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Cleansed With Fire

Welcome to GM Mindxing's Forged in Flame, Part 2: Cleased With Fire

Cleansed With Fire

Welcome to GM Mindxing's Forged in Flame, Part 2: Cleased With Fire

Cleansed With Fire

This is Forged in Flame, Part 1: The Cindersworn Pact for PBP Gameday VIII. Even though Gameday is only a single session, this game is for both parts. After we finish part 1 we'll move onto part 2 with the same players.

Please post the following in the Discussion thread.

Player/Forum Name:
Character's Name:
Class and Level:
PFS# (and dash):
Day job Roll (if any):
Any special things I should know about your character:

Feel free to start posting in the Gameplay thread -- just preliminaries though. The official game can't start until Gameday itself kicks off.

Cleansed With Fire

Forged in Flame, Part 1: The Cindersworn Pact

--- Paizo text ---
When an impossibly vile fiend proves too powerful to destroy, the forces of good often resort to banishing or sealing the villain away to be remembered only in fearsome legends. Less common are the instances in which wrongdoers bound benevolent titans and demigods, yet Society agents recently uncovered just such a prison. Few know how to unlock such a jail, much less locate the key. The Society has identified just such a sage: a disgraced efreeti who has sworn to share her priceless knowledge in exchange for the PCs' assistance. The Pathfinders travel to the cosmopolitan melting pot of Zjarra on the Plane of Fire, where they must fulfill the cruel genie's schemes—or find some other way to fulfill the deal.

Feel free to start posting character introductions. We won't be able to actually start until Gameday officially starts but I don't see any problem with getting to know each other. After all, we're all in this for two games in a row.

Any guidelines for rolling up a character?

This will be my very first Starfinder game. I've played plenty of Pathfinder first edition but I've not even read the Starfinder CRB. I'm planning to read through as much of the CRB as I can before PaizoCon but maybe you guys can give me a bit of advice on where to start.

Cleansed With Fire

This is the discussion thread.

Cleansed With Fire

The gameplay thread for [GM School]House of Harmonious Wisdom: Prophesy.

Hello, our GM for our Mummy's Mask seems to have disappeared so we are looking for a replacement. We are only on part 2 of the first book but the groups of players is all excited to stay together and keep going on the AP.

You can see the gameplay thread here

If you are interested please reply here or PM me.


I'm getting ready to start book one and, knowing my group, I'm anticipating one of the questions. Once they get out of Phaendar with a bunch of survivors they are almost certain to ask why they can't just abandon the survivors. They will see them as more mouths to feed and more people to take care of.

What is keeping the PCs from just bidding the survivors farewell and striking out on their own?

My son and I have spent a lot of time reviewing the CRB concerning the use of staves and we're still a bit confused. I'm hoping you guys can clear things up for us.

1) Who can use a staff?

I know that the CRB says that anyone can use spells from a staff as long as they have that spell on their class list. It seems that there isn't a level requirement since one example provided said that a level-3 paladin could use a staff that had higher level spells despite the fact that level-3 paladins can't cast (yet). But the fact that the staff spells were on the paladin class spell list meant that the paladin could use the staff. By extension, does this mean that a level-1 wizard can use a Staff of Power (all wizard spells on that) without restriction?

2) Recharging

I think we understand recharging well enough. You can recharge 1 spell per day in lieu of preparing a spell/slot that corresponds to the highest level of spell on the staff. This means that the level-1 wizard mentioned above wouldn't be able to recharge the Staff of Power because a level-1 wizard doesn't have any 6-level spell slots.

3) Using a staff as Arcane Bond

The CRB indicates that a wizard can have a staff as an arcane bond, at no cost. I find it hard to believe that this could be a magical staff (wizard's choice). Or am I wrong? Can a wizard pick any magical staff to start with as his/her arcane bond? Definitely seems OP to me.

Any clarification will be appreciated.

I'm going to work on a character for this in the next few days. Are there any guidelines on character builds (other than the PFS rules)?

I'm new to GMing so I'm a bit puzzled by a part of the Dragon's Demand module. I've read through the entire module and the main story line makes sense. I'm having trouble understanding the "side quests". In particular, the ones that have to do with making the Belhaim residents either friendly or hostile towards the PCs.

I didn't see anything explicitly stated in the module directing the PCs on how to do this so I'm guessing it's up to the GM. I would expect that PCs can make NPC more friendly to them by doing "good deeds" for them. Does that mean that the GM just makes up some simple tasks/mini-quests for the PCs? Or is it just a Diplomacy check that each PC rolls (that would be boring)?

As I said, I'm new to GMing so I'm just not sure the best way to proceed here. I keep feeling like I'm missing something...

Any advice would be appreciated.