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I don't understand why it doesn't work. Gloves of dueling refers to weapon training as weapon training, not fighter weapon training.
Swashbuckler's ability says swashbuckler weapon training.
Nothing in the item's description says it refers to the fighter's weapon training.

There's some confusion at the local game store as to how the combat scabbard works. Combat scabbard is found in the Adventurer's Armory.

I think it allows a weapon to be drawn from it as a swift. Another player feels the swift is only to draw the scabbard. The wording is a bit confusing.

This is for PFS games.

Would the GMs send you a copy of the chronicle at the end of the scenario or does it not matter since its all tracked online?

Just clarifying, a player was trying to argue that it does work on cleave. Could also explain why he kept implying he was going to reroll at later levels.

So then backswing won't work with cleave or cleave finish right?

It would only work with full round attack?

Backswing says it only applies on a full attack. Would CF count as a full attack?

Thank you that makes more sense.

When fused, use the eidolon's BAB instead of the summoner's class BAB, and add in BAB from other sources as normal. For example, a fighter 19/summoner 1 normally has a total BAB of +19 (+19 from fighter, +0 from summoner), and when fused with his eidolon this increases to +20 (+19 from fighter, +1 from the 1st-level eidolon).

So they would get the bonus from the other class

"The synthesist uses the eidolon’s base attack bonus"

If I take one level dip into synthesist and rest of the levels in my other class am I forever at 1 BAB?

or would I be using the eidolon's BAB for that one level then add my BAB from the other class?

Mojorat wrote:

Heres how it works. The Dm is confusing some issues.

First, Normall Over Run is a standard action. You move from point at to B then you decided to do the over run as a standard action.

You can do over run as part of a charge. This lets you.. double move in a straight line and get the Bonuses from charging.

To do what the DM wants to do there is a feat called charge through. Which was mentioned above. Additionally, Trample is its own seperate action. It just works like over run.

He thinks because trample says it works like overrun and you can overrun on a charge that he can do both.

I'm having a hard time convincing him otherwise. If I can point him to a faq from the dev team or somewhere in the rules to make it clear that would be helpful.

He said you are incorrect it says in overrun that it may be used as part of a charge.

Nope PC can't charge through allies.

This is the first time it's come up for me and he thinks he's following pathfinder rules.

Assuming that he house ruled it even though he shouldn't, could he still trample through one PC to charge another?

I'm pointed him to the following quote from charge.
"If any line from your starting space to the ending space passes through a square that blocks movement, slows movement, or contains a creature (even an ally), you can't charge."
He said I was excluding pertinent sentences.

The GM is insisting that trample says it works like overrun and you can overrun on a charge.

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I have question about trampling and charging, specifically about a Triceratop using it. http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/monsters/dinosaur.html#_dinosaur-tricera tops

There is a barbarian directly in front of the Triceratop attacking it. There is another character about 25ft behind the barbarian. The triceratop decides to use trample and powerful charge on the character behind the barbarian. Can it trample through the barbarian and charge the one behind him all on the same turn?