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So... when is there going to be errata for this book?

I especially feel like the Psychic Discipline under Rivethun needs some serious clarification...

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I really want so stuff for the Realm of Dreams. Also, that it gives the psychic and other occult classes some love.

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I'm hoping the Plane of Dreams, that could make for a real interesting city

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When will there be a supplement for Psychics and Psions?

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(Looks at cover picture)

(Takes a harder look at larger version of cover picture)

*Smiles* I see what you did there, Christina Olszewski. A very nice little Shoutout indeed (I especially like that he's a halfling, it somehow makes it look all the more badass).

Keep up the good work Dreamscarred, I know plenty of psionics fans who took one look at Occult Adventures and tossed it out a window.

Also, will we be seeing a collected volume of Psionics Augmented Occult?

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Looks at description: Fight Krampus !?! A cthulhu-oid player race! A non-third-party Canine race!


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Lord Mhoram wrote:
2ndGenerationCleric wrote:
Pretty sure they said 7 to start, but there's gonna be a bunch of archetypes
Yeah, the core PF book didn't have archetypes, so that really does expand the 7 out some - especially when they said that Mystic could sit in for a head-explody psychic type. I expect some "Archeologist" level archetypes that really change how the class is used out of this.

The Mystic could be psychic? Awesome!

...Now that I think about it, isn't D&D playtesting a psionic class called Mystic?

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Darkbridger wrote:

A droid that makes frequent use of the term "meatbag"

Someone that carries a miniature giant space hamster as a pet/familiar
At least one character that wears a brown coat
A reincarnated character that carries a sonic screwdriver, wears a scarf and has a companion named K-9

Bite my shiny metal ass

Go for the eyes/beer Boo
Where my brown coats at?

But in all seriousness, I think I'd like to play a psychic android able to connect to the internet/outernet/information-magic-highway with my mind.

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I can't find the preview pdf, has it not been posted yet?

On an unrelated note, this product sounds awesome! I've been looking for a way to incorporate DragonMech into pathfinder and/or play Pacific Rim in pathfinder, and this could be a potential answer!

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Lost Spheres Publishing wrote:
Mangaholic13 wrote:
Can anyone tell me if this is worth the money? I am loving what this book is promising but fearful that it won't meet my expectations.

Mangaholic13, as that this is our first Work-in-Progress, people may have a difficult time answering this question as of yet. But we thought perhaps we could give you a status up date to help you make the decision on whether or not purchase at this time is right for you.

The WIP stands currently at 3 pdf releases. The mythic paths for Herald and Wielder both of which add to the body of the paths we introduced in our 2014 release mythic paths.

The Spells of Boon and Burden initial release is also available in its initial release and adds spell options for psychic casters to make them specialists in two new magical focuses in addition to the roles already available in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures book. A small number of equivalence spells allows psychics to manage conditions and grants unique control options to classes like mesmer. The product adds over 100 spell options to psychic casters.

The page count for the next release (Originally called Psychic Paths, now named Liminal Power) has doubled from its initial projection and includes dozens of new feats, several prestige classes and some of the first rules for reconciling psionic and psychic multiclass characters. We are targeting initial release for April for this pdf.

The fifth and final pdf includes new psionic powers for planar interactions and multiclass characters. We are targeting early summer for that release.

A final compilation file will be released after that with any errata and end user feedback we have encountered worked in. Individual files will also be updated at that time.

At current we are committed to 100% original artwork and unfortunately this drives our costs up substantially and slows down releases.

We hope this helps with any decision you need to make and appreciate your interest.

Thank you very much LSP. Not only does this sell me on buying it, but I hope that your response convinces others to purchase Book of Beyond.

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Can anyone tell me if this is worth the money? I am loving what this book is promising but fearful that it won't meet my expectations.

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Here's hoping for some more options for Psychics and psychic magic in general. Maybe some more undercast spells?

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I think this webpage might help with dog familiars:

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I hope medium gets some new options for spirits to channel; it seem like the official version got a bit of a raw deal when compared to the playtest version.