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Could it be that Barbatos, and not Yamasoth, is the first demon?

Crazy? You think the multiverse is sane?

That's "Attack of the Dread Potatoes (of Aucturn)!" Subtitled "Spud-Eyed Monsters from the Dark Tapestry."

What lies at the "bottom" of the deepest Abyssal rift? What is "outside" even the outer planes/the Maelstrom?

It may be that the qlippoth are just pale reflections of what lurks beyond this "reality." Something so horrific and maddening that it would warp and destroy the very planes themselves if it could interact with them directly.

In the past, some have called this "The Far Realm." Some have also speculated that the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods may be harbingers or even lesser examples of the beings that exist outside of this existence: beings greater than Azathoth that float in shoals, making and unmaking all around them just by their presence.

Secrets of eldritch knowledge from beyond this thin veil, which many mistakenly call "reality," will soon begin to be revealed!

Johnny come latelies, the lot of them: Angels, archons, celestials, daemons, demodands, demons, etc. Even the so-called gods are mere babes. The qlippoth have some history, but even they're younger than the Great Old Ones.

A full scale invasion of the Prime Material would result in a response from the Outer Gods, one (or more) of the Great Old Ones, or even Azathoth (to the woe of that portion of the multiverse). Let sleeping Old Ones lie, right? Better for the outer-planars to subvert mortals through less drastic methods: brainwashing (excuse me, "teaching"), influence peddling, promises to "right the world" or "rewards in the afterlife," etc. Takes longer and lets their rivals dip into the same pot, but they also don't risk losing the whole shebang if they piss off the Great Old Ones by being too overt.

The Golux wrote:

I had to face down a Horned Devil earlier today (as a level 6 sorceror), and it told me it would let me leave if I told it my true name, so I did. I'm wondering what's going to come of this...

(I accidentally disturbed it by dropping a pebble into a pit to see how deep it went... the answer was apparently "Into hell or damn near it." And I stuck around to see what was coming out... But I got out of it alive at least!)

You're doomed...

The worst that could have happened by not giving the devil your true name is that the devil would have killed you. Instead, you gave it power over your very soul. What's a mortal lifetime compared to spending the rest of eternity in slavery and torment?

Death... you should be so lucky...

The 8th Dwarf wrote:
An alien conspiracy is attempting to infiltrate a fantasy kingdom.


There's one nation on Golarion that's already been taken over by beings not of this world: Katapesh. The Pactmasters are not human, I tell you! In fact, they're...


(more information can be found in Dark Markets: A Guide to Katapesh; while the Pactmasters are not presented as a sinister conspiracy, they can easily be tweaked in that direction)

Set wrote:
Where's the fun in shouting 'In your FACE!' if the foe doesn't have one?

All the better to accomplish my MASTER PLAN!

It keeps the MEDDLING KIDS away, too.