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I really like the option of this monster becoming an ally if you can make friends with it.

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Love the "chest-bursting" aspect of the implanted pupa and the fact that the characters won't be able to use magic healing to fix it. What to do when you're miles and miles from civilization and you've got 24 hours to find a doctor? Abort the mission and race back to town? Or cross your fingers and let the cleric dig it out with a rusty dagger? Decisions, decisions...

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Doug Doug wrote:

MichiCon Saturday, May 2nd

Oakland University in Rochester Hills, MI
In the Oakland Center
PFS#12, #13 & #14 are running
No sign-up system, walk-ins welcome

Pandemonium Mayhem, May 23rd & 24th
Pandemonium Games in Garden City, MI
PFS#15, #17, #18, #19 & #20 are running
Sign-up via Warhorn (still waiting on organizer to post event)

Arghhhhhh, I missed the first one and am gonna be out of town over Memorial Day weekend... Are there going to be events after that weekend?

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Man I am so jealous of you guys that you get to have Alexander DM for you, he is top-notch! If I ever move back to Raleigh, he's the first guy I'll look up. And Alexander, how can you forget GenCon '04 when we broke that dude's lame module? >:D