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Mr Jacket Potato wrote:
Using Hawkmoon's fantastic template and artwork from the Community Use Package my wife made Character Sheets for all the missing decks. She has posted them over at boardgamegeek - Hell's Vengeance 1, Hell's Vengence 2, Hunter Class Deck, Magus Class Deck, Occult Adventures 1, Occult Adventures 2, Pathfinder Tales, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Equipment, Ultimate Intrigue, Ultimate Magic.

I wish to sincerely thank you for making these sheets. It has really been getting me down that Paizo has continued to ignore the creation of a few PDFs. Thank you so much.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Hawkmoon269 wrote:
For those interested, there are usually some people that post updates from the banquet pretty much in real time, particularly Painlord. I'll post a link to their thread when the banquet starts if you want to find out the news but can't be there.
As promised.
I'm also making a list that gleans the info for PACG. You can find it here

Do you know if the date the character deck pdfs will be released will be revealed at the convention?

Johnny Chronicle wrote:
Marnok wrote:
Nephew was thinking of getting the Magic class deck, but we won't get anything until there are printable sheets! This is costing you money Paizo!! An actual buck oh five.
And if you don't throw in your buck oh five, who will?

So is the only explanation we've gotten so far that somebody broke their leg at Paizo back in January of 2018 and, prior to that, the process for creating this was "haphazard"? Could uploading the new cards in PDF format be more than, say, a day's work? Two? Three?

gavin kerr wrote:
Can we get some kind of update on the timeline as to when character sheets will be available?

I would like this as well please.