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There have been several discussions online lately about this but I hadn't seen any here so I was curious what folks thought. When sitting on an airliner in coach/economy should you be allowed to recline and how far? Are you entitled to do so if the seat is designed to let you recline? Should you ask the person behind you if it's ok? Should you be allowed to use one of those knee defender devices?

I think we all agree that planes have tight seating in general and understand that to get room you usually have to pay significantly more money.

Personally I never recline and even if I did I would probably ask or at least only recline minimally if someone was sitting behind me. I believe they need to do some engineering to see if they can come up with a seat design that allows some reclining without compromising another passenger's space or use of their tray and without using up very much space on the plane.

I find this lost aircraft situation confusing for one reason. Why is it these aircraft don't have a dedicated transponder that continually transmits key flight metrics (heading, speed, location, fuel level, altitude, etc.) to satellites and/or land based antennas so that if I am the airline I can go into my system and at any time find out the exact status of my all of my birds? And presumably they'd also have that system isolated so there's no way in flight for it to be tampered with by the crew or others - and if they somehow did manage to disable it, red flags would immediately go up to let the airline and controllers know to hunt down the plane. What am I missing?

So I am guessing it is a fairly safe assumption that for most RPG enthusiasts their favorite part of the hobby is when they can actually site around the table (real or virtual) and play an RPG with their friends. But when you can't be playing or running a game, what about the RPG hobby do you enjoy most? What related activities do you spend time on most often?

Drawing maps?
Creating new characters?
Reading campaign setting material?
Reading adventures?
Creating adventures?
Making up new monsters?
Coming up with house rules?
Painting miniatures?
Buying more game stuff? :-)

Has anyone else starting reading this new series from Dark Horse based on the early drafts of Star Wars by Lucas? So far, I'm really enjoying it. I like seeing how various character and place names get shifted around from the familiar arrangement of the films.

Hi. I have the four DC Adventures books from Green Ronin, which as I understand it are fully engine compatible with M&M 3E. Some of the M&M books interest me as well. Can anyone tell me if the various M&M books for 3E have the same physical footprint as the DC books? Or are they the same footprint as the M&M 1E and 2E books, more of your usual RPG book size?


I'm getting ready to run some casual/one-shot style games of the old TSR sci-fi RPG Star Frontiers soon for my brother and a group of our friends. I've looked at the material over the years but have never sat down and played the system or run a game for it.

I plan to create my own adventures taking inspiration from movies such as the Alien films, Blade Runner, Event Horizon, etc. Action/adventure with a fair amount of mystery/horror elements.

To start I'll mostly just be using content from the Alpha Dawn boxed set.

My questions to the good folks here:
1. Have you ever run or played in a Star Frontiers game and what kind of experience did you have it the game?
2. What style of game did you play in?
3. What were some of the things you liked/disliked about the system and what if any house rules did you make use of?


Here's a few questions that probably have simple answers. I got a Kindle Fire HD (the 8.9 inch one) recently and I'm an Amazon Prime member. I've used it to watch some movies on the display but it appears to have an HDMI output. I don't recall it coming with an HDMI cable with that smaller connector on the Kindle end. Is the cable it uses a fairly standard one and if so which one?

Also, does hooking up this cable and connecting it to the HDMI input for my TV just make the TV an HD monitor without doing anything special?

If the answer to the previous question is yes, and I can use my Kindle Fire effectively as a set top box for watching Amazon Prime movies and TV shows, is there a remote control that would work with it, or do I just need to use the Kindle display as my control?


Can anyone provide a link to where they normally go to find a consolidated list that shows all of the various RPG products that are currently scheduled (or at least suspected) to be released in a given month? When looking ahead I find myself looking at pages from individual publishers mostly but would like to know that in July I can find the following X products of interest to me for budgeting purposes and for discussing product details. Any good place for one stop shopping? Where do you hear about new RPG products coming out?


Sent an email yesterday, but adding this thread to follow up.

Thursday, 12/06/2012 I received my copy of my pre-ordered Rise of the Runelords Deluxe Collector's Edition. The product itself is really awesome, especially the design of the case and way the book was made with the heavy leather cover. Love the art prints too. Unfortunately, my pleasure with the product has been reduced by the fact that the first time I flipped open the case after unpacking it, while it sat on the carpet the metal latch that closes the case broke free of the case when I went to reclose it. The tiny pin in the upper part of the hinge fell out allowing the latch to fall off. I was handling this product with kid gloves and this shouldn't have happened.

As far as I can tell there was no damage to either the inner box stamped with Rise of the Runelords or the outer shipping box and the outer box was well packed with protective shipping peanuts to account for this so I am guessing it was a manufacturing defect. As far as I can tell there's nothing else wrong with the book or the case contents. Is there something you can do to assist me with this issue?

General Product question – where the description says “Twenty-two full-color player handouts and key maps are printed on high-quality paper and tucked into slitted pages, allow players to hold important clues while leaving the GM with copies of his own.”, this just refers to the 22 smaller cards tucked into the handout pockets on certain pages (all of which appear to be there) and there aren’t supposed to be any other pockets in the book for larger full page map handouts correct? I think what I have is right, just confirming.

Thank you.

In the October: In the Works article on WotC's site I saw them talking about the new release of the classic Dungeon! boardgame.

From the picture of the game with the article it looks like they are using cardboard tokens instead of plastic minis like the older version of the game/the more recent Adventure System games. The general layout of the board looks similar but with different graphics. I wonder what sort of enhancements they've made, new options included, etc. I have fond memories of the older game. I need to look through my copy.


Given the relative high cost of miniatures, I like what I see of the pawns such as those in the Pathfinder Beginner Box and the new Rise of the Runelords Pawn Collection that Paizo has put out.

I think given how cheap these sets are (under $20 for over 80 pawns) they should make other generic sorts of sets. A lot of us have tons of fantasy/D&D minis in metal and plastic going back decades. But we have signficantly fewer miniatures suitable for modern, historical, supers, etc. genres. For example, a western set for people playing western RPGs with sheriff, bandit, gunfighter, prospector, explorer, tycoon, etc. pawns. Or a zombie apocalypse set with various normals (student, doctor, cop, farmer, biker, soldier, pilot, gang member, etc.) along with a lot of zombies. Basically, a quick way to get all the figures you need for a low cost for whatever type of adventure you want to run in a non-fantasy game. I can buy some high end metal minis such as Reapers for some key characters but fill in the rest of my game with a nice set of pawns.

To add even more value, the box with the pawn can come with fold out map posters appropriate to the genre of the box. So a western one might have various Old West maps like main street for the gun fight, a saloon, a desert canyon and so on. The zombie one might have a hospital ER, a shopping mall, you get the idea.

As a bonus, for the aspiring board game designer, they'd make perfect test tokens while kicking around ideas for games based on those themes.

Not saying Paizo should stop the sets based on the Pathfinder bestiaries and the adventure paths - just thinking this would be a great way to expand on a good product line. What do other people think of this idea?


I recently purchased a copy of the old starter boxed set for D&D that came out in 2000 at the dawn of 3rd edition. The box is titled Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game and says The Adventure Begins Here! on the box cover and has the 3E iconic characters on it like Regdar and Mialee.

Inside, one of the books that comes with it is an adventure book. This book is 48 pages including the front and back cover. The problem is, a bunch of the pages are repeats and some are missing (as in not printed). My copy goes pages 1-8, 17-24, 17-32, 25-32 and then 41-48. Basically it's a hot mess and I don't have copies of pages 9-16 or 33-40. Was this a common printing error? Is there an errata PDF of this book out there somewhere?


I'm looking to place a pre-order for the upcoming AD&D First Edition deluxe reprints from Wizards of the Coast. I clicked to add all three to my shopping cart and went to checkout. However, when I get there, the three books show up as three separate shipping items with three shipping charges for a total of $21.33 for basic standard postal delivery. I want them to ship together as one order which would hopefully lead to a lower shipping cost for three books. Is there anyway to do this?


OK, I'm in the market for a relatively low cost, say <= $100, mp3 player. The main use of this player will likely end up being for listening to podcasts, although I certainly am not ruling out listening to music too.

Today, I have a Sony PSP that I use in my car to listen to podcasts on the road. It's a little clunky to use in the car because the controls are setup as a game device. I have a car charger for it and I use a standard stereo analog audio cable to connect to the LINE IN on my car. With the PSP, when I'm listening to an audio file, if I back out of it and go to a different one, or if I turn it off and turn it back on, it remembers where I am in the file and I can pick up where I left off. Not a big deal with music, but if you want to get back to where you were in a 2 hour podcast it's handy.

With the PSP, I put my .mp3 podcast files onto it by just taking the memory stick and plugging into my PC and dragging and dropping the files from the folder I download the podcasts to. This is easy, fast and doesn't require any additional software.

I'm not a big fan of iTunes and am not looking to spend the money for an Apple iPod. Plus, I would prefer controls on the player that I can feel better while not looking at it, say while driving, if I wanted to jump to the next podcast.

I've been considering some of the Sony models. Other, non-Apple, brands I should be considering?

Summary: line-out/headphone jack, decent sound quality, 4GB-8GB internal and/or takes an SD card/memory stick, USB connection to PC to look like a drive/folders, decent battery life and/or can run off of USB, sturdy construction.


I have both the old FASA Doctor Who RPG and the newer one from Cubicle 7. I was curious if other folks out there ever ran a long term weekly Who campaign or if they've mostly played it as one shots/convention games? Which rules did you use? What style of game did you run? For example, all PCs were companions, one PC was a Time Lord, you used characters from the show such as the Doctor or all original characters, more space travel or more time travel to Earth's past and future, that sort of thing.

Just on a Who kick at the moment and would enjoy hearing how my fellow gamers have played in the Who universe.


This has been touched on some in a few of the other threads but specifically I am curious what people think will be the format of D&D 5E when it first hits the store shelves, or what their ideal format is.

Will there just be a single boxed set, perhaps of the lower levels, as with the old D&D Basic sets or the Dragon Age RPG?

Will there be the traditional three book set - PHB, DMG, MM?

Will there be a single core rulebook like Pathfinder?

Will they have a low cost intro/basic box and then the full game in a hardback book?

Will there be an initial string of modules like Sunless Citadel for 3E or Keep on the Shadowfell for 4E?

Will there be a 5E essentials concept, perhaps with releases of dungeon tiles sets again or perhaps miniatures?

As an aside to that, what online support via the DDI will (or should) be available at release?


So in the spirit of Halloween, I'm running a game of the original I6 Ravenloft module (although using RC D&D vs. AD&D 1E) and was wondering what people think I should do at this stage. Note, there will probably be spoilers in here (Strahd's a vampire!) but given the age of the adventure it's probably not a big deal - let the reader beware.

Things have just gotten started and the PCs received a letter via a gypsy courier from the burgomaster of Barovia to come help. They show up in town (no encounters on the road and they didn't wander off the road) and after a short stop in the tavern, catch up with the burgomaster's son who indicates to them the letter is a fake and takes them to the mansion where his sister Ireena is holed up along with the burgomaster's corpse. They got the basics that the manor has been under attack and they have learned Ireena has been bitten a few times by the vampire but there haven't been any attacks in the last few days (to coincide with the letter to get the PCs to come to town?).

I guess at this point, should I bring on an initial attack as nightfall comes?

Should Strahd be in this first wave (but escape regardless as a mist if nothing else)?

What might get the party inclined to go to the church and/or the gypsies at this point versus trying to go straight up to Castle Ravenloft?

As an aside, I kind of like the idea of the dead burgomaster being animated as a Strahd zombie and attacking the party from within the manor as wolves, etc. attack from the outside.



I recently stopped in a game store and they had a copy of this old 2nd edition supplement in a discount/used bin for $5 so I picked it up. Unfortunately, I realized later that the book is supposed to have a poster map or similar in the back of the book and this is missing. Does anyone have this book that can give me a summary of what the missing fold out from the back of the book contained?


My brother and some friends and I are going to get together in a few weeks to play a bunch of games and we also plan to go out and see the new Conan movie. One of the theaters near me has the D-Box motion seats that have motion/vibration synchronized with the movie. I've seen similar things in theme park theaters but haven't experienced D-Box yet. What do people think about it? Is there a lot of motion? Are the seats quiet or can you hear the system? Is it worth the upcharge (in addition to the 3D upcharge)?

Here's a link:


So, my brother and I were chatting the other day and I was wondering what people thought about a Rebels vs. Imperials scenario to replicate the classic opening scene from Star Wars where Darth Vader's ship disables the Tantive IV and captures Princess Leia. I think it would be fun to run a Star Wars minis scenario for this where the Imperial player has the goal of recovering the stolen Death Star plans and capturing the princess while the Rebels need to hold off the Imps until the plans can be placed in R2-D2 and jettisoned in the escape pod. I don't have my one scenario book handy so maybe some or all of this has been outlined in the Ultimate Missions - Rebel Storm book.

I'd like to have this be something that could be run in less than 2 hours.

Curiously, what would you use for deck plans for the Tantive IV and/or what posters, Galaxy Tiles, etc. would you use?

What scenario rules would you set? For example, where do the rebels setup, can the Imperial player know initially which miniatures are the Princess vs. the droids? I assume all Imperials enter via the door they cut open. How many rounds before Vader arrives?

How many miniatures would you include? I assume the rebel side is fixed, but can the Imperials keep bringing in more stormtroopers at some rate? It's a given that if the rebels don't block the Imperials well enough that in time the superior Imperial force will overrun them and win.

Which miniatures would you include? I assume the base stormtrooper and rebel trooper (grey uniforms with white helmets) plus Vader (which version?) and Leia and the Droids. But other commander types, droids, etc.?

I'd love to hear what people think.


By chance I was in a local Target store last night and saw where they had a bunch of the now out of production Star Wars miniatures from WotC on sale, specifically the Imperial Entanglements set. The boxes, each with seven miniatures, were specifically marked as 70% off items for $3.99 each. I picked up six boxes and I like the mix of 42 miniatures I got.

Does anyone know if Target got a lot of these on the cheap, have any other sets for sale anywhere at a discount, etc.? I have a lot of the miniatures and I don't plan to pick up too many boosters, but I don't mind picking up a few sets when they're priced like this. Three of the minis I got were going for $10, $10 and $16 on mini market as individual items. I like getting 42 minis for less than the price of three rares.


I saw where Margaret Weis Productions is going to be releasing a Smallville RPG based off the TV series this year. I've been a fan of the series since it started, even if sometimes the story arcs weren't always great. For those who are thinking of picking this up, what sort of features do you hope the game has? What style of play do you think it'll support?

L mallville-the-rpg

How would you folks create a character that was like the old school elf from classic D&D (basically an armor wielding fighter that could cast spells) using Pathfinder? Obviously the race would be elf. But what would you do for class? I know I could alternate levels between fighter and wizard but I kind of like the idea of both magic skills and fighting skills improving simultaneously. Anyone use some kind of hybrid rules? Maybe a Pathfinder conversion of the 3E Duskblade class? How would you keep it balanced. Old D&D limited elves to 10th level and they had to get more XP per level as a balancing factor. What would you prefer?


Not sure if there have been any discussions on this topic but I wanted to toss the idea out there to see what people thought or have seen developed. As we all know each character has a level and certain abilities, skills, feats, powers, spells, etc. As the character goes up in level they improve and gain new options. Now I have seen things before like tactical feats where if character X has it and character Y also has it then they can combine to do certain things.

That says has anyone ever developed a concept of the party as a character? So the group as a whole starts as a level 1 party. As the group gains experience the party gains levels as a group too. Parties have abilities, feats, etc. in addition to notoriety and fame. So the group might gain certain benefits or take certain penalties.

I can see the group character being used in things like political negotiations, mass combat, commerce/trade and so on.

I'm not proposing this in place of the individual characters. I'm looking at this as a system that complements the characters. Each PC can influence certain actions the group takes and there can be new individual feats/talents that aid group skill checks.

The party can be seen as having different roles too. To forgive a little 4E nomenclature, you could have a party that's a leader, a controller, a defender and so on. The group can start as being of type X just like a character is class Y and then gain new types, or even prestige types that have certain entry requirements.

From a player perspective, the group as a whole decides what new options to take for their group character when they go up in level.

What do you think?

How would you implement it?

How would you handle things like character level discrepancies, changes in the group composition due to new PCs, dead PCs, etc.?


I see this description on but it doesn't have a product image and it still shows up as a pre-order even though 10/15 has come and gone.

Imagine you could go anywhere. This world or countless others, encountering strange alien races, new cultures or hostile environments. Now imagine you could travel to any time. See the pyramids and the Sphinx (back when she had a nose!), discover who (or what) really built Stonehenge, meet the first Emperor of Japan, or travel into the far future as humanity spreads to the stars. Where would you go? With Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, the power is in your hands! You can go anywhere or anywhen in the universe. It's not going to be easy. It'll probably be dangerous. The universe is a hostile place, full of Daleks, Slitheen, Krillitane, Sontarans, Plasmavores, Cybermen, Sycorax, Judoon and worse. There will be fear, heartbreak and excitement, but above all, it'll be the trip of a lifetime.

Has anyone seen an early copy of this game, or for that matter the final copy? Did they offer play tests or the like at Gen Con? Is it based on a new game system entirely or is it a tweaked version of an existing engine? The publisher's website is pretty lacking on preview material and information about this game, and really has been for a long time now.


I recently received the Castle Whiterock boxed set from Goodman Games for my birthday and it looks like it would be a really fun campaign if you're in the mood for a classic dungeon crawl/hack-n-slash game.

I like how each level has a basic ecology to it, a set of specific enemies, etc. I also like how they outline how the different groups in the dungeon relate to each other and the historical background of the dungeon.

What do people think of this super adventure?

Has anyone run a campaign that made use of some or all of the dungeon?

What were some thoughts on the NPCs and organizations in the adventure and how they should be played?


I have a copy of the three core books for the Everquest pen & paper RPG based off of D20 from a while back now. I was wondering if anyone has played this game and could comment on their experience with it.

In particular, I was wondering how well the mana magic system worked.

Has anyone brought the mana system into a standard 3.X game?

Has anyone adapted any of the classes or races from the game to a standard 3.X game?


I picked this book up over the weekend having been a Freeport fan since the beginning. Content wise I think the book is really nice but I was a little disappointed to see that only one of the chapters was printed in color and most/all of the big art pages in that chapter were reprints of covers of the older Freeport books. Don't get me wrong, great art but they really could have gotten at least a few new pieces and I think the whole books should have been done in color. I can't believe the production price would have been that significantly higher for color. I would have paid a few dollars more if that's what it would have taken. Just gives it a bit of a cheap feel. Come on Green Ronin, you guys can do better.


Back in December during the holiday sale I placed an order (864875) that included a number of items and the Critical Fumble Deck. At the time I placed the order, the Critical Fumble Deck was supposed to be out in January so I figured I'd wait a few weeks and get my order. I didn't want to place two orders since I didn't want to incur the higher shipping costs. Well, since then, the Critical Fumble Deck's release date keeps slipping further out into the future (it now says April!). Is there any chance you could just ship me the remainder of my order which apparently you have without any additional shipping and then send the deck when it becomes available? A couple weeks delay is sometimes expected and I don't mind that but 2-4 months is a bit much.


I've never been to Winter Fantasy/D&D Experience before but I recently moved to Northern VA so it makes attending this event very practical for me, at least for a day trip if not the whole show.

That being said, how does this show differ from other conventions people have been to, for example GenCon (my last show was GenCon 2000)?

Are all of the events at the show RPGA events or are there independent game events going as well (for D&D and other games)?

Will it be easy for most people to just walk in and get in on a D&D game even if they haven't generated a character (in other words, plenty of events with pre-gens)?

Will there be a sizeable vendor area where we can see products, art, games, etc. from a lot of companies for sale?

Will there be a lot of sessions available for discussions on running games, creating adventures, writing stories, interviews with gamer celebrities, etc.?

What's the best link to see the event catalog, such as it is so far?


Just got my new issue of Dungeon this weekend and was very happy to see that the first adventure serves as an introduction to the old B4 Lost City adventure and can tie in with the conversion that was done for Zargon a while back.

Anyone planning to run this in Mystara and, if so, where are you setting it? My assumption would be the Emirates of Ylaruam as I believe this is where the Lost City was traditionally located.

That being said, has anyone done a V3.5 conversion of Lost City? What domains and favored weapons did you give to the gods of the Cynidiceans (spell?)?

The setup for the adventure seems to imply a more traditional D&D setting than the male-dominated, arabian inspired, desert-based Emirates. How would you suggest reconciling this if you run Masque of Dreams?


After reading recent Savage Tide adventures and also
seeing the Core Beliefs: Wee Jas article in Dragon I
broke out my old copy of the AD&D 2nd Edition Scarlet
Brotherhood supplement. Having not looked at it in
years, I forgot how many deities are listed in there.
Some, like Wee Jas and Kord are part of the core
pantheon for 3.x but there are many other deities
listed there. Does anyone know of a good reference
converting the more obscure entities - at least in
terms of cleric domains and favored weapons?

On a side note, I liked the 2nd edition specialty
priests which had different power mixes (not all had
turn undead for example), weapon and armor
proficiencies, spells available and so on. It made
clerics a little more varied than just a different
set of domain spells. Thoughts on the best ways to
incorporate the concept without radically altering
how the cleric is designed in 3.x?


I know this has come up in the past, but I was curious what the status was on the creation of online, searchable, printable indexes of Dungeon magazine content. I'd be particularly interested in:

1. A list of all of the adventures (at least the 3.x) ones along with character levels, general setting(s), campaign, author and of course the issue and pages they appear in.

2. An NPC list - to include not just critical threats but also NPCs/advanced monsters from within the adventures

3. A new monster list.

4. A list of related adventures indicating the sequence to play them and the issues they appear in.

Dungeon is great for having awesome adventures that you can play as a whole but it's just as good for mining individual components - but it can be hard to search at times. I would think there are already some good fan indexes out there that could be used as the basis for the continually updated official index here at paizo.



Does anyone know of a list somewhere that has all of the 3.0/3.5 NPCs from the various Dungeon adventures/critical threats by issue and CR, perhaps with a brief description like race/class/level/templates?