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Outstanding, thank you for the clarification!

Funny you mention that, grapple is the one time where I've found that the maneuver explicitly states you need a free hand.

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Okay so first of all apologies if this has been answered already, but I've got a few quick questions about combat maneuvers.

1) Can melee weapons be used in combination with combat maneuvers? For example, I know some weapons have the disarm trait which gives a bonus to disarm attempts, but what about just a tactical knife?

2) If so, does weapon focus apply to the disarm attempt too?

3) If weapons can be used in disarm attempts, does the operative weapon trait apply?


Thanks for the followup! I figured you folks were crazy busy. No worries.


I sent an email about a week ago regarding the spine of my Starfinder book coming unglued. I sent a few pictures in along with the email but never got a response. Could someone check on the status of my request?

I originally sent an email on August 23rd and sent a followup on August 28th.