming is always great
- Good list of people as guests of honor
- Cheap/tasty Italian food that delivers until 4am
- Registration line actually moved pretty quickly

- No restaurants really in walking distance
- Preview Banquet cut into game time for Saturday afternoon sessions, so in the future timed events like Bonekeep shouldn't be scheduled in that slot.
- Con did not seem like it had a lot of spare room. Gamers were overflowing in the lobby area, and there wasn't a whole lot of spare area for people to run side games/etc.
- Store & Registration closed early
- No Pre-Reg on Thursday
- Gaming area didn't have wifi freely/easily available even though the rest of the hotel did. Not crucial but sometimes like to check the PRD for some reference or another.

You're going to need a bigger venue than the Marriott real soon if Paizocon keeps growing!

Silver Crusade

Glad to be a part of the team, and look forward to doing my part.

Thanks for the warm welcome!