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While reading WotR I kept telling a friend of mine how awesome it is: over and over again. My friend loves the idea of Mythic, unfortunately we don't have a regular group that wants to play so we've said What The Heck and I'm going to run it solo for him.

He's going to play a Cambion cleric of Iomedae. Cambin = tiefling with demon heritage instead of devil. One of his ancestors redeemed and married a Cambion during the early Crusades. Not all children of the family exhibit demon taint, but this guy did. We're going to use Tiefling rules and substitute Abyssal for Infernal.

One thing I'm not psyched about is the tromping about underground punching bugs in the face start so I'm thinking about doing a prelude adventure set at the tournament before the fall. Questions for the good folks of this forum:

1) is there an existing adventure set at a tournament you would recommend?

2) Am I over emphasizing the lameness of the first part of the adventure xand there's an easier patch?

3) I'll do my best to introduce the NPCs that are part of Worldwound Incursion. Are any of them more or less important to the later adventures?

4) How would you suggest I add more dragons? Note to Paizo: your dungeons need more dragons.

5) One issue many APs have is the lack of foreshadowing in early modules. Any advice for things I can do to strengthen the connective tissue between modules?

6) You saw the bit where I'm running this for one PC? There will be lots of henchmen, hirelings and support characters, plus Mythic, but am I setting myself up for grief? I get the sense that the AP as written can be a cake-walk so I'm hoping one PC makes it the right amount of tough.




I'm considering running the AP and I'm also considering using a prelude module to both spend some time in Kenabres before the main action picks up, and so I can skip most of the underground stuff in the first adventure. The adventure I'm considering running is Peril in King's Landing for the Ice and Fire RPG from Green Ronin. It's a political intrigue adventure set around a tournament, which I think fits in nicely with the festival at the beginning of Worldwound Incursion.

Since its not a Pathfinder scenario and not set in Golarion you'll need to file off some serial numbers and find stats for the encounters, but considering how many monster books there are for PF that shouldn't take long.

You can learn more about it here: nding


I just started STAP and this would be very, very helpful. If anyone has a copy of this document, please send to:


Liz Courts wrote:
You can read about the AP here.

Thanks for pointing me in that direction, but the official outlines included in the first module of the AP are much more detailed and useful.


I'm on the fence about diving into this AP. Would it be possible to get a copy of the AP Outline that's part of HoH? I know that the outline of at least one previous AP was published as a free download.


Greycloak of Bowness wrote:
rosenet wrote:

Hey Jason,

I really like the idea of adding some RotRL elements to KM, especially to help play up the cyclops-ruins aspect. Have you made any other additions, or have you tweaked your initial ideas?


What levels did you have in mind?

The other Thassilonian ruins are:
The catacombs of wrath (both parts), Thistletop and Runeforge. I don't think that any of these particularly work in an ersatz KM campaign.

Sites that would work easily would be the Graul Homestead, Fort Rannick, the Giant Fortress and the miner's camp from the final runelords adventure.

My goal is to dial-up the evidence of the cyclops empire, so I'm looking for items and sites to add throughout the AP. It seems that the tower on the island in the Candlemere is a good spot, and I like the idea of adding the dam from RotRL to the mountains.

I'm more then happy to steal locations from other sources (Paizo or otherwise). In fact I'm considering using the Moathouse from Village of Hommlet as the Stag Lord's Keep. However I'm fairly new to Pathfinder so I'm not familiar with the various AP modules or other Paizo products which have locations that would make great cyclopean ruins.



Jason Nelson wrote:

I've actually been doing some of this as well.

To wit:

1. The Foxglove Manor and Shadow Clock from "Skinsaw Murders" being placed on the isle of Candlemere.

2. Placing the giant dam at the Storval Deep from "Hook Mountain Massacre" into the Tors of Levenies in the Varnhold area - reflavoring it as a cyclopean ruin.

3. As for the mysteriously vanished "fourth colony" far to the west in the Glenebon Uplands that never shows up again in the AP, I made that be Fort Rannick at the eastern end of the Branthlend Mountains (drawing in some extra rivers on the map to place Turtleback Ferry), and Hook Mountain itself replacing Mount Branthlend 2 hexes to the west.

The ongoing metaplot isn't really relevant or necessary to address. You could weave them in as being connected to the ultimate BBEG of the Kingmaker AP, but I think it works just fine as them being completely unrelated bad guys. After all, why must every villain in the campaign zone be part of the same conspiracy?

I think those bits have been a natural fit for the campaign.

Hey Jason,

I really like the idea of adding some RotRL elements to KM, especially to help play up the cyclops-ruins aspect. Have you made any other additions, or have you tweaked your initial ideas?


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I'm about the start a KM campaign and I'm hoping to get some advice and input from the Pathfinder crowd on ways I can spice up the campaign to add a few elements that my players are asking for and which may not be in the KM modules as written. I'm mostly familiar with Stolen Lands, with vague ideas about what happens in the later chapters. I'm happy to steal from any and all available source material. <grin>

The elements:

1) Dragons: my players love dragons and want them to be a major element of the campaign. One of the characters' backgrounds is that he's a cavalier from a minor noble house that were dragon riders before Choral the Conquerer came, killed his family's dragon mounts and outlawed metallic dragons from Brevoy.

It looks like KM as written has a couple of dragons or dragon-like creatures - any thoughts on ways to add a true dragon or two that fits organically with the greater story? I'm a fan of scholar green dragons (menacing, but can be dealt with diplomatically) and was thinking I could add one who knows a lot of the local history, and who is eager to have agents who can explore areas it can't get to.

2) Connected Ruins: One of my players is a wizard and wants to have ancient, arcane secrets to discover in the sandbox. I know there are a few ruins to explore, and maybe I've been reading too much Serpent's Skull, but I'd love to add a plot thread and/or mystery element involving several ruins. I know KM 3 has the cyclops lich, but I haven't been able to find much information on the ancient cyclops culture. Alternatively I was thinking that I could maybe port some elements from Rise of the Runelords into KM?

Thanks for the help!