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Rokan the Ascetic wrote:

Rokan considers Malkaer's ceased existence and reflects momentarily on the fragility of experience and the groups current proximity to danger and death. It causes him to further analyze his actions in the previous battle and how he might better ensure his continued existence.

I, as well, am ready to enter.

The Tyrian druid inclines her head solemnly to the company as she descends from the steps that connect the sandy valley with the upper reaches of the Serpent Singer temple. Indeed, she makes barely a sound as Misra completes her path down the ramp that ascends behind the two immense towers that stand at the front of the ancient structure. The cliff-like cowl of her dark green traveling cloak, made up of long sheets that appear vaguely chitinous, overshadows the druid's fine features as she begins to speak.

It is a strange sound to hear the cool, clear, steady tones of her voice for once not in the spaces of the mind,

"It is here, for now, that we must part paths, for my companion Dalman and I must return to Destiny's Chariot to prepare a report for our confederates in the Free City, and embassy which we will dispatch by carrier-bee to the Gardens of the High Templar this very afternoon."

"We shall also take into our protection this brother druid of Raam,"

she gestures at the halfling Taalik.

"I pray by the wisdom of the naturemasters that guide us that we shall meet again in peace."

Rokan the Ascetic wrote:

As Rokan hears his explanation he begins to doubt his ability to immediately detect the ruse of these creatures.

Misra, how well practiced are you with auras? I'll try my psionic detection, when appropriate, but I'm not confident in its ability to uncover them.

He turns to the new elf woman, again speaking softly. I am Rokan. What is your name? From what tribe do you come, elf-woman?

"This is not an art which is a parcel of the Rhul-Ty'ragi curriculum -- the halfling speaks the truth in describing it as an esoteric and mostly lost capacity of various mystics. If this truly is the one means to uncovering the hidden servants of Dregoth, than neither my powers, nor those of my druid brother Dalman shall avail us. We must either seek the knowledge in Raam mentioned by Taalik, which would entail a considerable journey from our present location, or, as he suggests, explore whether this new addition to our company might, from her tribe, be able to offer any aid in this regard."

Ok -- I changed up the maps again and combined the maps for levels 1-2 into a single file. Please check that you can see and open it.

Another note -- I didn't specify this, but both of the Rhul-Ty'ragi druids changed out of their ornamental chameleon cloaks to go on the spelunking expedition in the mines. They are now wearing dark green cloaks made out of sheer material that looks like several large, overlapping layers of chitin or shell, but is not distinctive of their order, and so does not give them away to Taalik for now.

"Well, friend Rokan, there are many orders of Druids, even in the Free City of Tyr, and, truth be told, many of them accuse us of compromise with the powerful of the city in our role as tenders of the gardens of the Golden Tower. We must, I suppose, hope that he will not draw any uncomfortable inference about the loyalties of myself or my companion."

"Friend runner, this is, indeed, a most prescient concern, as it is hardly likely that any creatures devious enough to effect the despoilment of Taalik's caravan will easily give up their identities to those opposing their dread master's designs in these ruins."

Both Misra and Dalman have maintained a slightly unnerving calm throughout the preceding exchange between Rokan, Kethe, Canaan, and the freed captive Amun. The reason for this reservation quickly becomes apparent when the dark-haired druidess' psychic presence arises once again, the mental voice speaking with what appears to be a tone of regret or wariness...

"This one, too, is a druid, like myself and my companion, but of an order which, tragically, has not had a great friendship with ours, the Rhul-Ty'ragi. Indeed, the BrāhmaṇaŚauca and Rhul-Ty'ragi fought a terrible war in a past generation, each striving for dominion over a marvelous and isolated oasis which held the remains of the ancient halfling civilization. Each claimed its wonders for different reasons -- our order because of the ruins and their archives of the ancient Naturemasters, and the BrāhmaṇaŚauca on account of the panoply of unique flora and fauna. I tell you friends, the blood of both orders watered the ground of the oasis..."

"It is a shameful episode in our order's history which we strive to forget..."

Kethe, have you developed anything about your character's druid society? I'm thinking of developing druid politics a bit over the course of the campaign, and it would be helpful to start planning to know how she might fit into things.

Rokan the Ascetic wrote:

Rokan scans with his mind's eye to see if he can tell where the voice is coming from.

manifest detect psionics
[dice=knowledge (psionics)]1d20+12

It's probably one of the creatures that turn these bodies into puppets. Don't listen to them! Misra, do you know where Slavathras has slinked away to?

The intellect devourers' invisibility is listed as a magical power, not a psionic one. This campaign doesn't assume psionics and magic are the same thing for the interface issue (I don't think that makes any sense in the context of Athas, do you?), so I don't think detect psionics will help here unless I'm missing something

What are you trying to detect with the Knowledge check?

"I don't see where he has gone, it appears as if the bard has simply vanished."

Canaan Ghajar wrote:

Yes, your description matches what I saw. There is a panel that allow us operate the platform to ferry us across the caldera. Anyone knowledgeable in engineering and those without the ability to strike at range should come along with us while the others keep our foes at bay.

Cutting off her thoughts from the bond, Canaan hurries after the druids and the bard.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

No, it's more than that -- look, there are a set of narrow, partially concealed steps leading upward behind the platform control station -- I think there's another 'fail safe,' some sort of non-psionic mechanism for crossing over to the fortress from above, some kind of rope-suspended chariots. We might be able to use them to get behind our enemies while their attention is focused elsewhere.

Also, just to be clear, the elf bard has just vanished -- you don't know where he's gone to, but he's not evidently with the druids.

Malkaer, Canaan, come follow us up these steps, I think I see something on the heights, perhaps another means of crossing the caldera to the fortress.

The features of the Tyrian druid suddenly freeze, as if she has been arrested by an unexpected sensation. Slowly, her wide, hazel eyes rise slightly to fix on the party of newcomers visible across the far side of the chasm. Misra's lips then close, and she squints slightly in a display of what appears to be genuine curiosity, an impression which is confirmed by her voice arising suddenly in the minds of all her companions,

"The... lizard... waving at us is apparently the spokesperson of this group. He has reached out to me with his mind, but his magic is more limited than my psionic capabilities. I am linking all of our minds so that we can more easily communicate, one with another, as well as avoid what I assume are some considerable language barriers. In any event, the lizard wishes to address our group and you will hear his voice shortly, as well as those of his companions..."

Rokan the Ascetic wrote:

Earlier, before the appearance of the new group...

Dalman Ba'al-Haddad wrote:

One of the pair of Tyrian druids also interjects a comment, likewise voiced in a high-pitched whisper to his assembled compatriots,

"Their vestiture is exceedingly odd -- it is the same fashion as depicted of the inhabitants of this ancient city in the many and elaborate friezes of Destiny's Chariot. I wonder if these... creatures represent some kind of a remnant of the ancient Kalidnayan people, now a degenerate, twisted root that stubbornly clings to its unnatural life deep under the earth."

Rokan leaves the platform controls for just a moment to peer over the edge, next to

Slavathras and Dalman.

For all we know, they came through the gate today or at a previous opening and are not of this world. But yes, I suppose they could also be subterranean hold-overs of ancient Kalidnay.

After the new group appears across the chasm, he refocuses on the platform controls and re-considers their options.

So, we could see what this new group is planning to do. Perhaps they'll draw the attention of the creatures. I could operate the platform to attempt to get us into a different position, but I don't think it will be quiet. Do we really want to rush in and yield advantage to two groups? Does the invisible path allow us to proceed through the shadowy darkness of the shaft?

Manifest Missive at Misra

And what do you know of these creatures? Do you think Dalman is right?

Mind Link:

I don't think it's a bad hypothesis. They are wearing garments that appear to the same as those of the ancient Kalidnayans depicted in the artwork of Destiny's Chariot.

Canaan Ghajar wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Canaan has her eyes glued to the two druids in equal measure as separate conversations takes place inside and outside.] of her mind.

"Halfling devolving into insectile? Does that mean they had a hand in creating the thri-kreens? I find it hard to believe."

Mind Meld:

"Our activities encompass a wide range of both practical and abstruse pursuits. We care assiduously for the quotidian maintenance of the lush gardens of the Golden Tower in the highest quarters of the Free City of Tyr. We also devote ourselves to a number of less... well known projects connected with the ancient knowledge of the halfling naturemasters of the Blue Age. It is an explicit goal of a certain cadre, such as my erstwhile companion here, to recover these forgotten abilities for our order, a power whose use they hope will help us to return the scarred plains of the Tablelands to the verdant glory they enjoyed during the Green Age."

Canaan Ghajar wrote:

Canaan eye's widen as the power rushes into her body. As she absorbs it, she shuts her eyes, having one hand on her head, nearly stumbling. After doing some breathing techniques to center herself which is quite unlike her character, she stands as if nothing happened to her.

Oh my. So this is what it feels like when we have the power. That is quite a powerful boon.

Once the empowering process is done, she turns away from the bard and towards the druids and the group that she will be working with.

"Where are my manners? Since we are working together now, call me Canaan. I might not be as good as the others that specialized in combat but I am good at distracting our targets."

She looks at the Tyrian druid that she spoke to.

"Do continue your exposition. I am quite interested on listening to your thoughts about the ruins or the vessel, err."

Mind Meld:

"His name is Dalman, and I am Misra. I not irregularly... compensate for his social abilities."

Pak'cha wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Mind Meld:

He doubtless hopes to uncover evidence in these catacombs that will disprove several of the sketches of ancient history recently offered which he finds... displeasing.

Pak'cha wrote:
** spoiler omitted **


"Unfortunately, yes. Our order has endured long because of its zealous attention to its duties -- this has had the tragic side effect of frequently producing a certain... inflexibility of mind."