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Heyo Guys,

On the Meetup Boards Hammith was running a "Playtest before the Playtest" game last saturday to help the players get setup with the rules, and we ran into an rather unusual case with turning that might need to be clarified.

Basically, we did a combat agianst a rather large swarm of wasps, and about half way through, I(who was playing a Cleric of Gozreh) wanted to cast a turning spell on the group. However, the wasps were in a space with one of the party, so I decided agianst it.

The question is, since the wasp cannot be target by single target spells...would they have been healed, even though the entire swarm was not in the area of the turning?

Oh and Smurf

I was looking at the Cleric Spell per day numbers compared in the Alpha to the PHB, and just noticed something. The Clerics in the Alpha is missing a spell per day in certain levels that the PHB have. While I understand the 0 level stuff is due to how Orisons work now, I think that might be an error that needs to be correct...or if it was a change, why?

ok, seeing at least 3 posts...and seeing so much talk on both sides on the fence, I think the best solution is a compremise between them...I dunno if this post is generate such but I figured I try.

first...I think that Naughty Jester's suggestion in the Skill post works well...and seems to solve most of the major complaint from the skill pointers

Naughty Jester wrote:

I like the new skill system in many ways, but I can see the desire for a measure of "not automatically max skilled" as well.

What if the number of Skill Choices were doubled, and instead of having Cross-Class and Class levels of ability, those same values were used for Trained and Mastery.

Spend 1 Skill Choice, and you have skill bonuses at Trained level (the Cross-Class bonus now). Spend a second Skill Choice on the same skill, and you get it at Mastery level (the Class bonus now).

Instead of the level of the skill being based on whether it is a Class Skill or not, the *cost* of the skill is based on that. The basic cost (1 Skill Choice) above is for Class Skills; Cross Class Skills cost double (2 Skill Choices for Trained and 2 more for Mastery).

It would make it possible for a character to master a Cross Class Skill, but it would cost 4 Skill Choices to pull that off (or optionally, no more than 2 Skill Choices could be spent in any one skill, so a Cross Class Skill can never be mastered).

Then at the current Skill Levels, characters get 2 more Skill Choices, but maybe they can't raise any skill more than one increase. So a character can go from Untrained to Trained or Trained to Mastery in one level, but they can't go from straight from Untrained to Mastery in that same time.

There were also some worries about Prestige Classes and Multiclassing.

1)for Prestige classes, probably the easiest adjustment(as been suggested) is to change it from "skill at x level" to "trained in X skill" which can be "Mastery at X skill" if something like Naughty's suggestion somehow was added

2)for Multiclass, to me the easiest way for the system to work it would be that the level bonus of the skill is equal to the level of the class that it was trained under.