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Hello brains trust.

I love Automatic Bonus Progression but I have two problems with magic item cost in with ABP.

1. Buying Magic Items with ABP
In 1e, the attack bonus, armor bonus and profiency bonus of all magic items was clear. 1,000gp for +1 armor, 4,000gp for +2 armor, 2,000gp for +1 weapon, 2,500gp for +1 skill bonus etc.

In 1e, using the 1e ABP, if the PCs found a +1 flaming longsword, I would price it at 6,000gp (the regular 8,000gp minus the 2,000gp for a +1 weapon - whether or not that was RAW correct it doesn't matter - it seemed to work out).

I can't find an equivalent pricing for 2e.

If my PC wants to buy boots of bounding for the extra 5ft movement, what does it cost? The PC can't utilize the +2 item bonus for high and long jumps, so what discount should be applied?

Is there an official answer? (edit) Do I use Table 4-16 from the GMG? (/edit)

My current plan is just to let potency and item bonus both exist, though not stack. Therefore the PC just pays the full price for the item, but won't get double the bonus. The problem is it encourages the PC to buy magic items in skills other than the ones they get potency for (but is that actually a problem?).

2. Creating PCs above 1st level with ABP
What do I do to adjust table 10-10 to account for ABP? I couldn't find an official answer.

OPTION 1 Make no changes. With this option, all magic items are the same price and potency and item bonus both exist but do not stack. But the PC will have more "stuff" because they'll get their weapon and armor bonuses through ABP and get to spend all their gold on other magic items.

OPTION 2 Reduce the number of permanent items allowed in Table 10-10. But by how much? At level 12, a PC should get a +2 great striking weapon (LV 12) and a +2 resilient set of armor (LV 11) through ABP. But table 10-10 doesn't even allow a 12th level PC to have a LV 12 magic weapon yet. So what do I reduce the table to?

OPTION 3 Reduce the lump sum gold allow in table 10-10. But by how much? Using the same level 12 example as option 2, the +2 great striking weapon (LV 12) and +2 resilient set of armor (LV 11) are a total of 3,400gp. But how much is +1 to all Perception checks worth? How much is a flat +1 or +2 to a skill worth? This links back to the first topic above on buying magic items. (edit) Again, should I use Table 4-16 from the GMG? (/edit)

Hoping for some good advice or solutions that have seen play - or even an official rule I've missed.


The Rogue multiclass archetype gives a free skill feat that the player can choose.

If taken at level 2, this skill feat would have to be a level 1 feat and therefore not more powerful than any other archetype that give a specific skill feat (which is usually a low level one).

But what happens if a PC takes the Rogue archetype at a higher level - e.g. through the human Multitalented ancestry feat.

Can the skill feat be any feat the PC currently qualifies for?

e.g. A PC is Master in Stealth at level 7. They take the Rogue Archetype via Multitalented at level 9. Can they take Swift Sneak as their skill feat? (requires master in stealth).

Hey team, hoping you help me work through why Ephemeral Tracking exists.

It seems to me, that is this one of those "Fill in a rules niche for something that didn't require rules" and "now the assumption is I can't do that thing unless I take that option."

Before Ephemeral Tracking, I assumed a high enough level of Survival would cover crazy tracking options like across water, through air etc. If you are legendary in Survival you should be able to do those things.

Now it looks like a ranger can't track through air or water, regardless of proficiency unless they take this feat. AND, as it's a focus spell above level 1, the same ranger needs to take a totally unrelated feat to qualify by gaining a focus pool.

I want to make a tracking ranger who is the best of the best. So I see Ephemeral Tracking falling into one of two interpretations:

1. You can't track over sea or air without it
2. Tracking over sea or air is usually a Master or Legendary task. This feat allows you to track over sea or air by only being an expert in Survival (in this way it is similar to the Trap Finder feat of rogues)

Have I read it correctly? Something I've missed?

Now that Disrupt Prey is a reaction, is seems like a poor man’s Attack of Opportunity. While DP can be gained at level 4 rather than 6 for AoO, the text of DP is missing two key parts from AoO. 1. DP doesn’t trigger from ranged attacks. 2. DP misses the text about not counting multiple attack penalty that AoO has.

And of course DP can only be used on a hunted prey.

Was DP meant to be AoO but just for prey? Hence being available at level 4 vs 6? Or are these omissions on purpose?

When does the AC bonus from Combat Expertise trigger?


The PC moves 30 ft to attack an ogre with a 10 ft reach. The movement through the threatened area provokes an attack of opportunity.

Once adjacent, the PC uses combat expertise on their attack.

If combat expertise was declared as the attack action before any movement was made, does the AC bonus apply to the attack of opportunity provoked by moving through the threatened squares?

i.e. When is combat expertise triggered?

  • As soon as it is declared? The PC gets the AC bonus on the AoO
  • As soon as the attack is made? The PC doesn't get AC bonus on the AoO

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm trying to cost a magic ring that contain the following spells. The associated costs if they were individual items is shown. All three spells have the 30 % discount for requiring a specific class (in this case Ranger)

    Hunter's Howl - (Ranger 1), CL 5th (to boost duration to 5 rounds), at will activation, 3/day. Cost 4,200 gc (1 x 5 x 2,000 x (3/5) x 0.7).
    Instant Enemy - (Ranger 3), CL 7th (min to cast), command word activation, 1/day. Cost 5,292gc (3 x 7 x 1,800 x (1/5) x 0.7).
    Terrain Bond - (Ranger 4), CL 10th (min to cast), command word activation, 1/day. Cost 10,800gc (4 x 10 x 1,800 x (1/5) x 0.7).

    I'm confused on the rules of combining multiple effects into one item. They're all spell effects and I assume would use the rules on Multiple Similar Abilities. But that rule has discounts for when the item is slotless, and this will be a ring (not slotless).

    Does that mean the price would just be the combined cost? Or have I missed somthing?

    I'd like to create a utility wondrous item called a "Stone of Hidden Campsite". Essentially a stone that creates the effect of a "Hide Campsite" spell. (I'd potentially modify it to be a group of stones that create a circle to make the effect, but the area affected would be a maximum of one 20ft cube as per the spell).

    I'm trying to work out how much it would cost to buy such an item. As per the wondrous item creation rules it would be "use-activated or continuous" and therefore cost "spell level x caster level x 2,000gp". The lowest caster and spell level would be a 2nd level spell cast by a 7th level ranger (caster level 4th). So my calculation has it coming our at 2 x 4 x 2,000 = 16,000gp.

    So questions:
    1. Is this pricing correct?
    2. Items with no space limitation double the cost. Does this apply here?
    3. It seems expensive for a utility item that replicates such a simple spell that doesn't have very far reaching consequences. Do other think it is accurately priced? (e.g. a ring of protection +3 is only 2,000gp more but much handier)

    Thanks in advance. This is my first attempt at item creation.