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Dear Aberzombie,

I am curious if you might be interested in becoming the zombie spokesperson for my delicious seasoning blends. I know there are some zombies out there really concerned about their blood pressure and I want them to know there is an option other than salt when they crack open their next skull. Would you help me break into the zombie market?

Studpuffin wrote:
I just heard "How did the chickens get out here!? Damn chickens!". Oh FB how ye have made people into farmers again.

I taste great on chicken!

Woodraven wrote:
Studpuffin wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
I also am one of the dying breed of dash users.
Mrs. Dash is great on chicken! :P
Mrs. Dash is great on many things ;)

Did somebody say my name?

I taste great on all kinds of food, including chicken, beef, and fish. You can even sprinkle me on tacos or sausage for a special treat.