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Recruitment Thread:
Which Way to the Well? (5e Lost Lands Campaign)
Welcome all. This is a recruitment thread for a 5e campaign in the Lost Lands setting by Frog God Games.

Lay of the Land:

The Lost Lands is a low to medium fantasy setting where adventurers such as yourselves look to carve out your own path and not follow in the folly left by past heroes.

One such word of warning came just over three hundred years ago when the Army of Light gathered to destroy the Army of Orcus. They failed and disappeared into the depths of Rappan Athuk. These days the only mention of the Army of Light can be found in the dusty tomes that sit molding in rarely visited libraries.

But the Lost Lands is more than Rappan Athuk. It is a world rebuilt on fallen empires many of which had treasures that were never found. The day to day life of the current political rulers would tell you that everything is in fine order, but common folk would tell you a different tale. They whisper of a kingdom on decline and of creatures that stalk the shadows and hunt once night has fallen. Where once doors were opened to greet weary travelers they now stand locked and windows shuddered for fear of what lies outside.

The Lost Lands is your home. Whether you choose to be a hero (or anti-hero) or an unsuspecting traveler that gets caught up in the web of adventure, learn what you can of this land and do what is necessary to survive and thrive. For those who do not will could find their names carved on the tombstones that surround Rappan Athuk, the Dungeon of Graves.

Campaign Expectations
I have 2 players already signed up. (Classes yet to be finalized although one has indicated they are leaning towards a bard.)

I am looking adding another 2-4 players (capping it at 6). Given this is pbp I do not mind going with this amount since there is still enough opportunity to allow for character development.

For maps and other notes I will be using Google slides and Google sheets. I am also toying around with using Scabard (it’s a free campaign organizer tool that I stumbled upon so this depends on how easy the interface is) but for now you will need to be able to use Google slides and Google sheets.

For combat I will roll all initiative (this speeds things up). During combat I am going to go by order of initiative. I will usually give you about half a day to make your action, but if I feel this is slowing the game down I will have your character delay and then bot if necessary.

I am not a stickler on posting once a day (but please do check the thread and keep updated). We each go through our ups and downs and I am lenient. Posting once a day is still a good number to strive for. During combat my expectations are a little higher and I would expect you to post at a minimum once per day (please see above). In general I would rather quality over quantity.

IF you disappear from the boards and there is no communication on your part please do not be offended if your character mysteriously disappears or dies in a less than dramatic fashion. If we agree upon your return a new character will have to be rerolled.

Character Creation:

Here are my 5e creation guidelines.

All characters begin at 1st level. You must be lvl 3 before you can multiclass.

1. Roll for Ability Scores.

• Roll 4d6 drop the lowest number. For instance I roll 4d6 and get 4, 5, 2, 3. I would drop the ‘2’ since this is the lowest number leaving me with 4+5+3 = 12

• Repeat this 7 more times.

• This will give you a pool of 8 numbers. Use 6 of these to fill in your ability scores. No stat (even after adding your racial bonus) can be higher than 18.

Just so you are clear you will use 6 of these numbers to fill in your ability scores. So 2 will not be used at all.

• All rolls must be generated in your post on the recruitment thread.

2. Choose Race: PHB only (No Dragonborn. No Drow)

2a. Dragonborn: I view The Lost Lands as a throwback campaign setting. Dragonborn currently do not have a place in the lore and at this time I am not going to write them in.

2b. Tieflings: They are typically viewed with true suspicion if not outright fear/hatred. Demons are real in this setting and creatures that appear infernal will likely be treated as such in many civilized locations. Bard’s Gate would likely be the only place you would find some peace but even then you’ll likely have a hard time socializing with many if they know your true nature.

2c. Subraces: These are allowed minus Drow as indicated above.

2d. Humans PC are allowed to use the variant traits for humans HOWEVER they get (i) Any 2 attributes +1; (ii)Common tongue + 1 other language; (iii) 1 Feat

3. Choose Class: PHB only for classes. I have not reviewed the UA Ranger but I would likely allow it.

For archtypes (i.e.,paths/schools/ etc. which are chosen at level 3) from material outside of PHB (i.e., Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, Unearthed Arcana, etc.) these are subject to my decision. So let me know ahead of time if you would like something outside of the PHB.

4. Choose Background: Background found outside of PHB are allowed just let me review it first. Follow the steps for choosing a background but your character needs to have a personality trait, an ideal, a bond and a flaw. Whether you choose randomly or pick from the list given is your decision.

**Please Note** I will be using a modified inspiration system (see House Rules below) which will be rewarded based on how true your character is to their personality traits, ideal, bond and flaw.

5. Choose Alignment: No Neutral Evil. No Chaotic Evil. Lawful Evil

I will allow but there should be a good reason why you’d see this character staying with the same group for years.

Regardless of what alignment you choose I am hopeful that your alignment will weigh in on the decisions that your character makes. Also to be transparent my view on alignment is that it is your moral compass. So there are greedy lawful good people (i.e., maybe they just might give a considerable amount of themselves to help strangers) and lawful evil people can think of others before themselves (i.e., their child or another loved one).

6. Choose Equipment: Equipment is determined by your Background and your Class. You will see a portion in each section of the PHB which describes what equipment your character begins with.

One small addendum:. Once your character is created you will only have 1d10 silver pieces left in your pouch (or lower if you use up the gold that your background provides you with). You can roll to determine how much you have left at the start of the campaign. No one said being an adventurer was waking up on soft feather down beds and eating 5 star meals.

7. Backstory Give me your backstory/description in a short paragraph. It should include:

a) What makes your character stand out in the crowd?

b) What event led you to wanting to become an adventurer?

c) What secret do you protect or hold?

House Rules – TBD:

I will be including some House Rules that I use in my face 2 face campaign as well as a Modified Inspiration System. I’ll post these once I’ve selected the players for the game.

Narrative for the Campaign:
As the sun slowly filters into the tavern, the River Ale you wonder how much more longer you will have to stay in the village of Holscomb. Already you were doubting yourself for listening to the merchant from Carterscroft who you had traveled with from Drownboat Crossing. He had told you and several others to stay away from the town of Renderby which had some strange fascination with chickens. From Holscomb he said you could grab a boat and head upriver to Zelkor’s Ferry. Once there someone would likely be able to point you in the direction of that ‘place’. The ‘place’ he was referring to was Rappan Athuk and it seemed to him that there was an influx of ‘fortune hunters’ looking to get there these days. He wasn’t sure why any person in their right mind would risk their lives chasing rumours, but he was happy enough to have you along after you agreed to a fair price for passage to Holscomb.

When you arrived in Holscomb it was clear to see that the village was overcrowded for a place that consisted of a rickety dock, a few shops and several houses. Much of the overcrowding happened to be other merchants loaded with wagons ready to be sold in Eastwych or maybe as far as Eastgate. However, you also found other adventurers waiting to head upriver to head to Zelkor’s Ferry. It seemed they had also been spun the same tale as yourself about avoiding Renderby.

That was three days ago and now looking at your current surroundings this was not how you pictured the life of an adventurer. The pungent smell of fermenting ale mixed with days old sweat was enough to cause you to wrinkle your face. The common room had become your home where you slept, ate and entertained yourself since the last keelboat, the Lucky Oak, had crammed on as many as it could on board and casted off for Zelkor’s Ferry.

Feeling the pouch at your side you are reassured that it is still there, you wish the same could be said for the coins that once made this pouch a little heavier. Checking inside there was little hope you would have enough to pay for the next ferry heading upriver. You’d spoken with some others in the same situation as yourself. Maybe just maybe they could be convinced to set foot to Zelkor’s Ferry. All you’d need to do was follow the river east it would take you there.

With a keen eye you watch as people strewn about the floor, chairs and tables begin to stand and stretch to welcome in the new day. The proprietor of the River Ale had already started cooking something. Hopefully it was those rabbits you’d seen him skinning the night before. Yes today was a new day and you were going to make the most of it.

I’ll leave recruitment open until February 25 and make my decision on February 27. Goal is to begin on March 6.


I run a monthly F2F 5E campaign, but find that I need to brush up on my knowledge of the 5E rules without mixing them up with the Pathfinder rule set.

Currently I have 2 interested players so I am looking for 2 - 3 more players to join in a new PbP campaign. Characters will start at lvl 1. Stats generated by dice rolls.

The goal is to start this campaign in March.

I will post a link for Recruitment in this thread when I think there is enough interest.

Where does it take place?:

Lost Lands campaign world. Home to Orcus, Tsathogga, Rappan Athuk and so much more. You are not required to know the complete history of the world that is my job to relay it to you.

I have always loved this campaign setting because it is a gritty world that reminds me of something out of Joe Abercrombie's books (Best Served Cold, The Blade Itself)

Is this a sandbox campaign?:

This is not a DnD Adventurers League thread.

I will be pulling material from a variety of 5E Lost Lands supplements so PCs are encouraged to explore the land. It could mean that as you take a trip to Rappan Athuk you all decide halfway there that returning to Bard's Gate (equivalent of Absalom) would better suit the party's desires.

I'm pretty open to this and will do my best to keep the party with tasks to do but I do feel there needs to be some central goal. Why else would a group of adventurers risk life and limb together.

This being said there are chances that you might encounter something that have no chance of beating. It might me running or finding another solution that doesn't include bashing the dragon over its head with your mace.

Do I post my character here? Will there be House Rules?:

No do not post your character here. This is just an interest thread. I will create an actual Recruitment thread that details how characters are to be created. I just want to make sure I have enough interest before putting too much work in this.

Yes there will be house rules. I will post these when I create the Recruitment thread

Alright I've taken up enough of your time right now. Please let me know if this interests you and of course if you have questions ask away.


Just want to confirm here that after looking at the tags in the Store the only replayable scenarios for SF are The Confirmation and Into the Unknown.

The only other way to replay the other scenarios would be through GM stars correct? I'm liking SF campaign a lot so I was hoping to build up more characters but I don't know how many Confirmations I can do before I throw a wrench at HAL. Hehe.

With the release of Starfinder being very close has anything been mentioned about uploading new avatars for Starfinder especially for those of us who use the boards to play PbP.

Thanks and looking forward to some ship to ship space combat!

Hello all I have been running this game since May. We had the misfortune of losing one of our players. The group size I am running is 6 players.

He was the group's front line melee. So we are in search of filling this role. This is an equal mix of combat and roleplay and the encounters are meant to push the group to their limits. (i.e. you can easily burn through your daily abilities and spells and be forced to continue)

Right now there is a lull as the group miraculously made it out of a rather long encounter so it seems like the perfect time to find a new player.

Character creation rules are not your typical set up:

Character Creation:
Dice Pool 27 dice OR 15 point buy in.
For the Dice Pool you assign a number of dice from your pool to each attribute (minimum 4 dice per attribute). Roll assigned dice and keep 3 highest results. Rolls can only be further modified by racial modifiers. ALL rolls must be made in Recruitment thread.

Classes allowed: NO occult,psionics,summoners or 3pp.

Races allowed: All CORE Plus the following - Tiefling, Samsrans, Changelings. (Alternate Racial traits are fine).

Start at level 2: Max HP for both levels. All levels following that you will roll and keep score.

Traits: 2 (NO Flaws and/or Campaign traits)

Wealth: 1000 gp

Alignment: Non-evil

Example of rolls would look like this:

str: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 1, 4) = 14 (13)
dex: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 3, 3) = 17 (14)
con: 5d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 1, 2, 3) = 14 (11)
int: 5d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 4, 4, 6) = 23 (16)
wis: 5d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 4, 3, 6) = 24 (16)
cha: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 4, 1) = 11 (10)

Reaping Stone Campaign: Under Cassomir

And the story begins...

Reaping Stone Campaign: Under Cassomir

And the story begins...

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Reaping Stone Campaign: Under Cassomir

And the story begins...

Reaping Stone Campaign: Under Cassomir

dot away!

Reaping Stone Campaign: Under Cassomir

Players for table 2 please dot

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This is the first pbp campaign that I will be GM. I have played the game since the days when Dragon Magazine was alive and kicking and they called the game AD&D.

That being said I have a soft spot for those times and do favour more vanilla classes and have never been a fan of the balanced group concept that seems to be taken from MMORPGs.

But you are here to play and I am here to help weave that story. So let us begin our first tale...

The Reaping Stone by Tom Phillips (published by Total Party Kill Games)

Product Info:
The Reaping Stone is an adventure that will take your characters down a dark path, from 2nd level to at least 5th level.

The Reaping Stone is as brutal as the legendary Rappan Athuk and as challenging and engaging as any published Adventure Path, with a good dose of old school carnage binding the lot together.

This adventure has a dark, engaging and compelling story line in which the player characters must race to uncover the cure to a vile supernatural disease. Your players will be highly engaged and invested. They will know fear... especially since they may very well have contracted the supernatural plague themselves!

You are in the shipbuilding city of Cassomir, the heart of Taldor's significant naval power on the Inner Sea. While an empire in decline, Cassomir’s strategic location at the mouth of the lengthy Sellen River
positions it perfectly to dictate and manage all traffic headed for destinations in Galt, Kyonin, Mendev, the River Kingdoms, and beyond.

The hour is late and the flickering light from the lanterns can be seen up and down the Imperial Navy Shipyards. There are very few people wandering the streets in this district and you wonder if this has anything to do with the whispers of people being kidnapped late at night.

As you raise a tankard to your lips you look around The Pike and Tankard inn. Although one of the more reputable watering holes along the shipyards, business is slow tonight. In the taproom, you see five other faces - some familiar some not – also nursing their drinks.

Character creation:

Dice Pool 27 dice. Assign a number of dice from your pool to each attribute (minimum 4 dice per attribute). Roll assigned dice and keep 3 highest results. Rolls can only be further modified by racial modifiers. ALL rolls must be made in Recruitment thread.

Classes allowed: ALL Except for - Unchained where applicable/ NO occult/psionics/gestalt/hybrid/summoners/3pp. Archetypes are fine except for Unchained and no 3pp.

Races allowed: All CORE (Only CORE can use Alternate Racial traits). Plus the following - Tiefling, Ifrit, Oread, Sylph, Undine, Samsrans, Changelings

Start at level 2: Max HP for both levels. All levels following that you will roll and keep score.

Traits: 2 (NO Flaws and/or Campaign traits)

Wealth: 1000 gp

Alignment: Non-evil

Character Background:

Give me two paragraphs for each of the following:

1. Set in the city of Cassomir tell me why your character is in Taldor.

2. Tell me how your character's background is tied Vasaro and/or Basila (owner of the Pike and Tankard inn and his daughter).

Vasaro and Basila:
VASARO: A tall lean man in his early 50s, with hawk-like features, greying curly black hair, and a twisted beak of a nose, Vasaro was born in Cassomir to common labourer parents. He would leave Cassomir and spend almost 20 years serving in the Taldan Phalanx in Zimar.

During his military career, Vasaro skirmished with many Qadirans on the border of both nations and grew to detest any who show any sign of Qadiran blood in them.

Following his career in the miliatry he joined up with a group of adventurers that operated out of Zimar and explored the lands of Qadira. His adventuring career came to abrupt end when his group stumbled into a hidden gnoll warcamp. He was caught and enslaved for several years. He would be freed by a group of Qadirans known as the Blades of the Dawnflower, as he and some other slaves were being taken to the slaver markets to be sold. His feelings about Qadirans changed after they freed and returned him to Zimar. He stayed in Zimar and met the woman whom he would marry and give birth to his daughter, Basila. When his wife died during childbirth with his infant son he packed his belongings and moved back to Cassomir with Basila.

His hatred for gnolls is obvious to any who step foot in his establishment by his collection of stuffed gnoll above the inn’s fireplace the nearly 9-foot tall not-so-well-preserved body of a gnoll chieftain standing in the taproom.

BASILA: Basila is Vasaro’s 17-daughter. Energetic, darkeyed, and voluptuous, Basila is Vasaro’s greatest treasure and only remaining family member, after the loss of his wife and son 12 years ago during childbirth.

Though she's a pretty thing, Basila is far from a brainless doxy. She has a good head for numbers, warm and welcoming with the inn’s customers who deserve it. Those who attract her ire get to hear about it very quickly.

Recruitment will be open until Wednesday April 27. I will announce those selected on Friday April 29.

The final group size will be 6 players. I have already reserved one spot. This leaves 5 spots and I will be selecting a mixture of new players and veteran players. If you some or all of you want to know one another then tie it into your background.

I'll mention that you should be creating a character you want to play and not worrying about the group make up. I'm more interested in finding players that are dedicated to posting and moving the story along then the ideal group.

Hello all,

Currently have a group of 4 that just started Rappan Athuk. This is more of a dungeon crawl campaign and we meet up once a month on Saturday evenings.

We play downtown at one of my player's apartment. If you are interested let me know.


Walker of Paths

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In trying to maintain the same thread consistency with the other sandbox adventures that FGG has put out I've created this thread for SoA.

I've just purchased SoA and I was hoping someone here could help me understand the Getting Lost rules better. (Reference pg 13 - 14)

What I need clarification with when the PCs roll the d6 for every 5 miles of movement what are the rolling against? It doesn't really indicate what is considered success on the PCs part. I'm thinking that this d6 is actually meant to be a d20 Survival chk.

To further add to my confusion is that the DM makes a new roll every time the PCs enter a new hex. Success indicates they can move 50 miles in the desired direction without having to roll again. It seems that there is a conflict when and makes the roll to determine if the PCs become lost.

P.S to the guys at FGG: From what I've read so far great old school feel. Keep up the great work guys!


Not sure how successful this will be but I'm interested of gathering some players for a campaign. Haven't hammered out much of the details but it would be 2/month meeting either on Friday or Saturday night running about 3-4 hours.

So far there is myself and another. Max group size would probably be five players. Anything more than that upsets the flow of the game I think.

Campaign would be 50/50 split of RP to Combat with a focus on driving the story along.