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CorvusMask wrote:

I think mute hag is from harrowing module and based on the mute hag card?

Anyway, in case of nighthag at least isn't it said since they are outsiders, they give birth to tieflings instead of changelings?

And dreamthief hag is just more powerful occult variant of night hag so I don't think it really counts as its own type. So that would mean 8 types of hag able to create changelings?

I was thinking the same thing. But the fact that there are ten changeling subraces and ten monsters with "Hag" in their name is suggestive.

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I'd suggest Council of Thieves, with minor modifications. Frame it as upstanding citizens versus criminal scum and the breakdown of order. Drop the rebellion angle (as written, the CoW never get around to actually rebelling anyways). Downplay LE Ecarrdian in favor of CE Ilnerik.

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Typo on Ledinthorp estate/Ledithorp clan.
Typo still extant - which is it - I'm guessing Ledinthorp.

I don't believe blog posts can be edited. That typo is going to be there forever.