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Audiomachine - Remixed, Tree of Life, Helios, Epica, Existence
Immediate Music - Trailerhead, Trailerhead Triumph
Two Steps From Hell - Invincible, Archangel, et al
Thomas Bergersen - Sun

Great music for gaming, too.

Tom Rex wrote:

From the department of expectation management: This book is going to focus HEAVILY on the core races, and not so much on the other races. Just as Inner Sea Gods compiled and expanded upon the deity articles we published in Pathfinder, so will Races of the Inenr Sea compile and expand upon the earlier race books we published in the Player Companion line; things like Elves of Golarion and Dwarves of Golarion, which are close to or are now out of print and/or have some early material from 3.5 or early Golarion that wasn't quite on model with where we are right now in Golarion.

There WILL be plenty of new stuff in the book though—never fear there—but the book's purpose is not to provide hundreds of pages of content on obscure races like lashunta, catfolk, triaxians, monkey goblins, ghorans, androids, etc.. Some of those will have some info in the book, some won't... but the bulk of it will be focused on humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs, and gnomes.

Creatures with racial hit dice, such as dark folk, aren't appropriate player choices and won't be represented in this book at all, really.

Oh, no. Is this going to be a repeat of information already printed in what, three (or is it four?) books? To snag my interest, it will have to be some brand-spanking new info that doesn't touch on what's already out there as just a lather-rinse-repeat cycle. I'd much rather see new information on those obscure races just for that very reason; that they are obscure.

And at the point of sounding hypocritical, I will admit that my favored racial stock is elf and half-elf, but they've been pretty much done to death over the years with every sub-race and all. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't find totally new information uninteresting, it's only that so much has been done already I don't see much more can be accomplished that's truly new and different. I'll wait and see.

And monkey goblins are only good for stew. ;)

I'll treasure my copy to be sure.

I should add that there's also a Barnes & Noble as well as a Hastings in the same city with the pitiful FLGS, but those two stores rarely if ever carry Paizo products; the hubby did find The Bastards of Erebus at one, though.

How about 'Cathedra' for a throne?

'Dyad' for a pair?

'Chthonian' for something you really don't want to meet.

'Enervate' to weaken?

'Supercallifragilisticexpeallidocious' for... Wait, wrong place.

There must be an impenetrable tomb/dungeon that only the PCs can figure out how to enter despite it having existed for millennium.

Beware of doorways that resemble open mouths.

The switch to deactivate a TPK trap is always on the far side.

Taking the plot device item always triggers a major fight/dungeon collapse or both.

The female NPC you pick up at the tavern and one of the male PCs falls for is always a runaway princess.

All dwarves look and sound like John Rhys-Davies.

Yes! Amazon says it'll be in stock on the 16th! *Does happy dance*

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
It's obvious a lot (most [all]) of the people on the forums hate them. But what the heck are they?

The reason our group never played Dragonlance. Well, them and the Tinker Gnomes along with their Hamstersaurous Rex...

Greg Wasson wrote:

Quickened Monster Advancer

Does this help?


Very nice; the husband flipped over it. Great job.

If our nearest FLGS (40 miles away) would carry Paizo products instead of Magic the Gathering and 4th Ed, *Yarf* we might actually consider supporting them, and driving 108 miles to the good Gaming Store isn't always an option for us.

Subscriptions are looking better and better, especially with Amazon's fumbling of Bestiary 2, Princes of Chaos, The Godsmouth Heresy...

Well, still nothing yet... Amazon is giving a January 18th date. *Sigh* Good thing I brought my bedroll and thermos of tea.

Christopher West wrote:

My latest independent project is a set of three interconnected posters (6 maps) created with an underground campaign in mind. I'm trying to build enough support to get them printed; if successful, these will eventually appear in Paizo's store as well:

Thanks for asking about me! :)

After looking at above maps...Wow. Just wow.

Within Temptation - Forsaken
Aldo Nova - Fantasy
Saliva - Ladies and Gentlemen
Evanescence - Breathe No More
Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band - Hollywood Nights
Skid Row - Eighteen and Life
Aural Vampire - Cannibal Coast
Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls
Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane
Fastway - The World Waits for You
Blackfield - Blackfield
Godsmack - Hollow

Yes, I know; I have a very eclectic taste in music.

I know the hubby's looking forward to this as well (All of the RPG stuff I buy is for him). He has the first one as well but since the copy was purchased at a used book store, the map was missing of course, and he likes (read: drools) over the idea of added goodies and a larger page count.

Oh my god...I have to get this! I was never able to find the original ToH books, but now a chance to get all of them? Yes!

And can you imagine hitting someone over the head with this book? It'd flatten their skull.

Dungeons that have no means of supporting the plethora of monsters inhabiting them; they obviously can't attack and feed on each other, only the occasional PC.

Treasure in said dungeons that other adventurers have been to yet not looted thoroughly.

Room with large statues that do not detect as magic yet they're stone golems.

As for the Bar/Inn beginning, mustn't forget the old bearded stranger who is probably the villain/god/one of the PC's long-lost father.

All black cats are the familiars of witches.

All gargantuan and colossal dragons must be in 10x10 rooms.

All female villains attempt to seduce the male PCs.

All male villains attempt to seduce the female PCs. (Can't have cries of unequal seduction times here.)

Black-robed people are always evil and worship demons.

And finally, NPCs of character classes must be overpowered to save the party's worthless butts at every opportunity.

To actually play another race besides an Elf or Half-elf. *Shudder*

Dell is supposedly coming out with their own Android OS tablet PC as well.

I do buy some of Paizo's PDFs, but for the majority, it's the physical books all the way; our GM absolutely loathes using the PDFs for gaming.

Home, always, since my husband is disabled and driving long distances is excruciatingly painful for him. Our nearest good FLGS is 108 miles away.

Dragnmoon wrote:

I have no life.. :(, my Wife will be out of town, so if I went out for a Party, I am sure she would not be happy ;)

Gamers have lives?


bigkilla wrote:
I just hope it does something to make halflings interesting. They are such a boring little race.

Yes, but they make interesting shield decorations.

I, for one, hope that Paizo never does any world other than Golarion, simply because it's the first pre-made setting our GM (my husband) has ever used in his 30 + years of gaming. As he puts it, 'It's what so many other settings should have been but never lived up to their potentials.'

Do not create any other settings than Golarion; I hate to see a grown man cry.

Let me add my two cents' worth.

1. Psionics - I was never happy with the points system, never. If Paizo did a totally different psionics system, I'd jump in feet first.

2. Epic Levels - Yes, most definitely yes if it were designed as Mr. Jacobs mentioned with a 1st-level Epic Character vs. a 20th-level regular character.

3. Rules Bloat - Having to look through umpteen dozen books for something was never my cup of tea, but just one or two books a year would probably be fine.

4. Races - As other posters have mentioned, variants of existing races is what I'd prefer to see unless any new race(s) were both crunchy and fluffy. Sort of like bacon-wrapped cotton candy.

5. Prestige Classes - Gah! Don't get me wrong, I loved some of the ones from WoTC in 3.5, but most were...lacking. However, considering Paizo's track record, I'd buy the book(s) regardless.

6. Cost - At the moment, I (hangs head in shame) get all my Pathfinder books from Amazon because of the discount and the fact most of them are Prime eligible (free two-day shipping), but I am seriously considering a subscription for the APs and map folios. Of course, my hubby pointing out the benefits of said subscriptions isn't helping my indecision.

Regardless, though, as long as you fine folks put out the Pathfinder/OGL stuff, I'll buy the majority of it. I'd probably keep going on this, but right now I need to see if hot strips of bacon really can be wrapped around cotton candy. Wish me luck.