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M'ara wrote:
Once she's accompanied Delin and Olga back to the Varisian camp, she approaches Esmerelda, "Now that we're established heroes, " she says with a chuckle, "Would you be able to introduce me to Madame Mvashti?"

Esmeralda Bâlan, a worried look in her face, asks M'ara to come to walk with her.

"I will take you to Madame Mvashti. She asked for you. I don't know why. By name. I had never heard for her to do that. She is wise. But she is old. And she is mysterious. Be careful."
You arrive at a big house, filled to the brim with pots and plants, surrounded by a cacophony of bird calls. Several old Varisian women tend to the garden and the plants and nod as you are taken inside the house.
The inside of the house is very dark, and filled with adornments, colors and smells of Varisian origin.
You are asked to sit in a small room, with a small round table, and given a strong-smelling tea you can't make what is it made from.
Esmeralda, still with her worried look, says her goodbyes.
"See you back at the wagons. Good luck, and may Shelyn bless you."
You are left alone in the room, the smell of the tea filling your nostrils.

Olga Bâlan cries loudly, but her grandmother conforts her.
"Even if a rude person, he is Stella's family, and we could have been in a big problem if we tried to keep her with us. You gave her the gift of friendship, and that she will carry in her heart."

"Ruperto, you are an embarasment to all of us Varisians..."