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Due to lack of play from all 3 sections, I am officially closing the Siege of the Society. Thank you to all those who participated and I hope you will find other PbP!

Due to lack of posts, both through my group (with myself to blame as well) and through the other groups, I will unfortunately have to consider the closing of the Siege of the Society.

For those of you still interested, look to the Recruitment boards for I may very well have a new idea in mind (with a different and quicker paced scenario in mind).

Master of the Society
Matt Limoges

I seem to notice that Phoenix Battalion has not posted in quite a while. (Thank you Mr. Gundahar). Is everything going alright here?

Good job with your Outpost Map. I think I will begin using that as well, seems rather easy to update and everyone can check it.

Hassan Ahmed wrote:
Wishing you all the best, but here's to attrition rate!

I will let you know personally if a slot opens.

Gundahar Brandt wrote:

While it is not currently relevant, I was wondering if spell research / magic item creation will be permitted when characters reach an appropriate level.

I've been considering eventually taking tattoo magic. I would also enjoy the opportunity to tailor spells to suit character preferences or fill in gaps in the current spell lists.

Neither is game-breaking for me if barred, but both are something I would enjoy.

Put simply, yes. Up to what you can do is determined by your GM

Just checking, as no posts had been made since Sunday/

Is everything going alright over here people?

Note to Phoenix Battalion GM
Remember to track how many days have passed alright?

Ah the joys of the Adventurer's Armory.

Chimera Battalion is currently away. He should have returned by tomorrow.

No problem, glad you made it back. I had promised a place the last time so I hope you have with Chimera!

It's mentioned here and there, but you are essentially a touch above the common rank and file. Currently there is only lieutenants above you and then the commanders as the full force has been obstructed by a major storm. Climbing ranks is most definitely a part of this campaign.


Well that'd be akin to a masterwork tool, which would cost more again.


Just want to make sure everything's clear on the choices allowed here. You are allowing her to purchase the Pickpocket's Outfit from the Adventurer's Armory and allowing her a Ninja-To. This weapon is to have the exact same stats as a short sword and have secret compartments in the scabbard. However, this scabbard already exists here. Simply add the price of a normal blowgun to it and I'd say it's fair. In the end though, this decision lies with your GM.

As well, what's with the +2 to 2 stats?

Please do not post here unless asked to otherwise.

Monkeygod wrote:
What does those stats mean under the main section, things like Corruption, Society, Qualities etc?

Those are simply parts of Settlement Creation in Pathfinder. They're there for certain rolls the Onslaught will have to make.

Added a description of Onslaught Harbor to the Campaign Info section. It's quite important.

As a homemade campaign situated in a small location, deities have not exactly been specified.

Instead, clerics gain domains from their beliefs.

Your heretic inquisitor could be on the run from the Society's dark master though it would make more sense for him to be against the common deities of the realm (unnamed as of now). Nevertheless, it would likely make Bishop Alivanda see you in a not so brilliant light. Caseen would probably take your side though.

Nevertheless, be sure to check with your GM (Chimera) when you make these choices.

Actually you're not that far off. While a complete description of God's Throne is for the moment impossible as Onslaught scouts, both land and air have yet to make it past the major defenses.

What you know of God's Throne so far
Formerly the nation of Saravelle, God's Throne was renamed when The Society overthrew the former royal family and took the land for its own. Within a matter of days, the ranks of The Society seemed to swell as members came forth from seemingly everywhere.

By way of magic and who knows what else, walls, fortresses, former towns and pretty much every part of the region was changed to be of use to the Society. Forests began being harvested. Caverns and mountains mined. Settlements turned into walled fortresses. Armed ships began patrolling the waterways and lakes. In short, an entire country became a war machine.

And the former capital of the region is now known as the Crucible, the Society's innermost sanctum. No Onslaught soldier has ever even made it close to reaching it yet, let alone infiltrate its darkened walls and barricades.

Onslaught Harbor rests just at the mouth of God's Throne, bordered by the sea on one side, and God's Throne on the other. With nowhere to run, the Onslaught has nowhere else to go but forward into enemy territory.

As for geographical features, the region is of temperate climate and is a fair mixture of forests, hills, plains, mountain ranges surrounding the region and a few marshes. Some of the peaks of the mountains are almost arctic in climate however, while a high level of geothermic activity heats many of the caverns below.

Probably a good idea. I'll be posting important information here every so often.

Campaign Background
Where are our headquarters?
The Battalions are all currently stationed at the only entrance currently into The Society's region of God's Throne, in the remains of a former small town now turned into a veritable production line for battle. Known simply as Onslaught Harbor, the headquarters sits at the edge of the Stormbound Sea and ships come in from around the world to give support to the already beleaguered soldiers there. While there are many more common file soldiers, the real power of the Onslaught lies within the three Battalions currently formed. Further reinforcements and supplies have been hampered by fierce storms and horrible weather coming in from the sea.

Who's in charge?
The current leader of the Onslaught is Commander Wilheim Valshale (N male human cavalier (tactician) 12) and his two closest allies; Bishop Alivanda of Silverleaf (NG female elf cleric (Healing, Tactics Domains) 10) and Caseen Belidel (NE male half-elf rogue 8/assassin 2). These three form the command of the Onslaught.

What's our organization?
The Onslaught is an alliance of anyone who wishes to stand against the Society's might. While countless hundreds of thousands have been killed in Society's past ravages, those who still possess the will to fight have gathered under the Onslaught's banner to take down The Society at all costs.

Why are we fighting against the society?
Dedicated solely to bringing about the apocalypse and sacrificing the world to their dark master, The Society are an organization composed of all those who seek the end of times. They harness whatever will further their goals and reports of armies of men, undead, beasts, savage dragons and of everything from lycanthropic assassins to troll guards have led the Onslaught to start preparing for everything and anything.

What can we expect?
As the elite of the Onslaught, you will be faced with missions ranging from infiltration and sabotage to open warfare with troops and siege weapons and assailing specific locations.

Those are storyline questions and should be directed to the core discussion so everyone can see. I'll add the answers to your question to the Discussion thread over there.

You can never have enough pets, companions, familiars, hired thugs, summoned beasties and invoked demons I say!

Well, it's closed to new people. Feel free to post there or under discussion. As to character change I don't think it should be a problem but it will be up to Chimera GM. PM him if you need a faster answer.

The original post was guidelines. Each GM has individual tastes and preferences.

It'd be nice to begin preferably by this weekend so we can get this going. Who knows how long the Society will stand?

Fine by me. You may forego the Infernal Bastard trait. Hope this helps your character concept!

Tieflings as a race are rather powerful and the Infernal Bastard trait is recommended to balance them out. If Chimera would prefer to allow otherwise it is up to him from now on.


Finally, the time has come to join the ranks of the Siege! Applications are now closed for all places and all characters are invited to join their respective campaign threads.

For: Mihajlo Velickovic, Alex Martin and Gundahar Brandt, you have been assigned one each to the seperate battalions. See Below please.

As we have 15 potential characters, each battalion will have 5 players instead of the aforementioned 4.

The 3 GMs are Chimera Squadron GM, Phoenix Squadron GM and myself who will finally be in charge of Dragon Squadron GM as well as taking care of the Core Hub.

At the bottom of this post you will find your battalion assignments as well as the link to the discussion page of that campaign thread. As soon as all 5 players have signed in, completed their characters and gotten the approval of their respective GMs, each GM will begin their Campaign.

Rules and Regulations
As this is an experimental campaign and there are 3 different groups taking part in the same overall adventure, please be patient. It will help us immensely.

As well, each GM plays a certain way and not every way is the same. Be advised that your assigned GM will give you the rundown on how he will run his part of the campaign as well as any requests and forms he wishes you to follow.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend that all players return to the first post of this thread to read the rules again there.

Questions pertaining to the Campaign Storyline, Background, etc as a whole are to be directed to the Core Hub's Discussion page. Questions regarding to your own campaign (adventure, current mission, etc) are to be directed to your own thread.

All three GMs can answer questions to the best of their ability, but as the creator and lead GM, some questions may best be answered by myself.

Final Battalion Assignations
Chimera Battalion
Agota's Cleric
flyikiller's Wizard (Siege Mage)
Xzaral's Gunsligner
monkeygod's Ninja
Alex Martin's Sorcerer

Phoenix Batallion
DoctorBone's Oracle (Life)
Casey Hudak's Conjurer
Sir Manfred's Cavalier
imirtl's Archer (Ranger or fighter)
Gundahar Brandt (Void Mage)

Dragon Battalion
Doctor Ruby Redhat (Cleric)
Brass Pigeon's Tengu Witch
Sir Vorag Tsugo (Cavalier (Honor Guard, Order of the Dragon))
Victor Or'Zet's Paladin
Mihajlo Velickovic (unfinished character)

I wish you all the best and good luck! The Society stands resolute behind their captured region's walls and fortresses. Who knows what vile plots boil and brew? What armies do they amass? Which evil deity assists them in their task? Which battalion will lead the final charge to the innermost sanctum of God's Throne? Play, and we will see!

Matt Limoges, Master of the Society

Characters in Phoenix Battalion
DoctorBone's Oracle (Life)
Casey Hudak's Conjurer
Sir Manfred's Cavalier
imirtl's Archer (Ranger or fighter)

Characters of Chimera Battalion
Agota "Punch" Rockgroin (Cleric)
Vayden (Gunslinger)
Linard Toivan (Siege Mage)
Monkeygod's Character (Ninja *subject to change*)

Gundahar Brandt wrote:
I would like to present myself for consideration

Your character seems fine. Welcome to the siege my friend.

Feel free to ask any questions you have regarding any topic in general. If the question is related to your own Battalion or for your Battalion GM please post in your own Battalion discussion page.

imimrtl wrote:
Would you be ok with the character taking a rank in craft bows and paying half price for a mighty composite longbow that he crafted?

Personally I'd prefer that starting equipment be paid in full. Simply for fairness. From here on though, feel free to craft to your heart's content.

Alex Martin wrote:

So are there any spots left? Looked like you were full up at this point.

Good luck to all.

As you and another person have indeed shown interest, I will open up Titan Battalion. You may create your character and submit it for approval.

Now hiring on 2 more players and one last GM

Sir Vorag Tsugo wrote:

Here is Nimon's Cavalier. Honor Guard of the Order Dragon.

Everything looks in order for now. I do believe that that image may already be used by another player. If it is, I will ask one of you to change it later on.

For now, welcome to the Siege! We will let you know when everything begins.

EDIT: You've also been tentatively placed in Dragon Battalion.

Ixiomar Voralius III wrote:
Would you mind if my character's noble house had some connection to the Society, and the Society's betrayal is what led to their destruction? I think it would be an interesting way to give my character strong motivation for striking against the Society.

Many noble families of Saravelle (the region now controlled by the Society) joined the Society when they formed and some refused and were destroyed. You are free to imagine your backstory.

imimrtl wrote:
I think I'm going to go with an Archer, not sure if switch hitting ranger or fighter. Also not 100% on race.

Ranger might be a good choice. Their tracking ability and companion may come in handy in the long run.

Added you to the register, welcome to the Siege!

Agota "Punch" Rockgroin wrote:
Master of the Society wrote:
Any precise archetypes and domains? In the meantime I'll green light your character and you to the register as well.
No archetype, and Healing and Protection for domains. I'll do up a character sheet proper tonight.

Perfect, you've been added to the register. Welcome to the Siege!

Important Update
If enough players show interest, I am willing to open up a 4th Squadron, the Titan Battalion, of which I will take control. It will join Phoenix, Chimera and Dragon Battalion on the field of battle.

Gundahar Brandt wrote:
I would like to apply, but will not have time to write my background until for several more hours.

Unfortunately, all 12 of our character slots are currently occupied. 2 of them are unconfirmed yet so if you wish, you may create your character and if any slots open up, I'll let you know.

We are still missing a GM slot though.

Doctor Ruby Redhat wrote:

Doctor Ruby Redhat here with his Riding dog Boris.

And here is an image of

Doctor Ruby Redhat

Love the character and I believe you're our only gnome. Added to register.

All character slots are now taken. We still require 1 last Assistant GM

Xzaral wrote:

Here's a rough outline so far. Everything is most definitely subject to change still. I decided to stick with human, take Rapid Shot at 3rd and Deadly Aim as 4th level bonus feat. Not sure beyond that as of yet. I am open to any suggestions of course.


Looks great so far. I believe you've already been added to the register so that's it then.

Current Register

Assistant GM
- Chimera Squadron GM

currently in the process of hiring on our second Assistant (Jarred Henninger)

2 unconfirmed character

- Xzaral's Gunslinger
- Casey Hudak's Conjurer
- Nimon's Cavalier (Honor Guard, Order of the Dragon)
- Sir Manfred's Cavalier (Order Undecided)
- Victor Or'Zet's Paladin
- DoctorBone's Oracle (Life)
- Agota's Cleric (Domains undecided)
- monkeygod's Ninja
- flykiller's Wizard (Siege Mage)

- imimrtl (unconfirmed character)
- Brass Pigeon (Oracle, Magus or Witch)

That leaves one open GM slot, and one open Player slot.

Brass Pigeon wrote:

I'd love to join!

Basic character idea for now:
Name:Neerwyn Coppertail
Race: Tengu
Class/Archetype: undecided, first thought was an Oracle but maybe a Magus or a Witch because I haven't played those before.
Fluff: coming up

While an Oracle has already been enlisted, an oracle of a different focus than life would be fine as are magi and witches. Let me know when you make your decision.

Nimon wrote:

Did you post the Google doc and I missed it? I was thinking Half-Orc Cavalier, possibly Honor Guard Archetype, order of the Dragon. I would take a leadership/caster body guard position in the group. With out knowing the world I was hesitant to put out race ect just yet so hope that works.

I believe I accidentally skipped your post my friend. My apologies. The Google Document will be finalized when everyone is chosen and the campaign begins at it is only the basic homebrew rules and posting policies as well as the gazetteer of discovered locations.

On the other hand, your character concept is great, so welcome to the register!

flykiller wrote:

I'm definitely not asking for spoilers, just wanted to check what type of characters would be more fitting to the adventure.

Since there are going to be siege weapons, I'd like to try and submit Linard Toivan, an artillerist originally done for a Skulls and Shackles game.
** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

I don't want to spoil too much but we're also all GMs here who can fit in player characters into the storyline. And yes, there are most definitely siege weapons. Though the degree of how often you'll be using them is to be determined, there's plenty of ways to include them.

Green light and welcome to the register.

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