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I think the problem is spells like Glibness, Strength, and Speed specify that they affect every check for the rest of the turn.

Are they then able to be played at all during the timing window of playing a card to assist with a Aid, or Guidance?

Should they be their own category of spell that must be played proactively prior to an encounter or a check?

Or should they be allowed to be either proactive or reactive?

If they can be played reactively then the timing of when a spell recharge is performed matters. If they are only proactive then recharge timing, for these spell effects at least, is a non-issue.

Page 9:
You may never explore on another player’s turn.

I think the question is in the language on the cards detect evil/magic. They don't say explore. They say encounter.

"If it is a *card type* may encounter...."

Is an encounter treated the same as exploring?

I don't believe so otherwise how do I "encounter" an ancient skeleton henchman that was summoned from someone else finding one on their turn. That card specifies to have an encounter during someone else's turn.

From that logic you should be able to cast detect magic on another players turn and encounter that card if it has the magic trait correct?