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Hey all, I'm running CC now and that has been great while school was going on but we are yearning to get back into homebrew land so after CC my group and I are heading into my new world with intention of a 1-20 campaign there. I want to start characters with lower ability scores and give ability increases every even level instead of 4,8,12, and so on. I want to show a bigger progression and spice things up a bit. My question is..

With odd level increases to abilities how would you generate stats?

((Sorry for the inconvenience if this should have been in house rules))

Lo' there brewers! I am crafting my next world after years of playing in the last. What I beg of you, those willing to share, is your names and ideas. Be they gods, countries, cities, mountain ranges, rivers, armies, or villains let's share what we have and build better worlds!
(( I'm at work till late but will post my own when I'm home))

i really don't care about being super man just passable is good enough for me.

quickly, PCs are chasing a group of GOV. toughs and their boss who have taken the leader of a resistance movement, they were heldup in a empty warehouse attacked by tengu, found the entrence in the floor followed and passed up the alcove(?), followed the tunnel to other end(temple dist. within walls of capital city), came back to alcove found secret door and...the night ended.

dungeon could be the prison or ???. im open to the coolness.

switch hitter ranger
Zen Archer
twin dagger fighter(FO-rogue)
archer druid w/ wolf
cleric (healing/law)


Im moving away from the old and towards the new, whats useful?

...and I want to give them the feeling I had when I started playing. Advice?

I've got some rule changes for a new campaign I'm starting in a few months and would dig your advice. they are as follows...

1) TWF feat string: 2 feats buys the lot and progresses with BAB
+1-double slice
+6-improved TWF
+11-greater TWF
2) shield string: 2 feats buys the lot and progresses with BAB
+1-improved shield bash
+6-shield slam
+11shield master

3) bow string: 2 feats buys the lot and progresses with BAB
BAB+0-point blank shot
+1-rapid shot
+3-precise shot
+6-many shot

4)point buy at 20pts but get an additional 5pts at 4,8,12,and 16th LVL

5)ability scores will top out at 20 for all demi-human races. I think i have been running long enough to make up for this power change with adjusting CR more to my style of play.

6)no ability score buff spells save bears STR though it becomes a 3rd LVL spell.

7)all classes get +2 skill points at 1st LVL.

8)HP are max at 1st and then 75%(round up) at following levels.

There will be more but here is a start. keep in mind this is my world.
Thanks in advance

My chosen 1st lvl spells
(with 18 INT)
0-lvl-all in spellbook

0-lvl-detect magic, daze, prestidigitation memorized

1st-lvl-color spray, sleep, cause fear, protection from evil, identify, mage armor, ray of enfeeblement in spellbook.

1st-lvl-sleep, mage armor memorized.

what about you guys?