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I'm having a somewhat interesting problem.

Backstory: Due to a certain thread, I thought I'd make a generic alias to store datasheets, backstories and such for play-by-post game applications. For this purpose I thought it would be nice to have a link in the alias profile section that links back to any relevant recruitment thread.

Actual problem: When I create a link in the profile section of the alias using the ( link(/url) format, with [ instead of ( of course, the link does not work.

Upon inspecting the link the following seems to have been added '' turning the total url into '' which obviously does not work.

Anyone know why?

Is it an issue with the site - or perhaps my browser (Firefox, latest update)?

Here is the alias in question

Cheers! //Lessah

edit: It is sort of funny how the link to the alias has an extra '' added in ... : /

edit2: Aaand the problem is solved!