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I have not posted previously and will regret posting now but,
You had every right to ask to see the player's sheets. It is not being nit-picky to expect players to follow the rules of PFS. And for a player to say that the game is stupid because they can't follow the very basic steps to playing it by the rules tells me they lack maturity.
I've looked over a player's character sheets or ITS on occasion, generally when I see something suspect like having a Flaming weapon at level 2 (seen that one three times, same mistake made every time) or when they can't answer basic questions like "What kind of armor are you wearing?" Just recently, in doing so, I saw so many mistakes that it would have been easier to hand him a pregen than to fix it. I did neither. I told him to have it fixed for next time, confirmed that his stats were about what they should be and moved on.