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Hi there

I have a question about the duration of Frightful Presence effect ? It's an aura, so for me it remains the time the monster stay in range. But for others, the Frightened is reduced at end of each turn.

What's the good way to use ?

Can we use Alchemical shot with a dual handed weapon ? the words "in the other hand" make me not sure

Hello there

Is Topple toe from Marshall dedication usable without free hand or trip trait weapon ? Other feats like this (Combat Grab) don't let this doing because of trigger, but not in the Topple Toe trigger, so i'm confused.

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Like Mwangi Expanse, i'm interested to have more lore, story, campaign and perhaps some races, classes or items from other country, especially Tian Xia. I'm a player of Legends of Five Rings, i really like Hindi legends, and really love the Marco Polo serie, so i'm hype to have a way for playing in Pathfinder with a setting in Tian Xia.

I thing we can expect many things :
Classes or archetypes like Mongol cavalry, Samurai, Shugenja/Shaman, Ninja, Chinese artificier ...
Races or heritage like in Pathfinder 1st edition it have Samsaran
Many new monsters like Oni, Genie, chinese Dragon (like Sovereign), ghost and vampire ...
But the most important to me is the lore, a description of kingdoms that i can play with, Civil war into Minkai, Ruins exploration in Velashu ...

This is impossible to think we can have this in 1 or 2 years ?


In situations where you can physically menace the target when you Coerce or Demoralize, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to your Intimidation check and you ignore the penalty for not sharing a language. If your Strength score is 20 or higher and you are a master in Intimidation, this bonus increases to +2.

I want to know if "In situations where you can physically menace the target" this part mean to say "at reach" ?

Hello there

I want to know the duration of application poisons on weapons. When i touch or critically fail, it's clear. But what if i apply poison on the morning ? It works for 1min ? 1h ? 30 days ? I don't see answer for that.

Thanks for response :)

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Sorry, i'm not easy with inglish ^^' So it doesn't work, and Reflexive shield work well for that. Thanks ^^

So, no one is certain ? :s

Hello there

I have a question that is to know if Raise a Spellguard shield got the +2 circumstance bonus to spelle that "target you", is effective against Fireball, Color spray, or other spell that don't target specially the character, but an area or something else ?

Thank you for reading ^^

Hello there ^^

I'm confused by something. "Your shield remains raised until the start of your next turn."

That mean you can't just stay your shield ahead, that's weird and make non sence but ok, that's a rule. My problem is a rule problem.

This way, i can play a sadic monster (and a sadic GM) that Ready action to prepare a Strike for the moment that my player lower his shield (for no reason cause he want to raise again) and then Reaction for make an attack when my player have no AC bonus and can't Shield block ...

And my players can do the same versus my monsters like Templars/Hellknight characters ?

Ok, it means they spend 2 actions and 1 reaction, that's ... not fairly but ok, it's "fine". My problem is ... wtf is the realism in this ? Why he have to lower the shield in any way ? :s

Also, that mean when you Take cover under a tower shield, you loose the shield bonus and the cover at start of turn ? So you have to Raise a shied AND Take cover each turn to be safe, even you don't move ? :s

That's an inanimate object so ...


A shield is immune to Poison, but frost can be apply, right

well, but the reaction of champion only affect an ally, not the shield ?

For example, if my ally is to take 50 physical damage, 20 frost and 10 poison ... I shield warden my ally with a 12 hardness shield, so he reduce physical damage by 12. Then i apply my reaction that give him 15 resistance to all damage. So, my ally take 23 physical, 5 frost and no poison, but the shield take 38 ?

ok so, for the Shield of Reckoning, that imply to use Champion reaction AND shield block at the same time, we don't add the shield block resistance on physical damage to the champion reaction, that just use the better (because in the resistance rule, i read we use the better resistance when we have 2 of the same damage) ?

Thank you for that ^^ I read a rule on Resistance chapter, but i have to confirm to be sure ^^

I see in the Champion reaction that reduce "all damage", so, if i'm 5 and a friend gonna take 6 physical, 6 frost and 6 poison, is he reduce 7 damages, or take nothing ?

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Oh, i love you this time xD Thank you verry sure, i'm happy :)

Is exist a way to get the Critical specialization on champions ? Like favored deity's weapon or something ? Or for Blade ally champion ?

I'm mad that don't work for Foxfire. My player just use fist and never use foxfire at least, i'm a little sad for him.

Please forgive my bad inglish in any case xD

So, i want to know if that's possible to apply Sneak attack damage with Forfire attacks. With the rules description, i think not, but that's weird cause sling can do it and Foxfire is consider to be in sling group. I'm confused.

As GM, i cant to autorized it, but as player, i'm not able to decide so i prefer have an offical answer before doing bad things xD

Thank you for listening.