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549.Beard care for the suddenly bearded, or my adventures as a man.
A book written by a female adventurer who put on a girdle of masculinity/femininity and their dealings with the fallout of not having to sit to pee, grooming of facial hair, and the male elf no longer being interested in her.

550.How to hit things good! A primer on [insert weapon name here]
Surprisingly detailed drawings of a single exotic weapon, with handy diagrams showing which end to hold and which to hit things with.
Anyone who spends a day examining these drawings will gain a new weapon proficiency with a single melee weapon.
(useful for GMs who have that really nifty weapon, and no one who can use it due to lack of weapon proficiencies.)

551.101 things to do while the finger wigglers rest and recover spells.
A book written by a spell caster for his bored melee companions. Unsurprisingly its written as if for a child and is extremely insulting. Any spell caster will find it funny, and gain a +1 morale bonus. Melee characters will not.

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It whatever produced the sticky resin is that close to the enemy's camp that you are still smelling of it when you enter, they'd smell it all the time, its poor GMing plain and simple. They'd probably ignore it or just figure one of them fell/went into the resin producing trees.

That being said, prestidigitation specifically mentions cleaning. Which I would take to mean it would remove the resin and thus the smell associated with it. If anything you'd be easier to perceive for being clean. When the orc clan living in the sewers smells the minty fresh elf wizard... they know he is there.