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bonues feats are feats the class automatically get, so no you dont the need the pre-reqs unless stated otherwise

Hello, I wanting start an online Pathfinder game.

What is needed: 1 GM and players

i have APP's for Character sheets and Dice

(can use the Honor system for dice if you what)

I have put together a way to play with out the need of webcams or post to play.

Downloads needed: (FREE & SAFE!!)

1: TeamViewer( Everyone who plays needs it)


Team Viewer lets some one use and see your computer screen remotely from another computer as if your sitting there by them.

the password is random upon every start up of the program to prevent un wanted use.

2: Gimp: (only 1 person really needs it)


Gimp is a program that manipulates images and textures.

will be used for the mat if needed and player icons


Microphones or a way to use voice chat (this is the only thing you'll have to spend money on if you dont already have one or have one built in)

Msg me if your interested