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You know, I'm playing in a campaign where the deities are dying and there are very few of them alive... every planes are merging into a new one. And the magic balance is nonexistent. So "Magic" doesn't exist right now in our campaign. Though the DM specifically said that Supernatural and extraordinary abilities still work, spells and magic items are nonfunctional and some Major Artifacts still function however.

So in the end, spell casters suck in our campaign AS IS. Druid can Wild Shape, Cleric and paladins can't do anything because deities are now mortals once again. Bards can sing but no casting spells.

So all martial classes ROCK! But no one does it better like the MONK! All of his abilities are SuperNaturaL!

Ninjas need a very unique ability that make them different from the Rogue.

"Oh.. Ranger!" "I can make one combining Druid/Fighter!"

"Oh... Paladin!" "I can make one combining Fighter/Cleric!"

You get the idea.

Wait, don't forget the Rogue disarming traps and stuff, that adds points for the Rogue's ability to be a better scout.

Well... the Ninja can handle everything the Rogue can, except for the traps, but unlike the Rogue, he's kicking arses in every round. And the problem keeps rising the more higher is the level. If only his invisible bladede or clones were limited once per battle or that can't repeat the ability for 10 rounds (1 minute).

And also the Fighter or Barbarian will be like "Hey, leave some meat for us to chew too eh? Can't have everything for yourself." The Ninja just grins and crits the baddie for +100 damage.

I agree what CDProtocol did with the battle's set up. What his Ninjas did is what Ninjas do. They are always attacking in a place where they can have an advantage over their opponents. That's where the Ninja's strength lies... doing the unexpected. I mean, sure, everyone WILL gain an advantage attacking like that, but not so much like the Rogue and Ninja... and I'm possibly sure Wizzies and Sorcys would definitely gain an even greater advantage using the element of surprise!

But then, here's where everybody disagree with me: You have to remove the Rogue's Sneak Attack from him. He's stealing the Rogue's show ! I'd prefer the Ninja striking pressure points or vital points to his flat-footed opponents causing them to be blinded, muted and staggered for a few rounds you might add (you can add a few more status conditions) than dishing over 100 hit points damage!

Ninja's true alignment is Lawful Neutral. They follow their clan's codes. They can be sent to protect or kill people. Some acts may look evil and good, so in the end, they are lawful neutral or just true neutral.

Yeah I know, "it makes sense for the Ninja to have Sneak Attack ability". But the thing is... what's the point of having a Rogue if you can be a Ninja and be more "awesome" ...? I mean... Ninjas are supposed to be more popular than Rogues... except for people who dislike Asian culture perhaps? So the problem in the end (for me, anyways) is that two classes having the same ability... is just not so cool >.> you could say they are "brothers". And by the way, why can't Ninjas have Imp. Unarmed Strike?
I thought they practiced martial arts ...

It may sound contrary on my belief, but I like the idea of Ninja having the Improve Grapple feat, and whenever he attacks a flat-footed enemy he can, as a free action, grapple the enemy and sneak attack him/it with a light weapon. And then add some nasty effects like the Rogue's/Ninja's tricks.

I *really* want the ninja to be a base class, but the main problem is the ninja having Sneak Attack ability. Everyone sees the Ninja as a rogue with monk levels or vice versa, but for me, the Ninja is actually a "Bard" without the knowledge, the singing and dancing because of Bardic Music. Let me explain: Bards make excellent assassins. If you remove all bard's abilities and add No Trace, Uncanny Dodge and Evasion and a weak version of sneak attack (instead throwing d6 dices, just add full Ninja levels to the extra damage whenever flat flooted or flanked).

Bard spells is very compatible with the ninja if you analyze it well, tough you have to remove the healing spells, and keep the enchantment and illusion schools because they are fine. That's my two cents :)