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Full Name

Marcus Samuel


| HP 150/150| AC 38 T 23 FF 29 | CMB +17, CMD 38 | F: +20, R: +22, W: +16 | Init: +15 | Perc: +32 (33 vs surprise / 34 vs traps)


| Speed 30ft | Trap Spotter | Burning Hands 1/1 Active conditions: None


Male Ifrit; Fighter (Unbreakable) 1/Rogue (Unchained) 4/ Pain Taster 10







Strength 12
Dexterity 28
Constitution 18
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 16
Charisma 10

About Marcus Samuel

Marcus Samuel
Fighter (Unbreakable) 1/Rogue (Unchained) 4/ Pain Taster 10
CN Medium Humanoid (Ifrit); Outsider (Native)
Init +15; Senses Perception +32*, Darkvision 90 ft
Fame 67; Prestige 32
AC 38, touch 23, flat-footed 29
HP 150
Fort +20, Ref +22, Will +16

Speed 30 ft.
Melee +5 Whip +31/+26/+21 1d3+14; +1 Whip (small) +25/+20+15 1d2+10
Space 5 ft.; Reach 10 ft
Special Attacks Sneak Attack +7d6; Debilitating Strike; Masochism
Spell-Like Abilities Burning Hands

Str 12, Dex 28, Con 18, Int 15, Wis 16, Cha 10

Base Atk +14; CMB +17; CMD 38

Feats Combat Expertise; Combat Reflexes; Fast Healer; Fey Foundling; Gang Up; Great Fortitude; Iron Will; Skill Focus (Perception)

Bonus Feats Diehard; Endurance; Improved Whip Mastery; Weapon Finesse; Weapon Focus (Whip); Whip Mastery

Traits Cosmic Caravan (The Wagon); Indomitable Faith

Languages Common, Aklo, Azlanti, Ignan, Necril


Blood Control; Reduce Bleed by 10; Reduce Con damage from blood loss by 5; Will save to delay poison onset by 10 min equal to poison DC
Cruelty; +5d6 sneak attack with a whip
DR 5/-
DR 10/Lethal
Danger Sense; +1 Perception vs surprise
Dark Vision 90 ft
Disciple of Torment; +2 Con
Disciple of Vigor; +2 Str
Fire in the Blood; Gain fast healing 2 for 1 round after taking fire damage
Masochism; +4 on saves vs pain; Swift action 8 damage to self for +2 to hit and +5 to damage for 1 rd
Pain Mastery; Can maintain 2 pain routines
Sadism; 1/2 damage to self from Masochism after hitting w/ Cruelty
Sneak Attack; +2d6
Torturer's Mettle; Swift action gain 10 temp hp for 1 min 3/day
Trap Spotter; Automatic chance to find traps within 10 ft
Trapfinding; +2 to find or disable traps
Uncanny Dodge; Keep Dex to AC when flat-footed
Wildfire Heart; +4 Initiative
Wretched Pain; DC 20, Immediate action, When hit with sneak attack save or nauseated for 1 rd; If save is made sickened for 1 rd and immune for 24 hrs

Skills Acrobatics +18; Disable Device +35; Escape Artist +19; Heal +11; Intimidate +8; Knowledge (Local) +20; Linguistics +6; Perception +32*; Ride +12; Sleight of Hand +12; Stealth +12, Use Magic Device +18

Combat Gear +5 Whip; +1 Whip (small); +4 Darkwood Heavy Wooden Shield; Celestial Armor

Magic Gear Amulet of Natural Armor +2; Bead of Newt Prevention; Belt of Incredible Dexterity +6; Cloak of Resistance +5; Eyes of the Eagle; Feather token (tree) x2; First Aid Gloves (10 ch); Handy Haversack; Headband of Mental Prowess +4 (Int [Knowledge Local, Use Magic Device], Wis); Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic; Ioun Stones (Clear Spindle, Dusty Rose, Dusty Rose [cracked], Pale Green Prism [cracked, attack], Pale Green Prism [cracked, saves]; Pathfinder Pouch; Potion of CLW x3; Potion of Fly; Potion of Gaseous Form; Ring of Maniacal Devices; Ring of Protection +3; Sash of the War Champion; Talisman of Life's Breath (lesser) x2; Talisman of Freedom, Lesser; Traveler's Any Tool; Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 ch); Wand of Cure Light Wounds (9 ch); Wayfinder

Mundane Gear Acid x2; Alchemist's Fire x2; Alkali Flask; Fancy Belt; Diamond Scrunchie; Holy Water x2; Jeweled Piercing x4; Liquid Ice; Elaborate Self-harm blade x2; Necklace; Ring x6; MW Thieves' Tools; Weapon Cord; 10,153 g

Vanities Porter
Special Abilities

Disciple of Pain:

At 1st level, a pain taster can focus her agony through the use of six torture routines. Each routine grants her a different day-long benefit.

The first time a pain taster performs a particular torture routine, she must spend 1 hour inflicting self-harm using materials that cost 2,000 gp. The method of self-torture is detailed in the routines below. After performing a routine for the first time, she can subsequently perform a less strenuous version of that routine to gain its benefits for 24 hours without needing to expend any further money on torture implements, ritual incense, and pain heightening drugs.

If the pain taster wishes to change her routine, she must spend 2,000 gp when first performing the new ritual. She must pay this cost each time she changes her routine, even if returning to a routine she had previously paid for. A pain taster can benefit from only one routine at a time.


At 1st level, a pain taster becomes empowered by pain, and is inured to its effects. She receives a +4 class bonus on saving throws made against pain effects.

Additionally, a pain taster can deal lethal damage to herself at any time to gain a bonus on attack and damage rolls. Doing so is a swift action that deals 2 points of damage to the pain taster, does not require an attack roll, and bypasses any damage reduction the pain taster possesses. For 1 round, the pain taster gains a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and a +2 bonus on damage rolls.

Every 3 levels thereafter (4th, 7th, and 10th), the amount of damage the pain taster deals to herself increases by 2 and the resulting bonus she receives on damage rolls increase by 1 (to a maximum of 8 points of self-inflicted damage and 5 points of bonus damage to other targets at 10th level). At 7th level, the bonus on attack rolls gained when using this ability increases to +2.

DR 5 / -

DR 10 / lethal

Blood Control:

At 3rd level, the pain taster gains the ability to control the blood pressure throughout her body.

Anytime the pain taster is dealt bleed damage, she reduces the amount of damage taken by 1 per pain taster level (minimum 0). When taking Constitution damage as a result of blood loss (such as a stirge or a vampire’s bite), a pain taster reduces the amount of ability damage dealt by an amount equal to half the pain taster’s class level (minimum 0).

As an immediate action, a pain taster can delay the onset of injury or contact poisons by succeeding at a Will save. The DC of this check is equal to the poison’s save DC. If the save is successful, the poison’s initial and secondary damage are both delayed by 1 minute per pain taster level.

Torturer's Mettle 3/day:

At 3rd level, a pain taster can gain a number of temporary hit points equal to her pain taster level as a swift action. These temporary hit points last for 1 minute. This ability is a swift action that can be used once per day at 3rd level and an additional time per day every 3 levels thereafter (6th and 9th).

Cruelty +5d6:

At 2nd level, a pain taster gains the sneak attack ability, but only when using a whip. This additional damage stacks with any sneak attack damage she possesses from other classes. The amount of damage dealt by cruelty increases by 1d6 every 2 pain taster levels thereafter.

Pain Mastery:

At 5th level, when using her masochism ability, the pain taster can combine two of her daily routines into one. The pain taster must still self-inflict the combined amount of hit point damage for both routines, though she can perform both routines simultaneously in 1 hour. When she does so, she gains the benefits from both routines (a pair of +2 enhancement bonuses). To gain access to a second routine for the first time or to change out one of the paired routines, the pain taster must still perform the new routine’s initial torture session in full, and must pay the cost for it.


At 9th level, a pain taster becomes worked into a frenzy when dealing damage to other targets. When she deals bonus damage to a target using her cruelty ability, she halves the number of points of damage she must self-inflict as part of her masochism ability until the end of her next turn.

Trap Spotter: Automatic chance to spot traps if within 10 ft

Finesse Training, Whip: Weapon Finesse and DEX to damage with a whip

Trapfinding: +1/2 level to find and disable traps. Able to disable magical traps.

Evasion: If successful on a REF for 1/2 damage, instead take none

Danger Sense: +1 AC and REF vs traps. +1 perception to avoid being surprised by a foe

Sneak Attack +2d6

Debilitating Injury: Apply Bewildered, Disoriented, or Hampered on a sneak attack

Uncanny Dodge

Shard of Greed: +1 to hit

Shard of Greed: +2 vs transmutation