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hp 50/50|Fort +6 Will +6 Ref +6|AC 19/14/16|Perception +13 (+14 vs traps)|Darkvision 60ft., Scent|Initiative +3|



About Miranda Redblossom

Tiefling (Small Grimspawn) Occultist 4, Investigator 1
NG Small Outsider (Native)
Init +3; Senses Perception +13 (+14 vs Traps), Darkvision 60 ft., Scent


AC 19, touch 14, flat-footed 16 (+5 armor, +3 Dex, +1 size)
hp 50 (5d8+10)
Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +6
Resistance: Cold, Fire & Electricity 5


Speed 30 ft.
Melee +5 Bite (1d4+1)
or +5 Rapier (1d4+1)
Ranged +8 Pepperbox (1d6, x4 20ft., 6/6)
+1/1 within 30 ft.

Extracts - CL 1
1st - Heightened Awareness, Shield, X

Spells - CL 4, Concentration +9
2nd (2/day, DC 17) - Blur, Locate Object, Warp Wood
1st (5/day, DC 17) - Silent Image, Comprehend Languages, Feather Fall
0 - Ghost Sound, Detect Magic, Message

Inspiration (4/4)

Implements (12 Focus power daily, DC 17)

Divination (Goggles) - 2
Resonant Power - Third Eye (Improves vision)
Flash of Insight (1p) Swift Action to grant +2 insight bonus on: ability or skill check, attack roll

Illusion (Copper ring) - 3
Resonant Power - Distortion (Concealment: 5% per point, max 5% +5% /2 per level)
Minor Figment (1p) Ghost Sound or Minor Image (4 rounds)
Unseen (1p self, 2p touch) Invisibility (4 minutes)
Recast Unseen (1p, intermediate action)

Transmutation (Pepperbox) - 7 (+2)
Resonant Power - Legacy Weapon (Enchantment quality equal to points/3 [max +2])
Psychic Weapon (1p) Swift Action to grant 1 weapon a +1 enchantment bonus (1 minute)
Burst of Speed (1p) Swift Action to gain +30 ft. Land speed (1 minute)


Str 13, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 20, Wis 10, Cha 13
Base Atk +3; CMB +2; CMD 15
Feats Grasping Tail, Create Wondrous Items, Point Blank Shot
Traits Blood Stalker (Race), Child of Nature (Religion)
Skills Acrobatics (5) +11, Appraise (1) +9, Bluff (5) +9, Climb (1) +5, Craft, Diplomacy, Disable Device (5) +13 (+14 vs traps), Disguise, Escape Artist (1) +7, Fly, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana, 1) +9, (Religion, 1) +9, (History, 1) +9, (Local, 1) +9, Linguistics, Perception (5) +13 (+14 vs traps), Perform, Profession, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand (5) +13, Spellcraft (5) +13, Stealth (5) +15, Survival (5) +10 (+15 to track, +17 on tracking damaged foes), Use Magic Device (5) +11
Languages Common, Infernal, Halfling, Gnome, Dwarven, Goblin
SQ: Maw, Nr 53, Fiendish Resistances, Skilled (Disable Device, Sleight of Hand), Prehensile Tail, Trapfinding +1, Inspiration, Implements (Illusion, Transmutation, Divination), Mental Focus, Magic Item Skill (+2), Object Reading, Shift Focus

Gear worn: Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 [Headband], Goggles of Detection [Eyes, Implement], Mwk Pepperbox [Holstered, Implement], Cap of Human Guise [Head], Feather Slippers [Boots], Quickdraw Wooden Shield [Strapped over back], Explorers Outfit, Adventurers Sash, Pouches, Spell Component Pouch, Masterwork Backpack, Plain Copper Ring (Implement), Silver Ring, Dagger (Hidden, inner tight), Dagger (Hidden, right boot), Rapier [Holstered], Kunais (Holstered, x3), Dagger (Holstered)

Gear in pouches & pockets: Elixir of Hiding x2, Feather Token (Tree), Origami Swarm, Small Steel Mirror, Powder Horn (24 uses of blackpowder), Spare Bullets (24), Twine (10 ft.), Darkflare, Moonrod, Sunrod, Poppy Tear in small vial (Hidden), Small Pouch of Powdered Silver (5/5), Marker Dye in glass vial (Teal, Pink), Smokestick, Smellingsalt, Stillgut, Garlic in scent proof wrapping, Wild Animal Musk in vial, Air Crystals, Distilled Terrap Sap, Pouch of Powder, Tindertwigs x5, Notebook, Charcoal Stick, Masterwork Thieves Tools, Pocket change (5gp worth)

Gear in bag: Any-Tool, Blanket, 4 Copper Bells wrapped in cloth, Heatstone, Silk Rope (50 ft.), Twine (40 ft.), Animal Glue (80/80), Darkflare x9, Waterproof Bullseye Lantern, Moonrod, Sunrods x2, Lamp Oil x4, Light Detector, Antiplague, Poppy Tear Extract x2 (Hidden), Alchemical Glue (20/20), Alchemical Glue Accelerator (20/20), Alchemical Solvent, Casting Plaster Pot (10/10), Vermin Repelant, Tar Bombs x2, Tindertwigs x15, Puzzle Book (10/10), Extra Charcoal sticks x5, Poncho, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (10 Charges), Coins

Formula Book: Heightened Awareness, True Strike, Shield, Polypurpose Panacea, Monkey Fish, Negate Aroma, Expeditious Retreat


-2000 Headband (crafted)
-1050 Mwk Pepperbox
-1750 Eyes of the Eagle
-250 Elixir of Hiding
-150 Paper swarm
-400 Cap of human quise
-125 Any-Tool
-200 Feather token tree
-2100 Mithral Chain Shirt +1
-1000 Feather Slipper
-53 Shield
-.5 Blanket
-4 Bells
-20 Heatstone
-10 Mirror
-10 Silk Rope
-0.01 Twine
-3 Powder horn
-1 Animal Glue
-10 Darkflare
-17 Lantern
-26 Sun & Moonrods
-0.4 Lamp oils
-1 Light Detector
-50 Antiplague
-25 Smellingsalt
-50 Stillgut
-0.1 Garlic
-45 Poppy Tears
-40 Wild Animal Musk
-50 gp worth of silver
-50 Air Crystals
- 30gp Marker Dye
-45gp Alchemical Glue + Accelerator
-20gp Alchemical Solvent
-.5 Casting Plaster pot
-0.01 Pouch of normal powder
-5 Vermin Replant
-20 Smokestick
-30 Tar Bombs
-30 Distilled Terrap Sap
-20 Tindertwigs
-50 Puzzle book
-10 Notebook
-3 Charcoal Sticks
-20 Adventurers Sash
-.5 Poncho
-10 Pouches
-50 Masterwork Backpack
-100 Mwk Thieves tool
-150 CLW Wand
-10 silver ring
-1 copper ring
-5 pocket change
-20 Rapier
-6 Daggers
-6 Kunais
-7.5 Bullets
-75 Blackpowder
+500 gp - Crafted +1 bonus


Eyecolour: Red
Haircolour: Light brown
Defining trait: Eyes, (tail,) wide mouth filled with sharp teeth
Height: 2'11"
Weight: 30 lbs.
Clothes of choice: Dresses in dark colours, cloaks with hoods. All with as many pockets as possible.

Much to the malign of the more sensitive sorts, Miranda smile and laugh alot showcasing her impressive set of pointy teeth. When encountering a prospective witness or victim the first time, she keeps her eyes fixed on her notebook. This combined with her short statue keeps most of them from spotting her tiefling features during the interview, until it is over and she looks up to give them a thankful grin.


Favourite colour: Deep Purple
Favourite food: spicy fish soup
Favourite drink: Anything served in an interesting cup, chilled peach liquor or dark coffee (occupational hazard)

Miranda inherited most of her emotional traits form her halfling parents and as such she is optimistic to a fault, curious and (mostly) fearless. The racial wanderlust that afflicts her people is something that she didn't inherit, but an equal thirst to learn new stories replace it. She has a deep fascination for baubles and trinkets, collecting them for the tales they tell.

Mirandas parents belonged to a rare subset – free Egorian halflings. Successful conservators they made a living resorting the nobles family artefacts and heirlooms too delicate for the tall folks to handle, yet to precious to entrust with slaves. Considering the popularity of Devil worship and occultism in Cheliax, especially among the wealthier upper class, it was no wonder that a significant portion of the artefacts exhibited some sort of magical taint – the use of obscure or poorly performed rituals were actually a frequently stated reason for the item to need some repair work. They did the best to protect themselves with both warding circles and protective spells, but the near constant exposure to the fell energies left their taint. Nothing obvious, no. The insidious corruption only revealed itself in their first daughter – Miranda.

For blood-red eyes, fully formed razor sharp teeth and a pointy tail were certainly not what one expected healthy halfling babies to have.

The pair was shocked and horrified at what their child was – a Tiefling, a creature tainted by evil itself. Yet they could not blame the young child for its predicament, they knew fully well that the responsibility lay solely with themselves and their line of work. Deciding to not risk exposing their young daughter to any more unhealthy influences the pair promptly packed up their business, sold their home and moved to Absalom within weeks of her birth. The market for their particularly brand of skills weren’t as highly treasured in the City at the Centre of the World and instead of highborn heirlooms they mostly refurbished goods scavenged from the Cairnlands. Nevertheless, they never regretted their decision: Miranda grew up quite normal, never succumbing to any thirst for chaos, mayhem and destruction (well, not more than normal for a growing child). She did however exhibit an uncanny connection to trinkets – with a mere touch they would sometimes whisper their secrets to her.

When Miranda came of age she had already developed a healthy curiosity for relics of ages past. When she helped out in her parents shop, it was always the oldest objects that had the best stories. Broken blades told tales of valour and cracked cups spoke of chilling betrayal. As such is came as no great surprise when she took her first job on an archaeological expedition undertaken in the Cairnlands to excavate the site of an old battle. On that line her life continued for a few years. Sometimes she worked alone or with just a few fellow scavengers, sometimes as part of a larger effort like her first expedition.

Then, one day she found her most curious finding yet. She was working for an old and decrepit mage together with a handful other hired hands. They didn’t know each other very well but quickly bonded over the campfire, complaining about their employer - the fervour and desperation of which the ancient wizard sought what was buried in the ground led him to enforce long days and few breaks. Worse yet, he refused to tell them exactly what they were looking for! Each time they found something he would come over, then mutter in disappointment. Until she found the box that was. It didn’t look like much – just a tiny metal cube with a stripe of faded parchment attached. Tired after a long day of work, she dutifully called over the withered man.

As she waited she examined the box – and as many times before she hear the item whisper. It showed her a spire so vast that it pierced the sky, so sharp and narrow that it couldn’t be the work of mortal hands. It showed her a large procession of featureless men and woman walking though the nothing towards the looming spire. Then, one of the forms stepped out of the line – laughed and turned his back on the spire. A shudder of confusion and jealousy the procession halted for a moment, turning to look. But in an instant, the man was gone and the procession continued their slow walk towards the inevitable.

The scene disappeared before her eyes, the box ripped out of her hands by their employer. Gleefully the old man laughed and retreated back into his tent. Disoriented and for once without the watchful eye of their employer, Miranda and the workers unanimously decided that the day was over and retreated back the camp. At the wake of dawn, they woke from the shrieks of the lookouts. Dazed and confused Miranda looked around before finding the intruder – a man wearing ancient robes standing in the middle of the camp, in front of their employer’s tent. Somehow she recognized him, she knew he was the man that the box had shown. The man flicked his wrist and the tent withered away – but it was empty and its former occupant long gone. With a soul-curdling shriek the man turned around and gazed into the camp, his empty sockets alight with eerie blue fire. The occasional risen skeleton or zombie was an occupational hazard she had long learned to deal with, but this was something different. Miranda turned her tail and ran, ran like she never had before, not stopping or looking back before she was inside the gatehouse of Absalom.

Lost and Found
She spent the following months looking over her shoulder every few moments, but she never saw those fiery eyes she feared again. But it took a long while before she dared to venture out into the Cairnlands again – long enough that she had to look around for another way to earn her keep. And after her last job, she would prefer to work for someone she knew wouldn’t ditch her in the middle of the night with an undead abomination. After some deliberation and briefly trying a number of more mundane, but less rewarding, professions she and an epiphany. If she was her own boss, she *knew* she could trust her boss! Thus “Miranda’s Lost and Found” was born, her very own detective service.

Putting her unique talents to use, she specialized in solving those harder missing person/break-ins that the ordinary watch had already given up on. Eventually, she would also start taking commissions to procure specific items again – but always with an extensive background check first. The city guard where proficient enough to solve many of the mundane crimes, so the ones moved over to her table frequently involved strange circumstances and almost supernatural phenomena’s. There were many times that the victims ramblings where dismissed as the ramblings of a madman, but considering what she herself had seen that terrible night – whom knew what lurked in the darkness?
After numerous cases Miranda felt that she had a pretty good, if bleak, picture.

The Box
Curiosity and a lingering feeling of dread kept Miranda to always come back and review her on case given time. She sneaked and bribed her way into many private and prestigious libraries, seeking lore on the undead and The Box. She had since long identified the Spire that The Box had shown her – it had an eerie resemblance to the Boneyard of Pharasma where the souls of the dead journeyed to their final judgement. But what became of that dreadful Box? And why did her former employer seek it with such zeal?

The Starstone fell from the sky beyond our world – now it rests within the most dangerous places in the known world. But imagine what stories it could share – of worlds beyond ours, of the ascension of gods!