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BigNorseWolf wrote:

That just means that the vanguard sundering isn't very good, not that sundering doesn't work. Try a large unwieldy weapon made of adamantine and run it again.

The problem isn't that it doesn't work so much that you're wrecking your own loot.

It still seems like there would be a problem with hp, cuz even assuming you get adamantine weapons (which is feasible at mid-levels if you're prepared to pay out a bit extra) you still have to face the 5+3*lvl hp.

Which by 10nth lvl is 35 hp.
According to my maths you still would need to attack a lvl 10 item (with me running this with a lvl 11 advanced melee weapon with 4d8dmg) about 6.25 times. yikes. Another note, adamantine's "ignore hardness" thing only works up to 30 hardness, meaning that once you hit lvl 13 your adamantine items don't even work any more. (cuz the hardness reaches 5+2x(13)= 31)

On another note, I take your point about destroying loot, I just would have hoped this could be slightly more viable. (otherwise my party may as well try and kidnap a rust monster instead)

Xenocrat wrote:
The DC would be atrocious, no Dex bonus.

That's why it would have to be grenades, because if it aimed for an intersection then I seem to remember the ac is only 5.

Tim Emrick wrote:
The AoN entry for computer interface omits the Core Rulebook reference (page 215) for command modules that appears in the original text printed in the Armory. See this page on AoN about control modules.

Thank you so much! this is exactly what I needed.

That tells me I could make a grenade launcher build and use the computer to fire off grenades for free the first time I take damage each round.
It may only have an attack bonus of like +2/+3 but that's enough to hit an ac of 5 most of the time.

I was just reading the info for the "computer interface" armour upgrade, and I noticed that it specifies that a computer interface can hooked up to weapons and tools which are part of the armour, "subject to the normal limitations of control modules." Please send help! I have been looking for these "limitations" and cannot find any that would interact with tools or weapons at all. Am I missing something?