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Reaping Stone Campaign: Under Cassomir

About GM Aumakua

I'm new to PbP GMing but have played the game since the days when Dragon Magazine was alive and kicking and they called the game AD&D.

That being said I have a soft spot for those times and do favour more vanilla classes and have never been a fan of the balanced group concept that seems to be taken from MMORPGs.

But you are here to play and I am here to help weave that story. So let us begin our first tale...


My GM Style:



Most of my posting comes from work although these days I do find myself much busier at work so my posting rate has dropped. Still I do my best to update a thread 1 per day when time permits.
I use google slides for my maps.
On the weekends when I post it will be done on Sunday nights.

Keeping Focused:

Time to time players will go off the beaten path. This is fine with me. This is as much your story as it is mine. On occasion you might get a nudge by me to keep the game progressing. This could be done in a variety of ways. I might summarize it in the discussion thread if I think it is necessary. Other times it might come in the form of an NPC via the gameplay thread.

Rule of Two:

If a party decision needs to be made and at least two party members agree on it I will usually default to this decision to keep the game moving especially if no objections arise from other players. For this reason it is usually good to elect a leader but I am fine retconning if I feel it is justified

Characters can Die:

The adventures I typically run are an old school flavour. That means PCs can and might die. If you do find yourself in beyond the Prime material realm, where and when possible I will have you roll a new character and introduce you into the campaign as soon as I am able to.

Magic Shalt not be Abused:

I understand in many games that each spell has a million and one uses but I’ll have final interpretation on any spell that has been cast if you require it to do something that I consider to be in the gray area. I would ask that my ruling be respected even if you don’t like my reasoning. It is more important for me to be focused on keeping the game moving as opposed to be bogged down debating the interpretation of a spell.

I am not a Rules Lawyer:

I’ll never remember every rule but I’ll do my best to play in the spirit of the game. So if I get something wrong and you call me on it I’ll do my best to correct it if however I feel too much has occurred to be able to change it then we’ll just continue on.


Expectations For Players


Enjoy the game:

If for any reason you don’t like the campaign or how I GM and you just don’t want to play anymore than all I ask is you send me a PM and indicate you’ll be dropping out of the campaign. If you would like to provide a reason then please do so but in the end if you aren’t enjoying it why continue doing it?


The less that you post the slower the game will progress. It is more important that you contribute to the game and be engaged. The game progresses around decisions you make. If you intend to be a passive poster then keep in mind that my game rewards those who are active posters.
I’ve already indicated when I’m most active so if you post during that time there is good chance we’ll be able to keep the game moving. If for whatever reason you can’t post I will bot your character only if necessary. If after a week passes and I still have not heard from you I reserve the right to recruit for your replacement.

Final Ruling:

Once I make a final ruling please respect my decision. My decisions are not aimed at ruining your experience but if I feel something does not make sense to me I will rule against it regardless if another GM would have allowed it

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