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As per Vic Wertz's previous comment, it now appears to be later so is there any progress on knowing if these are coming up for being available again or did I miss it?

I love the Emerald Spire. I really do. I'm both running it and playing it in another campaign right now.
So know that I love you guys when I say the following- I accidentally broke the module.

On the floor with the undines, As combat broke out, I cast "Charm Person" on the male undine and he failed his will save. We then convinced him that we were willing to help him with his research and to show us the entire floor as a result, introduce us to his sisters, and milked him for information.

My GM was furious (His exact words are that I was a PoS), but not so much at me- more that the module really doesn't account for peacefully going through this floor (we used the spire to skip it later on because we knew he was probably pissed at me for Jedi Mind tricking him.).

Any advice? Comments? We're coming up on this floor in my run soon and I'd like to know my options