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Full Name



Human(Kellid) ---- HP (98/126) RAGE HP(132/170) -- AC 24(22 or 19 Reckless) - T 14(11/8) - FF 22(20/17) -- F 14(18) - R 13- W 7 (10) -- CMD 28 -- Init +6 -- Perception +14 --Rage Rounds: 24/27 --


Rogue 11 // Barbarian(Invulnerable Rager) 11 -- FATIGUED [ ]

Temporary Effects:
21 NL damage




Larger than you, dog.



Special Abilities

Strength. Rage. Sneak Attack. Quick wits. Strength.


Chaotic Neutral






A lot



Strength 21
Dexterity 14
Constitution 17
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Kronug the Kellid

Kronug's Statblock:

Kronug the Kellid
Male, Human Rogue 11 // Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 11
Init +6; Senses Perception +12

AC 24 ; Touch 14 ; Flat Footed 22
(6 armor, 2 Dex, 2 enhancement, 2 Deflection, 2 Natural)
Defensive Abilities:
Hit Points: 126 (11d12+44)
Saving Throws:
Fort +14; Ref +13; Will +7(+10) (+2 ST vs Fear)
SQ: DR 5/- ; Superstition(+4 to TS vs Spells, Spell-like and Supernatural Abilities); Endure Elements: Hot Climate ; Trap Sense +3; Res 3 Fire ; Improved Evasion ; Improved Uncanny Dodge

Speed: 40ft.
Two Handed Broadsword +18/+13/+8 (1d8 + 9 / 17-20 x3) or
Two Handed Broadsword +15/+10/+5 (1d8 + 18/ 17-20 x3) with Power Attack
Two Handed Broadsword +21/+16/+11 (1d8 + 23/ 17-20 x3) when Raging with Power Attack and Reckless Abandon

Shortbow +13 (1d6 / x3) or
Dagger +13 (1d4 + 5/ x3) or
Dagger +13 (1d4 + 8/ x3) when raging or
Dagger +16 (1d4 + 8/ x3) when Raging with Reckless Abandon
Special Attacks: Greater Rage (27/day, +6 Str & +8 Con, +3 Will, -2 AC), Sneak Attack (6d6), Power Attack(+9 to damage, -3 to hit), Reckless Abandon(+3 to hit, -3 AC), Witch Hunter(+3 to damage against enemies with spells or spell-like abilities), Strength Surge(1/rage, add level to CMB or CMD as an immediate action)

Str 17+4 Dex 14 Con 15+2 Int 12 Wis 8+2 Cha 14+4
Base Attack: +10; CMB: +16(+18 to sunder); CMD: +28
Feats: Power Attack(H), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Falcata)(1), Improved Initiative(B), Raging Vitality(3), Extra Rage Power(Witch Hunter)(5), Improved Sunder(7), Improved Critical(Falcata)(9), Stealth Synergy(11)
Traits: Auspicious Tattoo, Courageous

Skills: Acrobatics +16(+20 to jump), Bluff +18, Climb +19(+22), Disable Device +16(+21 vs traps), Intimidate +18, Knowledge(Local) +13, Linguistics +7, Perception +14(+19 vs traps), Ride +12, Stealth +18, Survival +8, Swim +15(+18), Use Magic Device +10
Languages: Common, Kellid, Dwarven, Elven, Draconic, Gnome, Undercommon, Halfling, Orc
SQ: Fast Movement, Trapfinding, Automatic Bonus Progression (Resistance +4, Armor Attunement +2, Weapon Attunement +2, Deflection +2, Mental Prowess(Charisma/Wisdom)+4/+2, Physical Prowess(Strength/Constitution)+4/2, Toughening +2), Rage Powers(Reckless Abandon, Superstition, Witch Hunter, Spell Sunder, Strength Surge, Spell Eater), Rogue Talents(Combat Trick(Improved Initiative), Got Your Back, Resiliency, Expert Leaper, Improved Evasion)
Gear: Backpack, Leather Pouch, Noqual Breastplate(+2 attuned), Broadsword , Arrow(20), Dagger(2), Barbarian's Kit, Grapplin Hook, 9 GP, Called Adamantine Falcata(+2 attuned Falcata), Impervious Adaptive Longbow
Carrying Capacity/Carried Weight: 76

The Song of Kronug:

What do I know of cultured ways, the gilt, the craft and the lie?
I, who was born in a naked land and bred in the open sky.
The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, they fail when the broadswords sing;
Rush in and die, dogs—I was a man before I was a king.

Hailing from the far away lands of Numeria comes a young man. Forsaken from their tribe, a proud kellid in its own right.

Kronug, Kronug's father, was the last lord of the tribe, and he died when Kronug was only a child. But he taught his son about the barbarian's true ways, he taught him to live by his sword and keep his kellid honor.

When his uncle and actual leader of the tribe, Cassius, ruled that they were to train with the new weapons that merchants brought Kronug stood his ground. He is a proud man! He is a kellid and the son of his father! He were to live and die by the riddle of steel, not using cowardly firearms built for lesser man.

He had to leave or he would have been killed. Leaving his land was painful, but he maintained his and his father's honour.

By luck or by Crom's will Kronug arrived at Riddleport unscathed, safe and sound. There he had to learn the "ways" of civilization, to "respect" others' property and to make some friends.

He is for now a member of the thief guild, but he dreams of one day coming back to Numeria and fight his uncle for the right to lead his kin. For the right to be a true kellid and son of his father.