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Thebazilly wrote:
In my hardcover compilation version, it says this grate pit is "Stealth DC20 (expert), or 0 if the grate is open."

So now I have the hardcover compilation version, and I see that change. I've also noted two other changes from the booklet:

- they removed the two shadows in Smuggler's Refuge!
- they fixed the map issue in C20 (Hardcover F20) to block off the stairs so they only come down from B26.

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B2. Large Monster Holding. There's a Rusty Grate Pit (Hazard 6) with a Stealth DC 0.

Is that "Stealh DC 0" a typo?

I'm looking over the Building Hazards rules, and all of its stats seem to align with a Hazard 6 Low challenge, about the middle point of the range, so it would seem that a DC 20 would have been what would be expected.

I'm not saying I want a player to fall into the pit...but I really want a player to fall into the pit. :)

Grumpus wrote:

I don't understand the map of getting from C10 to D12.

On the map of level C if you take either side stair down you eventually will go down a central stair to the southeast.

But on the map of level D, you still see the 2 side stairways from c10, but now the central stair down goes northwest into d12. which is the opposite direction of what it show on map of level C.

I'm just going to say that the single staircase from C10 to D12 comes to another landing that has another pair of stairs on either side that circle back down to the area and connect with the two staircases on D12. It's the only way really to make those two maps connect, because you're right, those two designs as drawn don't connect at all!

I'm having the same issue with the stairs dropping down from C20 into C26, because the stairs start at B26 and go all the way down into the arena, but you also see stairs coming from C20 in the same spot. To solve this, I just blocked off the stairs at C20 and made the arena inaccessible from that observation deck.

Are tables going to be restricted to 5 players and a GM again this year?

Going to necro this, but has anyone noticed that in the Priest of Razmir stat bloc, under their ranged attack, it lists light crossbow +6. I went back and forth with the Priest's stats trying to figure out how they got +6, even going so far as to recreate the npc in Hero Lab, and it still came out only at +4.

+2 Base Attack Bonus
+2 Dex Bonus (Dex 15)

the crossbow isn't mwk, and the feats don't account for the extra +2 (Dodge, Imp. Shield Bash, Mobility, Shield Focus, 2-wpn fighting)

I'm stumped. Couldn't find any mention of it on Google or searching this site.

I like the Slayer theme, as this class fits pretty good with a fighter/rogue I've been roleplaying for years, starting with AOL's Neverwinter Night's gold box game. I rather like the way the Pregen is setup, although my guy uses a pair of short swords and throwing knives.

That's it exactly! I hadn't even considered that. Thank you very much. :)

So I was trying to make a level-by-level progression of the 7th level Slayer Pregenerated Character and I hit an issue that I can't resolve.

The # of feats for the 1st and 4th level Pre-Generated Slayer work out correctly. The 1st level Slayer gets two feats; one for 1st level (Iron Will), and one bonus for Human (Toughness).

The 4th level Slayer has five feats; two character advancement feats, Iron Will (1st) & Step Up (3rd), one bonus feat for being human (Toughness), and two slayer talents; Range Combat Style: Two-Weapon Combat (Two Weapon Fighting), and Rogue Talent: Combat Trick- Weapon Focus: kukri.

When you get to the 7th level pre-generated character, however, I can't see how he got 9 feats: Double Slice, Following Step, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Iron Will, Step Up, Step Up And Strike, Toughness, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (kukri).

His feat count progression should be as follows:
1 feat for Bonus Human (Toughness @ 1st)
4 feats for Character Advancement (Iron Will @ 1st, Step Up @ 3rd, Double Slice @ 5th, Following Step @ 7th)
3 for Slayer Talents (Ranger Combat Stype:Two Weapon Fighting @ 2nd, Rogue Talent Combat Trick: Weapon Focus Kukri @ 4th, Range Combat Style:Improved Two Weapon Fighting @ 6th)

I can't for the life of me see where that 9th feat (Step Up and Strike) is coming from.

Can anyone help clear this up for me?