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Will this order possibly go out with my subscription order and credit the shipping associated with #2903460?

Can you please check order #2903460 to see why it's still pending. These mats are now available in stores. Ordered and paid 11/20. Thanx in advance.

I wish I was there!!!

Another opportunity for including a promo card... hint hint :o)

ViolentNny wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
If you mean the Pathfinder Adventure Game promo card that comes in this issue, that card (not the entire magazine) will be sent to PACG subscribers along with the December release.
Sorry, what I meant was.. if you bought the issue with the sidecart option, as I did, will the issue be sent along with Pack 2 in Oct or in Dec with pack 3? (Speaking of that, when is pack 2 being shipped?)

Not quite clear...

I'm a PACG subscriber. Not a Game Trade Magazine subscriber.
Will I receive this Promo card without doing anything? Or do I need to add Issue #165 to my cart?

It was nice to see cards that ADD the Adventure # to their strength to increase them as you progress.

Just to add another vote: I'd print the PDFs to place in my sleeves with the original card. Then pay for corrected reprints.