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Happy holidays to everyone! Today i wanted to know the hivemind opinion about something i tought about recently.

Golarion has been described as a kitchen-sink kind of setting. This has some pretty big advantages for a TTRPG world. No matter what you like, from the gothic horror of Ustalav to the swashbuckling adventures of the Shackles, there is probably one place on Golarion that is just made to tell those kind of stories.

Unfortunately, this also means that there is at least one place on Golarion that was made for stories that do not interest you at all. The one place that is so boring, you could not imagine having an fun adventure in. The one place that you skip over in the lore books, the one that could be erased by Golarion entirely and you would not even notice.

For me, for example, that place is Brevoy. "Noble houses who are good with swords" does not hold my interest at all, especially when compared with its much more epic neighbours. I just can't imagine an adventure there that could not be made more interesting by moving it elsewhere, or even just creating a Brevic character that would be fun to play.

So, what's YOUR least favourite place in Golarion? As always, keep it civil and remember that your thrash may be someone else's treasure.

Hello hivemind. I am going to play a tiefling orc battle mistery oracle for an upcoming campaign and i am not sure about how to build my character. While the fantasy of the battle oracle is very appealing to me, the reality is that my TPC is quite low for a martial character. So i am not sure what combat style to use to counteract this weakness. So far my options are:

Khopesh/Shorsword with the Dual weapon fighter archetype. This would give me trip as an option while also allowing me to make more attacks at a lower penalty, increasing my chances to hit. It would also allow me to take Fiendish resistance at level 5.

Warhammer/Light Hammer with the Dual weapon fighter archetype. I cannot trip with them, only shove, but i can unlock the critical specialization effect at level 5.

Guisarme or Bo staff with the mauler archetype. This would be a pure tripping build. It would also be less synergic with the oracle curse, since i would most likely make only 1 attack every round instead of 2.

My master allows us a free dedication feat and i am going to play with a conjurer wizard, a tyrant champion, a bard and a swashbuckler. Do you think i am going to keep the pace with the others melee combatants in the party with the options i chose?

Hi, i have a doubt about the Fuse stance monk feat. It states that the monk can fuse 2 different stances into one, but they cannot do so if they have fundamentally incompatible requirements or restrictions, and uses Crane stance and Ironblood stance as an example. Does this mean that i can fuse all the stance that say "you can use this special unarmed attack", but not the ones that say ""you can use only this special unarmed attack"?

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During its many years of publishing, Paizo flled golarion with many interesting entities, both good and bad, but sadly only a few of them menaged to get under the spotlight in an adventure, a campaign or a companion book. So i ask you, what entities do you wish to see utilized and expanded in the future , both as antagonists and as allies of the PCs? What favourites of yours would you like to get more love in this edition? Those below are mine, i want to know yours.

Daemonic Harbringers in general:
This is probably the most underrated group of antagonists. They are all make for terrifying villains, and i wish to see their role expanded in more mature campaigns. Specifically, i want to see more of Diceid, Cyxiron, Corosbel, Laivatiniel and Osolmyr.

Diceid He introduces he threath of ecological collapse, one that is seldom seen in most fantasy works. Most fantasy worlds are always about to end for a myriad reasons, we know it, but villains that target the ecosystem itself are usually relagated to morality tales for children to show the benefits of enviromentalism. Diceid and his cultists have the potential to be the perfect villains for a much more mature take on this theme, perhaps for some nature-themed module or adventure path. Also, he has one of the most baddass titles in the game, so it just has to be utilized.

Cyxiron everyone favourite way to give firearm proficiency to their cleric would also allow the writers to explore the darker sides of progress. Golarion has always been more technologically advanced then most others high fantasy settings, and Cyxiron itself is proof of that. He would also be an excellent antagonist for anything set in the Mana Wastes, to reflect the darker sides of the hardened survivalists that inhabit those lands, people who are willing to do anyting to give just a bit more power to their trusted guns.

Laivatiniel This harbringer introduces some pretty mature themes to the game, but it is also on of the most suited for a psycoogical horror module,something that would leave the players chilled to the core. Laivatiniel is a creature of paradoxes, an embodiment of hate that has love and coddling, however twisted, as part of her domain. For that alone i believe she deserves a better exploration.

Corosbel is the ultimate bait and switch villain. Few tings are more powerful in the narrative than an heroic sacrifice done right, and few things are more devastating than learning that the heroic sacrifice actually helped your enemy. Also, he comes with a rivalry to Hanspur that could give some great plot hoooks in a morally grey adventure or module, and he is the perfect foil to the next entry on my list...

Lythertida I mean, her cults sounds like one that produces loads of martyrs. She would be perfect to insert in a campaign that relies heavily on the themes of idealism and practicality. She is a lord that sparks revolutions, but can her cult sustain them?

Black Butterfly Everyone favourite Empyreal Lord, she has been explored way more that the other entities on my list, but she and her cultists still have to make an official appearence. They would be perfect allies in an adventure focused on the threats that lurks between the stars.

All the Asura Ranas
They among the most philosophical villains in the setting, who are set apart form all the others by the fact that they really do have a point about the imperfection of the gods. They could make excellent villains in all sorts of adventure paths, and, given their lawful nature, their cults could even be used as somewhat trustworthy allies against cults of evil gods.