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Absolutely incredible. Quick question though-the I'm assuming the Elf Bard favored class option should be the same as the Gnome and Half-Elf option, not the same as the Elf Fighter option?

Wow. Bastards of Erebus really got me, but after reading The Sixfold Trial I'm cursing Paizo for making The Savage Tide so good that I don't want to just kill my party and start running CoT.

PC: Quilexliessus NG Wild Elf Ranger 5/Scout 6
Adventure: The Lightless Depths
Location: Laograt
Catalyst: Three Troglodyte Clerics, Three Searing Lights

Description: Our group had just picked back up after a year+ hiatus (thank you grad school.) Momentarily forgetting the six or seven previous deaths in STAP, I decided that Laograt would have at least three clerics. The party's assault on the village was going well until these clerics positioned themselves for a good shot on Lex. Oh yeah, one of the rays was a critical.

PCs: Rodel, NG Human Sorcerer 1/Wizard 5/Ultimate Magus 6; Manauia, NG Olman Cleric 12; Saur, N 1/2 Elf Druid
Adventure: The Lightless Depths
Location: Holashner's Ziggurat
Catalyst: Full frontal assault on the ziggurat

Description: After a valiant attempt to set up the battlefield with a Wall of Fire, Saur, Toctli (Barbarian 11/Totemic Demonslayer 1), and a newly resurrected Lex hurried forth to battle the hordes pouring from the walls. Manauia and Rodel stayed behind and produced no ranged weapons, singling themselves out as spellcasters. Eight Lightning Bolts from the nagas did little to the frontline fighters, but seriously wounded the casters. When setting the monsters up,I had altered the nagas' 3rd level spells slightly, replacing Displacement with Fireball (honestly, I did this to try to make the fight easier-the party is good about spelling up with energy protections but they have a hard time hitting things.) After seeing that the casters were alone, well, it's improbable that a Cleric and a Wizard are going to make eight reflex saves, and they didn't.

After realizing that a full frontal assault was a bad idea, the remaining members decided to retreat. Saur had been dealing out death as a dire bear, but was taking a beating and decided to escape as a hawk. Only one naga made her spot check, but that was enough. Lightning Bolt 1, Hawk 0.

Thoughts: The Sea Wyvern has a cleric aboard with a scroll of Word of Recall, conveniently to Sasserine, and Rodel has plenty of teleportation magic, so a regroup and restore is going to break the group financially, but they'll be able to get back to Golismorga. I just wonder if they realize that getting in is supposed to be the easy part.